Shivika SS~Javidaan Hai Ishq Tujhse (Promos)

Shanaya was walking in the rain, just then a car stopped before her and a man came out with umbrella towards her.

Man: watch where you go, I would’ve mistakenly injured you.

Shanaya felt familiar with his tone.

S: but you didn’t, so its OK.

Man: I can drop you if you want.

S: I don’t sit in stranger’s car

Man: once we get to know each other then you will? Well I don’t need to as I know you.


Shivaay and Anika exchange rings.

S: (holds her hand) I promise that my every decision will be according to you.

A: (smiles at him) and I also promise that I will be a very good wife after marriage and now also.


Mallika and Karan comes back home from somewhere.

M: Even now Anika doesn’t recognize me, but why? Itna sab apnay k ilawa kon karta hai? She thinks I m Mahi, and she thinks Shanaya is Mallika, now I understand u r my hubby, you too must’ve felt the same pain when I wouldn’t have recognized you? Then help me what can I do that she recognizes me?

Karan gets thinking


Daksh comes to his and Tia’s room and keeps a dress on the bed asking her to wear it and come down. He was about to go but she turned him towards her and slapped him.

T: even after so much happened and even now if u think we can be like before then you are wrong.

D: Tia, no arguments, come down straightforward, don’t forget to wear this dress.

Tia looks on.


A boy was driving the car recklessly and hit someone accidentally. She came out and looked at the boy he hit, he helped him stand. They were shocked to see each other.

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