Shivika story – Part 1

Hey guys this is sairan again…

I just went into thr flashback and wanted to write the daksh drama in a different way..

Everything was same..Shivay got to know that daksh was lying in the same way through Shakti and Soumya..

He went to her house and was horrified at the sight there..

The house was in absolute poor condition…Things were lying here and there.. Furniture was half broken as if there was some storm over there..

Here daksh has tied Anika to a chair with her hands tied..Daksh sees that shivay has come to Anika’s place and calls shivay and says soo u Finally came to find her..How come my friend..Missing your wife..He sees the doll and says daksh I won’t spare you..Anika says shivay..

Shivay kahan hi Tum Anika
Anika shivay purani textile (daksh slaps Anika) ahhhh
Shivay Anika

And the call cuts

Shivay Anika I am coming and drives as as an insane

Here daksh drapes a red duppata on anikas head and Says Anika my love..My jaan…I love u so much..Bht pyaar krta hue Mai tumse..Ab hum dono shaadi krenge…

Anika is hell shocked…Says daksh I am already married..
Daksh holds her by chin and says that wasn’t planned na..Shaadi hamari honi thi aaj hogi…
Pandit jaldi aao..

Anika is shocked to see a pandit with garlands and everything and says daksh no..Please leave me..He makes her sit and holds her hand and makes 2 more people stand beside her holding her..

She is Crying vigorously and says please let me go…He forcibly puts garland in her neck and makes her do the same…Anika tries to run again and he slaps her…She falls on the ground is he is holds her once again…She again pleads daksh please leave me…He is about to make her stand and suddenly gets punched by someone…

Shivay Singh Oberoi..
Shivay beats him punches him…Shouts on him

Daksh khurana..Tere himaat kaise hue shivay Singh Oberoi ki biwi ko hath lgane ki..Tere himaat kaise hue ek ladki ke sath aise harkat krne ke..He beats him more and more… Suddenly police enters and stops him…

Anika witnesses all this and gets unconscious…

Shivay shouts anikaaaa

He takes her to the hospital…She is lying on the hospital bed…He informs Omru about this..Omru inform about this to everyone at home…they come to hospital…All are worried for Anika..

Doctor comes and tells them that she is fine…She has some minor cuts and injuries..But make sure that she takes full rest as she has undergone a mental shock..

He sits there beside Anika holding her hand…Nurse comes and says that you cant stay here please wait outside…He leaves and sits on the bench over there…

He gets om’s call and tells about Anika being in hospital…

Omru shocked go to hospital..And asks shivay how this happened..why is Anika in hospital..
He thinks of what all happened and cries..

He is just able to say to that all happened because of me..He is about to say something but nurse says that she is conscious now..U can meet her..

All Three of them go to the room

So that’s it for today…Please tell me how u feel about it..

Precap family comes to know the truth Anika’s pain…Shivays guilt…

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    It’s really good Sairan. Nice thought. Please continue soon dear………

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