Shivika story – Part 2

Shivika story part 2

Anika is lying on the bed with her eyes open..She is asked by nurse if she needs anything..She replies in nahi..

Shivay sits behind her and holds her hand..And says Anika Tum theek to ho na..Kuch chahiye tumhe…Tumne mujhe Dara hi diya tha…

Anika is silent..Not even responding….She jerks her hand away from shivay’s…

Nurse sir please..She needs rest…Don’t stress her too much…

Shivay nods in yes..And asks when will she be discharged…

Nurse let the doctor check her..Then he will tell

Doc to Anika are you feeling better

Anika nods in yes

He tries asking her many things..But she doesn’t respond much clearly..

He checks her and gives some medicines to eat..

He calls all of them out and tells Anika to take rest…

He says to them that she is in shock right now..That’s y not responding properly..Take care of her

Shivay asks Omru to go home as it’s late everyone will be worried at home..
Om asks him how did this happen

Shivay tells them everything..How daksh made him believe that he spent a night with him…Omru are shocked and say that shivay has crossed all the limits a decent man has and he broke their trust today..

Shivay is in all tears and breaks down in the hospital…He asks Omru to please forgive him..He didn’t do this deliberately…He doesn’t know how he came in daksh’s words and seeks their apologies..

Om says this is not the right place for all this and he should be with Anika at this time..

They leave..

Shivay goes to check anika..She is sleeping there..He sits there beside her only..

Omru reach home

Pinky where is shivay
Om in hospital with Anika
Pinky Kya kr rha hai vo vahan uss ladki ke sath…El no ki neech hai vo..Fasaya hai usne shivay ko…Shivay ko bolo Abhi ghar aaye..Daksh me mujhe sab bta diya hai..

In Sab galat hai choti ma..Daksh khud bht bada jhoota hai…anika ko kidnap krke uske sath zabardasti shaadi krna chahta tha..Anika par har tym usne Nazar rakhi hue thi..Pyaar ke naam PE obsessed that usse..Torture kr rha hai vo usko..Aap uski tarafdari kr rhi hai..

Pinky par Jo sab daksh ne kaha..

Jahanvi Maine kha tha pinky go sab jhoot hai…Ye Dekho..

She plays a video in her phone..

Daksh is seen kidnapping Anika…

Rudra mom ye aapke pass kaise..

Jahanvi mujhe LGA tha koi tha..ghar PE jbse attacks shuru hue tbse Maine hidden cameras lgvaye hai or mera phone unse se connected hai..Ab bolo pinky..Kuch kehna hai tumhe Anika ke khilaaf

Pinky is shocked seeing this..

Sorry jethani ji..Mujhe nahi pta that ye sab..

Jahanvi continues…Yhi nahi I have to something else also to show..

She shows one more video and everyone gets shocked…

Tia and her mom’s Convo to ruin the Oberoi’s..Tia meeting and hugging Robin..Calling him as her husband.. Confessing that they did the attacks with the help of Gayatri..

Everyone is shocked…

Pinky tia shaadi shuda kaise hai

Jahanvi she was lying…I have sent it to the police commissioner also..They must have arrested the kapooor’s by now..

Pinky ye mujhse kitne Badi galti ho gyi..Anika ko bht galat samjha Maine…

Dadi consoles her and says ab Kal baat krte hai..

Next morning..

Doctor says that we can now discharge her..

Anika is helped by the nurse to walk..Shivay comes and holds her shoulder and hand ..sHe gives him a blank look and tries to leave him..But his grip is tight..

Shivay Anika Tum kamzoor ho Abhi..Don’t put so much pressure in walking..Mai help kr rha hue..

Anika aapki madad ki zarrorat nahi hai…

He still doesn’t leave..And she stops resisting…

He makes her sit in the car…

She sits silently thinking about all what happened…

Shivay gets a call from police station

He says daksh ko bail bhi nahi milni chahiye..Make a strong case against him.iss galti ki saza milni chahiye usko..

Anika kis baat ki saza de rhe hai usko

Shivay Anika he tried to forcibly marry u

Anika vo koshish to aapne bhi ki thi..

He is unable to say anything

Anika usse bachane ke liye the..Apse bachane ke liye lekin koi nahi tha..

Shivay feels more guilty…

They reach home..Anika is taken to shivay’s room

Om and dadi come to meet her..
Omru ask shivay to come with her

Dadi ask is she fine..

Anika jee Dadi ab Mai theek hue..

Dadi beta ab tu aaram kr..Ye le kha le Kuch…She eats takes her medicines..Dadi says ab tu so ja beta..She asks about Sahil..Dadi replies her that he has gone with rudra..Vo baar baar tumhare baare me puch rha tha..

Anika thinks how her life turned upside down in such a short span and cries..

Here in tells everything to shivay and he gets furious..He goes to the police station and completes the formalities against the kapooor’s and daksh and tells the commissioner not to spare anyone…

He comes home and finds Anika sitting in the bed…

S Anika mujhe baat krni hai..

A Abhi bhi kuch bacha hai kehne ke liye..gire hue logo se baat kyu kr rhe hai aap..Jo aapke hi ghar me Kisi ke sath raat bitate hai..

S Anika mujhe nahi pta tha.daksh jhoot bol rha hai..Mujhe LGA

A Kya LGA aapko..

She gets up..Shivay stops her..

Anika say koi zaroorat nahi hai…Apka jab Mann krta hai aap Kuch bhi bop dete hai..Kabhi sadak ka kachra…Kabhi chor…Kabhi kuch..Jo Kuch rehta tha vo bhi aap Keh chuke..Ab Kya..

S Anika Maine bht galat samjha tumhe..Mujhe daksh ne kaha..

A daksh ne kaha or aap Mann gye..
Rehne dijiye shivay..Ab mujhe kuch nahi Sunna hai aapse..

S mere baat to suno Anika..

Suddenly rudra comes there and says bhabhi… Sahil..

Anika shivay rudra all run to Sahil

Precap sahils fear…shivay tells about tia..Anika bursts at shivay

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