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Shivika TS : Anika Ka Sanskari Shivaay By Fenu (Pearl-02)(A)


Scene07: Class

Anika’s Pov

“O bête ki , what a sanskari boy yrr , he is writing God name on top of the each page, see full attention on white bord , his eyes was running with marker of lecturer he will be topper in college I can write this on Rs.100 stamp paper. My chain of thoughts broke when bell for break rings and what I saw was made me shock he was not besides me he was with lecturer and solving his doubts and asking bla blah Question bank…I hit my forehead and I rest my head on bench.”

Pov of Anika end.

“Ani…Anika” Shivaay whispered slowly while adjusting books.

Anika : Billu tum aa gaye !!

Shivaay (Shockingly) : Billu !!???

Anika : Yaa Tum Billu ho yeh jo teri kanji eyes hain na iss liye tu Billu hain.

Shivaay : Hey Don’t call me that…lets do lunch.

Anika : Yaa lets go in canteen.

Shivaay : No see mom packed my lunch box.

Anika (thinking) : O bête kii , kya insaan hain abhi bhi school life jee raha hain….isse toh me patri pe le ke aaungi warna yeh mujhe Sansyasi bana ke hi rahenga.

Anika : No its first day so we will eat in canteen come and she drags him.

Later, He started his meal prayers and Anika shocked

Anika : yeh kya tha ?

Shivaay : Prayers….hey u have to eat lunch from my box also warna mom will scolds me for not eating home foods.

Anika nods and they started munching canteen foods.
Days passes like this , They started enjoying each other company and sometimes Bunking (Anika ka prabhav hain) also and Movie and all fun. Krunal and Vrushika also their best friends. They 4 always together in each fun and in each project etc.Shivaay and Anika has special feelings for each other.

Scene08: Alpha One Mall

Today bunking idea was Shivaay

AnShiVruNal are came out after watching “Jab Harry Met Sejal”.

Shivaay : I’m too hungry ,Vrushu lets go in Mac D.

Vrushika : yes lets go guys.

They all left from there towards lift they went in someone enters and Shivaay hides behind Anika and Vrushika. Oh My God Someone is Pinky Mumma.

Anika : Shivaay , what are you doing ?

Pinky : Shivaay , tum yahan ho ?? she turns behind but not saw him.

Anika (Ohh so his mummy ) : No Aunty , mera boyfriend shivaay .

Pinky : Oky

Anika (slowly to Shivaay) : Arey mein toh uss taraf jaa rahi hun.

Shivaay (Begging): no Anika, pls stay here and hides me.

Anika : no shivaay yahan se selfie acchi nahi aa rahi.

Shivaay (Puppy face) : Anika No , pls don’t do this with me you know na I know you r enjoying my this situation but pls save me.

Anika : Aunty , Aapke bête ka naam bhi Shivaay hain kya ?

Pinky : Yaa Betaji , mera heera beta abhi college me honga , tum college mahi jati ?

Anika : Sachhi Aunty mein jati hoon na and told college name.

Pinky : Mera Shivaay bhi issi college mein hain.

Anika : Aunty, Aaj toh college mein ek hi lecture tha , iss liye mein aur Vrushika came for shopping.

Pinky : Ohh Toh Shivaay Ghar kyun nahi aaya *Thinking*

Anika : Aunty..aaj kal class me boys hote hi nahi hain na vrushy ?

Vrushika : Yaa Aunty , they all are enjoying only in this mall after bunking classes.

Shivaay was behind making crying faces and shocked hearing convo.

Pinky : No No , mera shivaay aisa nahi hain.

Kunal : Vrushu, yeh wahi toh shivaay nahi jo chashme pehnta hain , who thoda sanskari type…

Vrushika : Aunty , Shivaay Singh Oberoi ?

Pinky : Yaa.

Anika : Arey , Abhi usko mene Movie dekhte hue dekha hain.

Shivaay and Pinky Shocked.

They came out and shivaay runs to pillar and hides behind.

Anika : Okyy Aunty Bye.

They Trio laughs and Shivaay came out.

Shivaay : Tum log bahut bure ho…I m not going to talk with you all and leaves.

Anika : O bête ki yeh gussa ho gaya.

Vrushika : Shivaay ,hum dono chalet hain khane.

Shivaay :yaa come.

Vrushika and Shivaay goes in Mac D.

Kunal and Anika shocked seeing Shivaay was not angry on Vrushika.

To Be Continued …..

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