Shivika Ts Calming Silence [Sequel to Pal Bhar] Last Part (By Anya)

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Shivika SS_Calming Silence.

Part 10.

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.
– Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land.

“Sameer Is shivaay okay?” annika asked as soon as he came to her view,sameer kept a straight face.”No”annnika breath hitched,”What?Call ketki Auty,Wait I’m calling her,Nurse”She moved towards a nurse when sameer drag her away.

“Oh god! let me finish my words gorgeous,I’m telling that No,he is perfectly fine”he said letting the words enter her messed up mind making her give a sigh of relief,”You Moron!”anger rose through her veins like a rapid fire making sameer grin in response”Yah!I know I’m that,but at top of all that I’m handsome as well as charming”he said while swaying his hand in his hair,winking at her making her roll her eyes at his antics.

“Tumhara ku—“she started but was cut off by him”Kuch nahi ho sakta”he completed with a sheepish smile,she just sighed dejectedly.

“okay leave all this,now go and meet shivaay”he signaled her to go towards the room,while her expression changed into a tensed one,”But he doesn’t want to meet me”she merely whispered while fidgeting with her fingers,sameer smiled and held her hand making her stop doing it”Don’t be nervous he will not do anything”he assured her.

“I’m not nervous,Why would I”she defended herself while he smirked,”you fidget with you finger when you are nervous don’t lie”he mocked her making her look everywhere except him.

“Okay now it’s enough just go he is waiting for you”sameer said panickly and literally dragged her towards the door,opening it,he extended his hand in a way showing her to go inside,she sighed,he won’t listen to her,she thought not to disturb shivaay and will sit there for sometime,showing him that she had talked to him,with that idea in her mind she enetered and soon the door was closed behind her.She looked around with her heartbeat increasing and found the bed empty,her panic level increased as she didn’t found him there,fear just gushed over her mind,as she thought of the possibilities,Does he went away without informaming anyone?Was he still angry with her?This is alll because of her and many more.

She turned her gaze to look around the big room to find a faint figure standing in front of the glass window,looking outside being lost,the fear was subdided with relief,she exhale a long breathe and took baby step towards him,he felt her presence,after all his Annika detector never dissapoint him,the calmness with which her presence bring to him,he can’t decipher or express to anyone, it acts like a balm to his soul, a peaceful rhyme in exact.and when she is not there, even taking a breath felt like it’s piercing him deep into his heart like shreds of glasses,cutting him mercilessly. His life seems to be meaningless without her,she is the very reason for his existance.

Yes, he didn’t acknowlegde it in the past, the think he will regret his whole life, he’d been stupid for not listening to his heart from the very first day when he met her,there was something electriying in the air wehn he saw her, but being in the ego which was like a moutain for him, he had casually left those felling aside,naam Khon Khaandan was all he could remember at that time but now, these three names had nothing to do with his soul as well as his mind,the only thing which is left is She ,his Annika and No one, he will never let her go from him again,NEVER.

Annika wasn’t sure what to do,Is he still doesn’t want to talk to her?she extended her hand towards his shoulder to grap his attension but refrain herself,taking back her palm,she shifted uncomfortably there,tuning aound she thought to leave him but at the same she just wanted to engulf him in a tight embrace but was not sure to do it,As she took a step forward,seh felt someone grab her wrist in a firm grip which spokes protectiveness, being alert she turned to see shivaay still in his position that is his back facing her and his hand holdings her from backside.

“Leaving me again?”it was question rather then a bittersweet statement,making her eyes weld up with tears,she opened her mouth to say something but it met with silence,her throat hurt because of the lump,her heartbeat increased.He turned and she could see his blood shot red eyes,as if it is crying without tears in them,”Shivaay”when she abundoned herself a mere whisper escaped her slightly parted lips.

he lowered his gaze not at all able to look at her,how could he?He had misjudged her and before that he did a whole lot of things which he don’t want to think of or gave a glance,if he did, it will hurt both of them.seeing him like that not lookign at her she know that he’d been accusing himself for doing all that,the silence was so thick that it was becoming difficult for both of them to breath in that air,it willl only be decreased when they will talk,but what should they say to each other?There’s alot to say what both of them are wondering what to say?

“I’m sor–“he was shut down by the palm of her on his mouth,”Please don’t”she whispered helplessly while he looked at her with grief struck face.

He removed her hand from his motuh”Let me say this,atleast it will make me feel less guilty”

“Saying that you will make me drown in that pit”she said as she noded her head negatively, he sigh, a defeated one.

“then tell me how could I free myself from this web?it’s killing me inside unless and until you’ll not punish me I can’t help myself”his voice was begging her to say the possibilities as tears slidded down his cheeks like a flowing river, she smiled,a small admired one thought,taking his hands in her’s she made circles over there”Just be with me,That’s enough”he looked amused at her,how can she be so selfless?He had done every cruel thing with her but she still needs him.”Is that enough for you?Or should I add more?”her voice was a little fractious, while her eyes spoke the other think,it spokes love, need, longing and many more.

“No I think it can be enough, as living with me is very difficult, more then anyother punishment”she gave him her infectious smile making him smile at her little. She just wantd to start all this as a freah start,she will not let their past hower over their future,No eveything will be new.A FRESH NEW START. He knew she involentarily had forgiven him,but this is not enough , he will never forgive himself for doing all that to her,no he can’t and he will do watever he can to redeem himself.She knew that he is still in that web and it will take time ot subside,she will be with him,she will make him come out of that suffocating web and beside that he will have his whole family with him,that’s enough for her to bring her shivaay back from that pit.

Baahon mein teri aake lagaa
Mera safar toh yahin tak hai
Tumse shuru tumpe hi khatam
Meri kahaani tumhi tak hai

She don’t know when she was engulfed in his arms,he had been crying dipping his face in her hair while she involentarily swayed her hand in his hair to make him calm.

Dil ko jo de raahat si
Tujhme hai woh khamoshi
Sau baar talaash liya khudko
Kuch tere siva na mila mujhko
Saanson se rishta tod bhi loon
Tumse tod na paungi.. hmm..

Life has always been a quest for him,with adventures and within it he found only hurt and pain and nothing else,so he simply let his feeling shut behind those thickly walls sothat no one could see the fragile Shivaay in him,but but but,Destiny had it’s own plan you know?she came and did what he wasn’t even able to believe enev now,he lost his heart to her,giving it to her lettign her see what’s inside his stone like facade expressions let her mend him and she tried to mend him and was in the path to gain success but what the hell have he done?he let her go away from him,taking his heart with her making him empty inside.But now when she is here in his arms he felt completed,this feeling,how much he had missed her in his arms it’s like it had been only craved for her and will continue to do it until his last breathe.

Main phir bhi tumko chaahungi
Main phir bhi tumko chaahungi
Iss chaahat mein marr jaaungi
Main phir bhi tumko chaahungi

And soon she to cried in his arms,all the emotions were out in that small hug,she tried to control herself because she need to gather him,to join all his broken heart pieces into place,this will be her redemtion,what she did to him was terrible,she let him live without her,is this not the world’s big punishment for him?Yes it is and she thinks that it had extended more then it had to,and this is all because of her,yes if she hadn’t sent him away that day,nothing would have happened like this and she regret each of her days without him,hurting both herself and him to an extend where it at last seems that death is much better then this feeling.Both of them were dying each day,each hour,mintue and seconds. But now everything will be alright,she will not leave him even for a second.

Trying to hold back her tears she parted from him,helding his cheeks in her palm,wiping off his tears with her thumb she tried to shused him,”Shivaay you are still weak,please don’t cry”she said softly making him look at her with blood shot watery eyes.”Please don’t leave me ever annika”he said with a cracked voice making her nod her head sligtly.

“I won’t”she said

“Pinky Promise”he said putting out his pinky in front of her ,she just smiled and joined her pinky with his as they joined their forehead together with closed eyes feeling completed.she lifted her head, leaned forward,kissing his forehead as tenderly as she could,strengthen the promise he smiled being contentent.


After 1 week.

Shivaay sat on the bed while annika sat in front of him,feeding him the soup forcefully as he refrain to eat that inflavoured soup as per him but it was nutritious and heathy for her.Within this one week everything had come back to normal,to an extend maybe,shivaay was still in the hospital as he was still not okay,while annika and Omru,stayed everyday with him,sometimes annikaa nd sameer would stay every night with Omru taking some rest as well taking care of sahil and vice versa.Slowly slowly shivaay was recoving much faster then expected,how couldn’t he?He got everyone back to his life which he had lost,there was again a reason fro him to live,and he will continue to have till his last breathe.

“Shivaay have this,don’t act childish”she said irritately as he shaked his head like a stubborn child who is asked to go to school on sunday morning.

“This is awful,Iv’e been tired of having these tasteless food from the last one week”he said trying to justify himself,she just norowed her brows dipping the spoon in the bowl,

“Oh really?So who was the one who had been giving lectures to me to eat this tasteless things whenever I eat those spicy outside one?”her eyes were accusing him while he fumbled,yes he used to scold her in having those unhygenic food and eat these nutrious foods but this food is much more worst then his, his mouth was deprived of any taste since the last week and it is demanding to have somthing good and tasty,”Oh Hello,why have you opened your mouth like a cave?”she said closing his mouth with a slight push on his chin,he was back to earth.

“But I want something else”he said with a pout”Aww! Billuji,you want something good?”she said flickering her eyelashed sweetly,He had noded instantly”No nothing will be given to you except this!You have to mentain a healthy diet”she said sternly making him frown.

Her expression turned into a horrified one as she saw him stood up,pulling out the drip from his upper wrist he moved towards the cloth hanger and wore his jacket,all of this was so quick that it took her a few minutes to respond to his act

“What the hell are you doing shivaay?”she asked shocked and in an instant she was beside him,”Going out to have something”he said casually making her gasp,she just dipped her little finger in her ear so as so clear her sensibility to hear making him roll his eyes,”What did you just said”she asked amused,”Going in a modelling show,would you like to accompany me?”sarcasm was dripping from his voice as she glared at him.

moving in front of the door,she closed the door covering the path,”No one is going out anywhere,weather it is a food stall or a modelling show”she said affirmatively while passing a challenging look towards him,he just smirked,moving towards her in a slow phase,making her heartbeat increase because of his action,

“Move aside”he said in a husky sharp voice,making her tremble,but she tried to be composed,not moving she continue to give him those stares,he continue to advance her and put his arms at both side of the door trapping her in between him and th door,she shivered at the proximity but didn’t let the composure go away from her face,”Move aside”his voice franed on her face “No”she deadly whispered.

“So you won’t move right?”he asked with a raised eyebrow,”You are not in a condition to go out so yeah!I’m not moving”saying so she closed her eyes as she saw him advancing towards her, he smiled as he saw her quivering lips due to nervousness,How can someone be so adorable?How much he had missed this sight of her,the frightened cat. Although it was alittle uneasy for them to act normal with each other for the starting few days,but now everything seemed to be okay,No it was perfect,She was with him,taking care.What else he wanted?Nothing to be exact except her.

she could feel his hot breath falling over her ear,when there was a continuos knock on the door making them started,”Bhaiya open the door”rudra excited voice was heard from the other side,trying to make the situation better and not embaressing for her she held his arm and drag him towards the bed,”just sit here,you are not going out”She said not looking in his eyes as he chuckled and went to open the door,

“Arre bhabhi why you were taking this long to open the door?”rudra asked with a pout,”It’s becasue your brother wanted to go out and have soemthing tasty to eat”She said glaring at him while shivaay passed a sheepish smile to Rudra”But now I think bhaiya can have them because Ketki aunty had agreed to discharge bhaiya today evening”he said with a million dollar smile making shivaay sigh in relief,Now no more sitting in this four closed walls as well having those tasteless food.

“But on one condition that is he had to take care of himself as well as follow his diet and medicines”Ketki said from behind rudra,followed by sameer,”Shivaay what have you done?Who asked you to took off the drip from your hand?”ketki said checking him,”No one does aunty,he too did it by hmself”annika mocked ,Sameer moved towards shivaay”Bro you don’t need to do that,just eat whatever you want okay,I will handover annika some pasta and risotto for dinner”Sameer whispered in shivaay’s ear,while he made an irked face”She?Like really?She will not let me have the aroma of it and you are telling that you will give her that?”he too whispered making him chuckle.

“Iv’e heard every single thing you too,Sameer!”ketki said in a stern voice while annika too glared at him.

“I was just joking you know?”he said rubbing the back of his hair with a wicked smile.”Where’s Om?”sameer asked changing the topic”Yes where’s he?”Shivaay asked too winking at sameer,who just smirked”I’m here”Om said near the door”Had gone to do the paper work for shivaay’s discharge “he said making his way toward them and haded a file to ketki who just took it with a thank you.


Outside Airport.

Annika clucth on Sameer’s shirt,crying bitterly,”You are really bad Sameer”She said in between her sobs,he just smiled with wattery eyes,making her come out of the embrace,he made her look at him”Gorgeous,I need to go,You know I was waiting for this opportunity for a long time,Haven’t you?”Annika just noded with a sniff.

“But still”she said as more tears spills out of her eyes,”I will miss you terribly”she added and hugegd him again,Sameer gave a helpless glance towards Shivaay who just gave a knowing nod”Annika,leave him,he is getting late,see it’s nearly time for his flight”shivaay just made annika come out of his embrace and took her in his as she weeped.

Sameer went and hugegd ketki who was also crying,”can’t you go later?”she asked as she come out of the hug”I’m really Sorry aunty,but I can’t do this”he said appologeticly, after a pause ketki wiped off her tears and gave a small smile,she kissed his forehead,”Come back soon,Sam”sameer just noded in response with a small smile.

he moved to Omru who just took him in a tight hug”we’ll miss you”they said in unison,”Mee too”sameer said “And yes don’t forget to skype everyday okay?”rudra said as sameer ruffled his hair with a nod.

Sameer found two small hands hug his torso and he knew to whome it belongs,sniffing sound was heard just like annika’s from there,he turned and sat on his knees,”Oh God! Sahil”sameer sounded amused”Boys don’t cry champ”he said ruffling his hair,he tried to control his tears and hugged him tight by his enck”I’ll miss you sameer bhaiya and more than that I’ll miss playing FIFA with you”sahil sounded dejected,while rudra crouched towards them”Hey Sahil,I will be your partner in that I Promise”sahil instantly come out of the hug and looked at rudra with a happy smile”Really?”

“yes really”rudra forwarded his grip hand in front of him while sahil bumped it onto his,”okay then, I don’t have any problem in sameer bhaiya going,”he said casually while all of them laughed at his childishness,”hey don’t laugh,But I will surely miss bhaiya”he said and hugged him again,sameer just smiled”BTW you know our deal don’t you?”sahil whispered in his ear,”Ofcourse I do champ,you will get them when I’ll be back,I promise”he too whispered and sahil tighten his grip,”I Love you”he said as he kissed his cheeks,”I love you too”he said and kissed both his cheeks.

At last he moved towards shivaay,ketki was making annika understand the situation while she was stubborn,”So?” Sameer whispered,shivaay just smiled and took him in a brotherly hug”Thank you for everything Sameer,take care of your self and yes do call us everyday because if you don’t then annika will come there and kill you with her own hands”While both the man chuckled.

“Please take care of herself,she is yet not believing that I’m going to London for a year”he said with sigh as he gave a glance towards annika who had till now stopped crying but it was changed into anger,she just jerked away her head int he other direction with an angry glare.

“yeah,She will be Okay,but don’t forgot what I said you”shivaay patted his shoulder, “ofcourse, my life is really precious to me”he said with a grin,shivaay just smiled.

“okay then i should go’he said and turned to look at annika who was still ignoring him,he sighed,he really don’t wanted to go but he wanted some time for himself, to think about his life and start a fresh there,he wanted to go away from india and explore himself, to see what he can do.

As he took a step he felt a tug on his wrist and smiled involanterily,”Huh! how can you go like this?I’m angry with you and you are going”annika said with an angry voice while the rest smiled,he turned”You were only ignoring me”he said sadly.

“So If I’m ignoring you then you will also ignore me?”she asked as she hit his shoulder with a slight tap,”And dare you took so long to come in India,I’m only leaving you for a year do you hear me?”she said in a threatened voice while sameer jsut gave a salute making her roll her eyes in response,she opened her mouth to say something”I can never change”he cut her off,while she noded her head lazily.

She just hugged him once again,”take care of yourself”and moved away,sameer just smiled and turned on his heels,as he enetered the doors,with out any backward glance just in an attempt not to show them his overflow of tears,all of them looked at his retreating figure with a small smile as they know that he was crying but wouldn’t let them see it.


Do read the Note Below.

Author’s Note-

Hello Lovies?

A surprise for you all as two parts in one go and I hope you all love it. Actually l have written these two parts just a day ago but I TU wasn’t letting me update my stories so that’s the reason I’m late.

So here is the End! I hope you all like it,I wanted it to turn something else but it ended like this and I really hope it was upto your expectations.Well I will surely write an Epilogue to it and will try to update it soon.

First of all I can’t believe my eyes that I was able to complete this story,Let me pinch Myself please or anyone of you can do it to me,because this is the first story of mine which I have finished.yaaay! Let me dance my heads Off!

To be true this story had been really closed to my heart,i really don’t know why?But it had been a hella emotional roller coaster ride for me and I think the same goes to you all isn’t it? And trust me I will truely miss writting this story!

And thank to each one of you,Who had been a constant supporter throughout this journey,I will surely write a thank you note for all of you,but not now,maybe When I’ll update the epilogue then I will surely update that.

You all were the one who had forced me or rather encoraged me to write and finish this series,it really really means alot darlings,you all are sweethearts.❤

I know most of you will be really upset to see sameer be like this,but this was bound to happen,from the starting of this series his character had been just inroduced to bring shivika back together and I’m really overwhelmed to know that you loved his Character,BTW maybe someone had asked me that is there anyone like sameer,then let me tell you– that we are like him,every person had been born to be pure hearted but it’s the situations which led us to behave somewhat bad with others,it’s upto us how we should control ourselves and be as polite as we can,but n this generation it seemed to be imposssible right,but somewhere or the other way there are people like him who let their love go from them just for the sake of their happiness.

Love is one such beautiful feeling or rather bond weather it is a mother love,siblings love or the love lover do to each other,if it is pure and strong you will never battle an eyelid to do something for your loved ones. Love is magical as well as sacred at the same time,it really difficult to manage a relationship rather then coming in a relationship.

And sometimes such characters have been turned evil because of the desire to get your love back from other but if I would have done that,i would never forgive my self for it and I know you all to wouldn’t have loved it either.

Would Love to know how was this story from you all as well as from those who havn’t commented yet,it will a pleasure to read your thoughts regarding this story and the update.


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