shivika ss – SE MIO part 9

Anika was busy in doing arrangements. It was a very big event​for her. She was working very hard for this project. Even arnav was afraid that she is stressing herself. He asked her to take rest. But she refused stating that she is fine. It’s a grand function and VIPs from all over the world will attend the function. Once everything was set she checked every arrangement and she felt satisfied. Even arnav praised her for her work. He was very much impressed with her work.

Arnav: Anika u r really awesome. Within a short period of time u managed to arrange a lot. That’s great.

Anika: nahi aisi baat nahi Hai. Everyone one worked so hard for this.  They shld also be complimented.

Arnav: u will never change. U always care for others.

Anika: arnav aap bi na

Arnav: now go get some rest

Anika: hmm okay

Anika went to her room and changed into her night clothes. She called shivay many times but he didn’t attend. She was worried about him. But later she brushed her thoughts away. She decided to get a good sleep. She lied down on her head. She heared someone knocking the door. She looked o​at the clock. It was midnight 12:00. She wondered who would call her at this time. She went to the door and opened. She opened her mouth in shock. She found shivay before her. She found something different. Wait a minute she looked at him deeply. She saw him wearing casuals. She never saw him in casuals. He was wearing a black jacket. His hair was perfectly set. How she wished to touch those hairs. But she restricted herself from doing so. She was staring at him continuously. He was looking too handsome. It is Very difficult for any girl to resist him.
Shivay looked into her eyes. He knew after seeing him in casuals she would be surprised.

Shivay: if u stop checking me out then can I come inside.

She composed herself.

Anika: shivay but how come u r here? By the way I’m not checking u out.

Shivay: I want to surprise u. Now don’t squeeze your mind too much. Change your clothes and come with me now.

Anika: par Kahan

Shivay: that’s a surprise. Now come fast.

Anika changed into her clothes. She came outside and found a bike near shivay.

Shivay: so mrs. Anika shivay Singh oberoi r u ready for a ride.

Anika: shivay but how come you Know I like bike rides.

Shivay: I heard you speaking to sahil about this.

Anika: so u r eavesdropping our conversation.

Shivay: it’s nothing like that. I was just passing by that side. Now stop your tadi and let’s enjoy our ride.

Annika: yes I am ready

Shivay started his bike. She sat behind him. She was hesitant to hold him. But shivay took her hand and placed it around his waist. She held it tightly and leaned on his back. He felt blessed. He started his bike. They drove for a long time. She held him tightly when he increased the speed. He was enjoying all these. After a 2 hours drive he stopped near a place.

Shivay: get down Anika

She did as he said. She saw the entire Singapore before her. She was very much Happy. Shivay hugged her from back. He whispered in her ears.

Shivay: did u like my surprise

Anika:  I didn’t like it but I loved it. Thanks shivay I never thought u would come to me.

Shivay: Anika I said u already u r everything to me. U r my family. He took her hand in his and placed it near his heart. U r here Anika in my heart.

She was overwhelmed by his gesture. She hugged him tightly. She placed a light kiss on his chest. She looked into his face. She felt complete.

They spent some time there and returned back.


Hi friends I know it’s a very short update. But I don’t want to give a long gap. Next update will be soon. If u want next update soon like and comment because I’m bad not very bad.

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