Shivika Ts Calming Silence [Sequel to Pal Bhar]Part 5 (By Anya)


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Shivika SS_Calming Silence_
Part 5

“It was almost like a reverse nightmare, like when you wake up from a nightmare, you’re so relieved. I woke up into a nightmare.”
“And what is that nightmare, Craig?”
– Ned Vizzini

Om entered the ICU to hear only the beeping sound of the life suporting machine clinging to the body of his dearest brother,he stopped att eh doorstep and took a deep breath.No he will not fall weak,no he will not cry.With body shaking due to god know what?he moved forward,his eyes become to stink with unshed tears.

Om get a hold on yourself.Shivaay needs you!

With blood shed red eyes he sat on the stool beside his bed,he was feeling suffocated the guilt the grief the pain everything was making him feel suffocated.”Shivaay”he whispered but there was no response.he forwarded his trembling hand towards his cold one’s and held it tight trying to give some warmth to it”Shivaay please open your eyes”he begged as finally the tears started to decend down his cheeks like a flood,but he didn’t care,all he care was his brother,his shivaay.The brother to whom he had punished for whole three years for a mistake.the brother who didn’t had his back when he needed him the most,The brother who was the world’s best sibling ever.His bestest friend.

But what’s the use of thinking all this?He had totally done wrong with him,he left him , left him to suffer. For once he strted to question himself Do you really love him? and he being the grief struck adult,don’t know the answer.If this question was aksed before these three years,the instant answer would have been YES.but see the irony now he doesn’t even know about it.

deep down in his heart he know he loved him,loved him the most,but the deeds he did to him,now started question this sentence.if he had loved him then he wouldn’t have ran away like a coward because of the fear he would start hating him but what he get in return was he started to hate himself.Ahhh! Life is f**king complicated.How much you tried to keep it simple at the end it turned in a messy ball of threads.yes if he had loved him then he would have been with him,supporting him the way he had supported them being the great wall of SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI,not even thinking of his happiness twice. But when his time came,what he did?he ran away being a blo*dy jerk.He would never be able to forgive himself for what he had done to Shivaay.No a big DAMN NO.

Feeling the wetness on his hand he realized his tears were effortlessly falling over their hands,the hand which had supported him whenever he stumble while walking,the hand which always protected him from the harsh reality of the world,the hand which had feed him food whenever he was upset or angry,the hand which hit him softly whenever he made a mistake.How much he had missed their old days these years.he wished that nothing would have happened and they were together with each other.he sigh! As he know how much he wished he wouldn’t be able to change this.But yes from now on he will try to mend his mistakeds and bring the old days back,yes he will mend his mistakes and the starting to it will be he will forgive him,he had already did doesn’t he?Yes ofcourse.

he gripped on his hand and once again called out”Shivaay”but there was still pin drop silence.He was a man which always love silence,doesn’t he? But this silence was something twisting his heart,brutally “I know you are angry with me and this is the reason you are not talking to me right?”he whispered while tears continue to roll down his cheeks. “But this is my way of showing anger not your’s so just wake up and scold me,hit me whatever you can but please don’t be quite please”his words were laced with helpnessness,and he know this emotion doesn’t have any cure here.

“Shivaay I’m sorry! I know I’m not worthy of your forgiveness but please forgive me this pain,this is killing me please wake up shivaay,don’t be so harsh on your brother.You love me na?please wake up”he said betweeen his sob,keeping his forehead on their gripped hands,begging him to wake up,to talk to him,to scold him but it seems it’s his time to make him suffer.Well a bussiness man always take their loan back with interest and so he is doing this.A dry chuckle involanterily escaped his mouth because of the cruelty of life.

He knows this small sorry doesn’t mean anything in front of the Sin he had done,it’s like mudering someone and telling him sorry after he is dead.He sat there asking him for his forgiveness,when the knock on the door made him wipe off his tears and look at the person infront of him,”Om i think you must come out now”Ketki said while with a curt nod turned his head and gave a last glance at his brother and went from there.

As he came out he was taken into a tight embrace by rudra who was crying like a small baby in his arms,his hands involanterily went towards his back and he too hugged him tight asking him to calm down.”I knew that you will come O,How much you are angry you can never leave bhaiya like this”rudra said between his sobs holding him tight.

“Dekho na bhaiya ko kya ho gaya hai?he isn’t talking to anyone.He always listen you so go and ask him to wake up and talk to us,Please O go and ask him”rudra said holding his shoulder and shaking him continuously asking him to wake up shivaay.Om stood pertified,he held his cheeks and asked him to calm down “Calm Down rudra,he will be alright”he said aloud making him understand his words,while rudra continue to cry”Rudra you have to control yourself,for shivaay atleast”Om tried to calm him down and hearing shivaay’s name he involanterily calm down”yes I will not cry Shivaay bhaiya never like tears yes I will not cry”rudra said ,continuosly shaking his head in affirmation and wipe off his tears.

“have this”sameer handed both the brothers water to have as they sat on the stool outside shivaay’s ward.Rudra gave a sad smile while Om looked confused.Seeing the confusion on his face sameer smiled “Hello Om,I think I can can you that I’m sameer”sameer said extending his hand for a handshake,Om looked at rudra who gave an assured blink and Om slipped his hand on to his”hello Sameer,but how do you know my name?” Om greeted back “well I have heard alot about you from Annika as well as Rudra so seeing these long hair I recognized you”sameer said with a smile hearing annika name Om instantly asked”How is annika?”he asked worriedly”O bhabhi is fine,she was just a little weak and now she is resting”rudra answered his question “And within an hour she will be alright”sameer completed.

All three of them sat there in silence when Om broke the silence as many questions were there in his mind”Sameer how do you know annika?” he asked while rudra looked at his face instantly,seeing this sameer smiled”Hmm..I’m annika’s close friend”he smiled as rudra eyes filled with immense pity for him.How can someone be so selfless,he is totally like his annika bhabhi,he thought and amiled at this thought.For a mery second he was feeling bad for him,why wouldn’t he? sacrifying your love for the other’s happiness is really painful and here this man is doing it with ease as well as with a smile tugging on his lips.

“Excuse me sir”a nurse came at the same time making rudra come out of his thoughts”Who Is sameer very here?’she asked running her eyes from the three of their faces”Yes I’m”Sameer said “Dr.Sinha is calling you”she said and went away from there. “Excuse me guysss,Aunty is calling me I will meet you two soon”he said and went from there after getting an approval nod from them.

“So he is ketki aunty relative?”Om asked,while rudra humed in response”More than her own child” he said.Om just nodded his head”Ketki aunty is really good na?”rudra asked with a small smile while Om smiled brightly”yes she is” “and so is sameer”rudra said now he was having a big smile but it was soon vanished.”O I wanted to tell you something”rudra whispered with a efeated sigh as he was not able to hide the truth from his brother,he had to know that alot of changes had occured in there days.

“Yes say rudra what happend”om voice was lased with nervousness,as he could sense the seriouness in his baby brother eyes.”Do you know how we met bhabhi here?”he whispered as he rub his palm on his face “Yeah I totally forgot about it actually I thought when she will be alright I will ask her but yes how you two met her?’he said as a matter of fact.”me and bhaiya had come here for bhabhi’s engagement”rudra said and took a deep inhale,while om breath hitched in his throat,”What do you mean rudra?Annika and engagement?”om said bewildered.
“that too with sameer”rudra said makign Om feel nauseous”Sameer is bhabhi’s fiance”rudra ended “But how this all possible?”Om wasn’t able to take all this in one go.Had rudra lost his mind?what the helll was he talking.”rudra tell me”he asked with urgency “Atually—” Rudra said everything whatever happened till now making Om eyes stink in response.

“Sameer is really a good guy”Om whispered after a second’yes he is”rudra said as he looked up to meet his eyes. Hearing all this Om was alittle upset but he was not like rudra who will be angry with annika.NO. because he know the reason behind her doings,he know she was caught up between sameer and shivay just like he was cuagth up between her and shivaay att hat time.He ran away from there while she stood there facing it with all her might,and he flet proud to have a sister like her.Yeah she was not right with her dicision as she will be fine in that relation but not happy,maybe Sameer would had kept her happy but how much she will try she will never be happy with him, the fear of having an heartbreak had pushed her gaurds down,and she took this was the reason.Atleast she had taken a dicision though,not like him who had been a jerk running away from his problems.


Annika stood at the window of a certain room,well she too don’t know where she was but this silence was making her calm,She closed her eyes as the cold yet slow wind hit her face,making her smile at that very moment,her smile grew wider as she felt a fimiliar hand being slided through her waist and then get locked at her stomach securely,”Shivaay”she breathe as a particular someone hot breath frane her neck”how you always come to know that it is me?”shivaay whispered huskily as he took a deep breath of her fragnance,keeping his head at the hollow of her shoulder,”I love you”she whispered making him smile in her hair”I know but this wasn’t the answer to my question I think”he said teasingly while she hit his hand which were on her stomach ligtly”when a person say I love you than the other should said it too but you are here asking me for my answer”she said and shivaay could sense the pout on her lips,he kissed her cheeks “You look cute in that pout”he said while she was amused”Oh don’t be shock you look cute in that expression also”annika was more than shock”But how could you sense all this?”she asked as she tried to face him but he didn’t let her”Stay like this only”he whispered while she obliged

“Okay tell me how do you know about all this”she again asked”first my answer”his words were lased with a naughty tone making her roll her eyes”You are a big tadibaaz don’t you?’she asked irritately”Maybe yes”he said”Now answer my question”he said rubbing his subtle against ehr cheeks making her breath hitched “because I can sense you and even in darkness too”she simply said as she leaned on him.He smiled and kissed the top of her hair’So are you sure you can find me in the darkness too?”he asked while she said a yes confidently”okay then prove it”he said and with a blink of an eyes he was away from her.Annika turned immediately shaking her head in disbelief and looked around to see it dark.everywhere she looked it was dark,immense dark.

“shivaay please don’t make a fool of me and come back,Shivaay!”she shouted but nothing came in response. “Shivaay”she said and now she was panicking,her hands started to tremble and become cold. “Shivaay Please coem back”she said and sigh as she heard him say”I Love you Too Annika but I need to go”his words started to lower but she had heard everything “Shivaay where are you going? How can you leave me alone like this? come back”she said as she roamed around in the pitched dark room but couldn’t get to him,tears were flowing from her eyes as if like a dam.

“Shivaay!”annika screamed and sat up straight on the bed,her forehead was covered with sweat,and suddenly she was feeling suffocated,”Gorgeous are you alright?’sameer asked panicked holding her hand”Sameer shivaay?,Shivaay thik toh haina”she panicked and started to get out of the bed”Hey gorgeous,calm down,everything is alright,Shivaay is in the ward sleeping peacefully,please calm down”sameer tried to calm her down and try to stop her”Noo sameer I wanted to see him like right now”she said and stood to go when she felt her head spinning and everything getting hazy,Seeing her stumble sameer immediately held her and made her sit comfortably on the bed”Annika,Listen,You ar weak,Please control yourself,you want to let shivaay see you this weak when he wakes up?No na so please calm down”sameer held ehr cheeks making her understand while annika just hugged him tight and started crying like anyhting.


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Author’s Note~

Hello everyone *Big Hug*

I’m back with the next update,Thought I’m kinda LateTongue First of all sorry for this delay,I wanted to let you all know that my vacations is nearly going to end so my life is going to hell busy and can only get times in weekends or not even that time,So I’m all the way right that I’m going to be late,Like this,But yes an update or two in a week will be okay,I think.Isn’t it?
and I think this story is surely going to end in not more than four chapters,maybe Not sure but having this feeling.

Thank you everyone for your feedbacks,It really made me overwhelm to see you all are loving this story.

I hope you all like this update,Do tell me how was it and criticises are the most welcom on this.

With Love,
-Anya <3

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