Shivika Ts Calming Silence [Sequel to Pal Bhar] Part 7 (By Anya)

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Shivika SS_Calming Silence_

Part 7

Ketki entered the ward in a hurry,looking around she saw almost everything scattered around,glass vase everythig was turned into small shreads,moving towards the bed ditching the pieces,she extended her hand toward Shivaay’s hair and caresses it making him stop struggling from the needle,which was attached to his upper wrist,”Stop this Shivaay you are still weak”she withdrawn his hand from there and held it softly in her’s,”please Rest”

“No I need to go from here, it’suffocating” he said trying to get up but ketki just held him tight,not letting him go”I know! no one wants to be in hospital,but to be healthy you need to be here”she tried to make him understand,”I said I don’t want”saying so he stood up and moved a little ahead when he felt a sharp pain at the left side of his chest,making him feel dizzy.

“Shivaay!”she said alarmed and made him sit comfortably on the bed “how’s you Shivaay”she asked worried making him wonder what to say.

“Unfortunately still Alive”he sharply said but later sigh dejectedly as this was the best answer to her question,how can he be alright?he wanted to laugh at that very movement as he didn’t found any reason to be alright.

“Why you saved me?”he asked with difficulty,dissapointment seen crystal clear in his orbs making her took a deep breath,but she within a second smiled at him”because your family and wife were worrie—”

“No I don’t have anyone Damn it!did you hear me I don’t have anyone ,then what’s the reason to be living?”he shouted making her flinch and involanterily he felt disasterous”I’m sorr–“he whispered but was cut in between by a fimiliar voice,that too of two person which were close to his heart,thinking it to be a dream he didn’t just shaked his head and opened his mouth to say something

“Yes you need to be sorry”he now heard a man’s voice which was fimiliar to Om,yes after these three years also,he didn’t fail to recognise him,Yes the person was Om his dearest brother,in an instant he snapped up his head and he stilled,Om is here,Oh god lord I’m dreaming,why are you testing my patience god?You know it is really difficult for me to be away from him and now you are doing this?he really had gone insane hallicunating things at this time,maybe the effects of the medicines had not yet subsidded,with tearful eyes he just shut his eyes closed,trying not to let the tears decend down his cheeks.

“Bhaiya”rudra called out,happiness was lingering on his tone Why wouldn’t he be happy?his superhero was alright,he didn’t left them after all this he is sitting in front of him,fine,not healthy yet but he know Annika bhabhi will take care of him”Won’t you wanna meet your brothers?”Om whispered as he came froward,Shivaay looked at ketki and then at rudra who just blinked their eyes,saying that all this is true and Om is here,tears were going to decend down his cheeks as he opened his arms inviting him for a hug,his eyes were longing to see his brother and now when he is here,he is feeling a burning sensation over there and crying like a fool.

Without wasting any second Om was in his arms and didn’t know when dam of tears strated to come out of his eyes as he clutch on his elder brother,both of them crying letting the years of pain being away from each other coming out,”I’m Sorry Om”shivaay said in between his sobs making him come out of the hug and shaking his head negatively.

“it’s me who should say this Shivaay,it’s me”he said hoarsily with grief ready to burst out off his blood shot red eyes.”Thank god nothing happened to you shivaay else I would have died”he said as more tears come out of his eyes thinking of the possibility that if anything happened to him then what would he have done.Simply he would have died not really but the thought that this is all because of his shares he would have stopped living.

Now that he is alright the only thing he want to do is to have his forgiveness,he had given him a number of punishment which he was not souly deserving but now thinking of all this is futile,it’s better to live the present and make the future brighter nad happy for him now no more sadness or grief everything will be alright.

“nothing will happen to me until and unless you two are here for me”shivaay said with a small smile and gestured rudra to come all three of them shared an emotional hug.

“but yes you need to be sorry bhaiya how could you say you don’t have anyone?”rudra said in a fake angry tone “yes now we are here you are not alone”Om interrupted making him smile sadly at him.

How would he say that being with them has nothing to do with that sentence he is still alone,in an unexpected manner and he don’t know how he should make them understand that without her he is incomplete,fully empty from inside just a solid form and nothing much. alive but not breathing,His heart was already scattered in a way no one can bring them together other then her,she was a glue which was capable to keep his pieces of heart together.

He sigh at this thought and looked aside to hide the vulnerability from them. From the deepest of his heart he still thought that why she saved him? He was waiting for this moment but god is been cruel!He had always been to him and so he didn’t let him die. Earlier he thought to do suicide,had eaten multiple times sleeping piles but Shivaay Singh Oberoi was not a weak man no he was not a coward that he will do any of that stunt which spokes helpessness. No he is not like that to be precise annika’s Shivaay was not a coward.

But now it seems that it was better he had taken that decision, it would have been easier you know? and now he understood why those people took this unfaithful decision, because breathing lifelessly is very difficult and he was doing this from the last 3 years and how he did this? he was amused,Maybe god wasn’t tired of punishing him and he wasn’t tired of giving him back. Yeah it can be the reason,but now it seems more difficult,yes having his brothers by his side he will be living, A lifeless life isn’t it? his broken heart asked with a defeated tone,he smiled as he know his heart is also being tired of fighting with him.

He mentally laughed at this, after all this his stubborness didn’t budge from it’s place,He is alive Ahh! this feeling,it had it’s own beauty, the worst and the best. Best because he got his brother with him and worst that he didn’t die. All this while he was waiting for this moment,only he knows the value of this long wait, when he got to know that his heart conditions is not good, he had already stopped having his medication in a hope that one day his heart will finally settle to peace but see what happened? God throw him mercilessly on the ground crashing his hope into ash just like his fate.

He was taken out of the thoughts by rudra voice “Bhaiya see who had come to meet you”.Shivaay looked up at the door to see a person coming in, his face was a little hazy because of his tearful eyes,he blinked his eyes and when the person come into view he felt a sword had been pierced in his heart. As there stood Sameer, his annika’s fianc. He had a smile on his face as he came forward, “Shivaay! my brother, thank god you are alright”What is he doing here? had come to see his vulnerable state? yeah why not he must have come here but seeing around he saw his brother as well as Ketki aunty smile at him brighly, had everyone lost there mind? he asked to himslef.

don’t they know he is one of the biggest cause for his condition but what he will do after telling them this as he is the one to be blamed,he did this to himself, no one was at fault. But still what he is doing here.

“aur mujhe toh laga usne toh thaan liya tha ki wo roo roo kar apni jaan le legi” sameer started as he rolled his eyes as the three of them smiled.

About whom he was talking? Ofcourse annika his inner voice screamed,he just didn’t give a damn to that, because he know that it is impossible. Seeing Shivaay lost in his thought Sameer smiled “You must be thinking about whom I’m talking right?”

“Wait” he said and once again moved towards the door and out,Shivaay looked at his retreating figure and after a few second he came into view, but there was someone else behind his back,he could see the hands clutching on his forearm from behind, sameer turned a little and tried to bring the person out but it seems the person was not ready. “She is Annika” his heart started beating faster “But what she will do here?” he asked himself when he felt all the air been gushing out of his lungs as his instincts were right, Annika stood there beside him,her eyelash downcasted while her hands cluthing on to sameer’s one.

Sameer gave a slight squeeze making her look at him with fearful and helpless eyes which were continuosly begging him to not to take her to him. How much she wanted to go and hug him tight but she is afraid ro meet him. How can she meet him? this is all because of her. because of her stupid fear, she really want the earth to gulp her beneath itself. Sameer gave an assuring blink to her, she noded her head negatively again trying to make him leave her hand, but he didn’t budge.

“Annika” he glared at her while she pleaded,pushing himself inside the door and dragging her with him he just pushed her towards his front side of the bed. “she had been crazy! crying like there’s no end” sameer tone was a little stern as he looked at her.

She didn’t bothered to lift her gaze because she know someone hard yet firm gaze was on her and if she did so then she won’t be able to control herself in breaking down. Shivaay was seeing all this how she doesn’t wanted to meet him but sameer forced her to meet him. He smiled as he thoyght that why she will meet him? she doesn’t love him right then she shouldn’t be meeting him,his heart squeezed but he didn’t said anything “If she doesn’t wanted to meet me then why are you forcing her?” he said as she can sense the hurt in his weak voice, making her miserable,she yet didn’t met his gaze

“Are you serious shivaay? she is going to meet you now and that’s final”Sameer said aloud”just give me a sec” saying so he held her forearm bringing her out,

“Annika what the hell is wrong with you? have you gone crazy with the crying sessions or this is the cause of the medicines jsut tell me?”sameer said softly yet sharply,he had been irritated by this girl’s stubbornness, firstly when he told her that Shivaay woke up,she had just jumped out of the bed to meet him but suddenly as she opened the door to go outside,she stopped abruptly as if the ground had struck her legs on the ground and from then on she is behaving like this, not wanting to meet him.

“I can’t face him”she whispered as her eyes started to stink “but why? what’s the problem?”

“this is all because of me if I wouldn’t had left him then nothing would have happened like this”she said guilt dripping from her tone.

He sigh shaking his head in disbelief”like seriously annika?he is here fit and fine and you are still chanting the same thing? Annika see he is alright, don’t you wanna talk to him?huh?”she just noded her head making him smile at this.

“than what’s the hesitation he is here only go and talk to him”he said

“but how?” there was still hesitation visible in her voice.

“Okay now I see that you are being shy talking to him infront of us right? okay then we will not disturb you two” he said with a teasing tone making her eyes widen in horror “Sameer!” she whispered sternly while he tried to control the chuckle which was going to escape his mouth.

“it’s nothing like that you moron”she said as she sniffed “but still I will take it that way only”he said as he winked.

Seeing her glare he put up him hand in the air in a surrendering way”Okay okay now leave all this, come and meet him”he said and made her got the door when she stopped, “Wait I’m coming” he sigh and entered the room and within a minute all the members inside the ward came out one by one giving her a squeeze on the shoulder, ketki had given her a tight motherly hug and at last sameer came out and with that pushed her inside the room closing the door behind her stilled form.

She and him alone in the room after all this,how she is going to face all this?


I Hope you Like it,Do read the note Below.

Author’s Note.

Hello Lovies Hug

I know I’m late and this is all because of me but really I had my reasons to be true I was not in my house else I was in my granny house, her health had unexpectedly become bad and we all need to rush to see her but now everything is alright by god Gracious, She is alright now.and I reaxched today and thought to update it soon.

So I think you got the hint why I was late anyways now coming to the update I hope It was good because I have written it in a rush and don’t know if it does make any sense like really I’m still confuse with this part and I hope I too didn’t made you all confuse.

I hope you all are happy with this update

But I bet CutiePie aka Jerry will be super happy seeing this LOL because I didn’t did anything to our beloved Shivaay baby as I’ve said I will not let the faith in you all for me to fade away so this is the result of that and I think there is only 1 or 2 more parts left for this series to end.

How long I’ve come this way it felt overwhelming to think about this journey.. Okay I won’t say much beacause this speech will be on the last chapter
It’s a warning so be prepared for a good disastrous speech from my side ROFL I hope I won’t make you all yawn at that. 😉

But really thank you each one of you for this lovely response it jst make me more happy.

Accha I have seen most of you are asking me to give a character opposite Sameer, Well I’m racking my Brain thinking about the possibility and an idea had struck my mind but still I don’t think it will go well,let’s see how you will all think about it. I will show this soon and I wish that it will good. Once again NERVOUS like hell.
Nothing will happen with me,I really get anxious fast.

Anyways Do share your thoughts regarding this.

With loads of LOVE,
-Anya <3

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