Shivika story – Part 5 English

Shivika story 5 English

Shivay gets into his senses back..runs towards the hall and asks everyone where is anika..

Dadi she has left

Shivay where has she gone..Tell ne..U have the address na..Give me the address..ill get her back

Dadi not now beta..Let her be there today..She has finally got her own home after such long time..

Shivay but Dadi..

Dadi try to understand billu..Give her some time. So much has happened in such short span of time.. people if this house have hurt her a lot.. Specially u

Dadi goes…He calls Anika..She doesn’t pick her phone..

He goes to Omru..

S Omru u have her address na..Plz give it me..

Om shivay this is not the right time for all this..We will talk tomm..

Shivay I want to me her now ..On plz tell me the address

Rudra bhaiya please calm down…

Shivay how should I calm down rudra..I want to meet anika

Om ok shivay..But we will also come..

Shivomru take the car and leave for Anika’s place..

Here we see a well maintained clean and good area..

They stop in front of a single story house with a terrace..A small garden besides..

They ring the bell..But no one comes out..

Om may be the bell is not working..

Shivay goes in and Omru follow..

They see Anika

cleaning the room..Putting oFF the clothes from furniture and settling something

A sound is heard..Crack

Anika Sahil..Now u will get beaten..I am arranging the things here and you are breaking them..

Sahil Didi..I have not done anything..its happening on its own..

Anika keep quiet sahil…I no what is happening on its own and what u r doing…U r driven me crazy today..

Sahil ohhoo..Didi..It’s not my fault..It’s sso’s fault..

Anika Sahil..Keep quiet now..Don’t talk about that tadibaaz

Omru laugh listening to this..

Anika still unable to figure out..

Anika Sahil..Why r u laughing now..wait..I’ll come and then tell u..

Shivay the laughter sound is coming from here..

Now a vase from Anika’s hand falls..

Sahil now what have u broken

He comes and sees obro’s…

Sahil now whoz fault was this..

Anika u go inside..

Sahil u keep doing this only to me..Come out..Go in..

Anika u all here..

Om Anika u suddenly came here..We just came to meet u

Anika I can’t say to sit even..It’s all messed up rite now..

Rudra to Bhabhi come back na..

Anika rudra..This my house na..ill live here only..

Om Anika we’ll go and meet Sahil
Rudra let’s go

They leave shivika alone..

Shivay Anika u and Sahil will live here only..

Anika tes shivay

Shivay Anika come back plz..

Anika y shivay

Shivay that is also ur house na Anika..

Anika that was never my house..I was taken there forcefully..i was told from the first day that I will have to leave one what has happened to u suddenly..

Shivay Anika please listen to me..

Anika shivay it’s late u shud go home now..

Anika goes from there..

Later at night..

Shivay Anika didn’t agree

Om it won’t be so easy shivay

Shivay I don’t like to do easy things..


Sahil didi..U r missing SSO na..

Anika nthng like that sahil..

Both shivay and Anika sleep thinking about each other..

Next day..

Shivay Dadi I am going..

Dadi where

Shivay to meet Anika

He smilingly leaves from there.

Anika sahil…Get up now na..

She sits there holding sahil’s parents pic..And says now we will live ur memories..

Shivay enters

Shivay Anika..

Anika is shocked to see him again..

Anika u came again..

Shivay I have come to take Sahil..

Anika Sahil..Y..Where do u want to take my Sahil..

Shivay relax Anika..Boarding school holidays are over… He should attend the classes now..

Anika yes..I’ll drop him..

Shivay I came to drop him only..

Anika I’ll also come along..

Sahil let’s go then..I am ready..

Anika how did u get ready so fast..

Sahil I knew u had to go today..
SSO called me..

Anika y didn’t u tell me

Sahil I thought to surprise u

They drop Sahil to school..

Shivay too drops Anika to house..

She says thanks..

He says he is coming with her..

Anika what .. Why

Shivay I’ll live where my wife lives..

Anika have u gone mad..Why will u live here..

Shivay anika..Coming close to her…u to know na..After marriage..Husband and wife live together..

Anika feels her heart beat increasing with shivay coming close to her..

Anika we are not husband wife now.. Divorce pprs are signed..Seems u forgot..

Shivay pprs are here. And now

He tears them..

Anika is open mouthed..

Anika what have u done..

Shivay i don’t want things divorce…i think u also don’t want it..As far as I know u…

Anika what is this it a joke. Everything is funny for u na..

Shivay no anika..Nthng like that..I just got serious now…I want to rectify my mistakes.

And says I will be back..

Anika is amused seeing what happened just a minute ago..

She starts doing her work again..Starts setting her cupboard..

Shivay Anika..Keep these also..

Anika what’s this..

Shivay my clothes..

Anika so

Shivay since I am living here now..So my clothes will be here..right.

Anika u can’t live her..

Shivay so come with me to oberoi mansion..

Anika i said na ill not come…

Shivay so that’s it..i will have to live here only..V r husband wife…We will live together..

Anika doesn’t no how to react..

Precap shivay pampers Anika..

Hello guyssss….
Sairan here… Tomorrow onwards my college starts again ???
So I’ll be a little occupied…
Bt will not discontinue this FF..Will post..May be there will a delay of 2-3 days..Plz forgive me for that in advance..Thank u for always motivating and praising my stories…

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