shivika ss – SE MIO part 7 and 8

part 7
At shivika’s room

I was staring at her continuously. She was sleeping peacefully in her couch. I asked her to sleep in bed, but she refused stating she is comfortable.

I am squeezing my mind to find a solution for my problem. I am afraid of arnav what if he really propose anika. I can’t afford to lose her. I promised myself to look on this issue.


At Om’s room

Om: shivay, I don’t know what to do now?

Shivay: kya hua om? Y r u so tensed?

Om: actually shivay I am having two commitments on the same day.

Shivay: it’s not a big issue om. U can cancel any one commitment.

Om: that’s impossible shivay. I have to attend an art exhibition for raising funds to support cancer patients.
On the other hand I have to attend our family cultural meeting. Do u remember our dadaji owns an cultural association, we r having annual meeting. Many companies will participate in it. It’s a tradition that only an oberoi can inaugurate the function. Wait a minute, shivay I will ask rudra to go. He is also an oberoi right

Shivay: u don’t worry om. I’ll convince rudra. I will talk to him.

Rudra: bhaiya, there is no need to talk. When Rudy is here, why to fear. U don’t worry om. I will go to Singapore.

Shivay: Singapore, he shouted in shock.

Om: haan shivay. But why r u shouting shivay?

Shivay: nahi, bas aise hi. I am thinking whether rudra should to go or not. Already he is not attending his classes properly. He is having poor attendance. He will not be able to concentrate on his studies.

Rudra: but bhaiya

Shivay: shut up rudra. U still didn’t tell me your semester marks.

Om: actually you are right shivay.

Soumya: can I come inside bhaiya

Om: Haan soumya tumhe permission lene ki zarurat nahi Hai. Come inside.

Soumya: thank you bhaiya. Actually I came here to say that our project got selected and we are going to Singapore.

Om and shivay; congrats

Shivay: by the way who is your partner?

Soumya: rudra

Om: seriously soumya, r u sure rudra helped u.

Rudra: bhaiya what do u think abt me huh. I am Superman and can do anything.

Shivay and om: shut up rudra

Om: I think the problem is solved now shivay. Now rudra can attend this meeting.

Shivay; no om. He is still a kid and soumya will not be able to handle him all alone. I think u should send someone who is responsible, intelligent and have experience.

Rudra: bhaiya all these expectations can only be fulfilled by you. Why don’t you join us?

Om: actually rudra is right shivay. U can handle him as well as the meeting.

Shivay: but but

Soumya: bade bhaiya please tell yes

Rudra: Haan bhaiya please

Shivay: if u guys compel this much. Then it’s okay I will go.

Om: then it’s fine I will arrange for flight tickets.

Shivay’s pov
Ah thank god I wanted to go to Singapore. Luckily you showed me a way. I think managing meeting and rudra will not be a problem. Now let me see what arnav will do?

Part 8

Annika: why no one is home tonight? Tomorrow I am going to Singapore and except Shivay no one knows that. Want to tell dadi but she is not attending my call. Let me call Shivay and as where is he?

Shivay: hmm Annika tell me. What happened?

Annika: Shivay when I came to home no one is here. I don’t know where all went. I even tried to call dadi but she is also not attending my call.

Shivay: who actually Annika all went to some marriage function. They will come only after 2 days. They asked me inform u but I forgot.

Annika: then how will I inform them Shivay?

Shivay: u don’t worry Annika I already informed dadi. So just relax.

Annika: where r u Shivay? Its already 9:00 p.m. when u will come back to home?

Shivay: I am sorry Annika I have an important meeting to attend. I will come by tomorrow’s morning. Till then take care.

Annika: but but

Shivay: sorry Annika, got to go.

Annika: hmm, ok bye. She disconnected her phone

Annika: no one is in home. I am feeling all alone. Let me take a fresh shower. It will sooth my mind.

After taking bath she came outside. She found a note on the table along with a box.

Dear Annika,

I know u must be feeling alone right now

U may feel that there is no one around you

But don’t fear my jhasi ki rani

I’m everywhere

In your thoughts, mind and soul

To make this night more special

I have something for you

Wear this and Come to garden

Your tadibaaz bagad billa

She chuckled after reading his note. She never thought that her husband could write such notes. She always thought why she liked him? But after seeing his immense care for his family members she felt that he is not arrogant or rude. He just want to show that he is like a wall and will not let anyone to destroy his family for any cause. He is having an unknown side which he reveals to only her. He makes her feel special. But she was also afraid what if he go away from her just like everyone do. She don’t want to spoil her mood. She went to the garden.

But before her entry someone hugged her from back and blind folded her. She didn’t struggle because she obviously know it was shivay. He held her close and whispered n her ears.

Shivay: Annika u look beautiful and breath-taking

Annika blushed like a tomato

Shivay: u r blushing Annika. Wow look at your face u r redder than a rose. He said teasingly

Annika: Shivay what r u doing?

Shivay: it’s a surprise. Now give me your hand and follow me.

He held her carefully and entered into garden. He removed the cloth from her eyes.

Annika opened her eyes. She got 440 volt shock seeing the decorations. She opened her mouth wide. All were according to her taste. She got shocked when she found all chat items arranged in a nearby table. She very well knew that shivay hated chat items. But still he did all this for her. She felt so lucky.

Shivay: Annika close your mouth, varna maakhi andar gus jayega (mosquito will enter your mouth)

Annika: shivay, apne mere liye ye sab kiya (did u do all this for me)

Shivay: nahi for sahil

Annika: mujhe yakeen nahi ho raha hai. (I can’t able to believe this shivay)

Shivay: Annika u r going to Singapore for a week. I am going to miss u for a week (dramebaaz) .I just thought to make this day special. I wanted to take u out for a date but due to lack of time I couldn’t. so I arranged a special date for us in our garden. Will u be my date?

Annika: yes I will. Thank u so much shivay. u did so much for me. I lo….

She stopped in middle

Shivay: what happened Annika u were saying something

Annika: nothing shivay, come on let’s go. My aloo poori is calling me.

They both sat on the table and ate some chats. Shivay for the first time in his life ate chats. He cursed himself for not tasting this before. It was really awesome. Therefore he decided to take Annika, omru and sahil to chat shops more often. They ate a lot.

Then shivay and Annika danced for roke na ruke song. (at last shivay’s wish got fulfilled)

After dancing they settled themselves in a nearby bench. Shivay then played her favourite actor hrithik roshan’s movie. Annika started to watch it eagerly. She started to whistle whenever hrithk came on screen. She blushed when hrithik was saying something romantic. She tapped her feet when he danced. Once movie ended and they went to their room

At shivika’s room

Shivay: Annika did u like the movie

Annika: obviously shivay afterall it was my hrithik’s film

Shivay: my hrithik

Annika: haan shivay, u don’t know I have a huge crush on him from childhood.

Shivay: what feature of him attracted u so much?

Annika: his dance but to be precise I love his kanjhi aankhein

She realised what she said and looked shivay with an embarrassing face

Shivay: it means u like kanjhi aankhein, saying so he started to move closer

Annka: haan shivay, but

Shivay placed his finger on her lips

Shivay: sshh Annika, I know u like my kanjhi aankhein. That’s why keep on checking me out.

He removed his finger from her lips

Annika: nahi shivay I never check u out. Well maybe u have kanjhi annkhein but that doesn’t mean that u r hrithik roshan. He is not like u and he is very good in dance, fighting and romance

He coughed a bit and said romance with a teasing face.

Shivay: Annika don’t u know shivay singh oberoi is good at everything. Agar baat hai romance ki then u haven’t seen the romantic side of me

Annika: as if u r

Shivay: u r challenging me. Think twice Annika u will regret later.

Annika: I never regret about my choices

Shivay: then okay

Saying so he lifted Annika and placed her on bed. He was on top of her. He looked into her face. He was making sure that she was not uncomfortable. Slowly he kissed her eyes,cheeks. She started to breathe heavily. He wetted her entire face with kisses but didn’t touch her lips. He kissed her collarbone. Annika was not able to stop him. She herself was lost in a world of pleasure and happiness. She really regretted her decision now. Shivay, she moaned in pleasure. Hearing his name from her mouth increased his desire. But before things could proceed shivay’s phone ringed. With heavy heart he parted away. Annika was so embarrassed she just picked her bed sheet and ran away from the room.

Next morning

Shivay: Annika let me drop u today to airport

Annika: shivay if u drop me then everyone will question about us

Shivay: but it’s your first time and I want to be with u

Annika: shivay just 6 more months then we will announce this relationship after that we can go together anywhere.

Shivay: but u will be alone

Annika: don’t worry shivay. arnav is picking me up

Shivay: what arnav is picking u up. There is no need for that I’ll ask driver to drop u.

Just then arnav entered

Arnav: don’t worry mr.obeori. I will take care of Annika after all she is so special for me.

Shivay: special?

Annika: shivay we r already running late and gotta go. Bye

Arnav: bye mr.oberoi, he winked at shivay

Shivay’s pov

U can try a lot arnav but shivay singh oberoi never lose any challenge. Wait and watch.


Hi everyone. I am very much happy bcoz of your supports. Thanks and it means a lot to me. I think I am very bad in writing romance so please bear with me. Now after hearing this don’t throw chamelis on me because I may not be able to update my story for a month. I know it’s a very long time. But my never ending exams never leave me in peace. But i will definitely update daily once I am back pinky promise. Let us start our journey in Singapore once we meet again. Till then shower your love to this story. If u want next update like and comment bcoz I’M BAD NOT VERY BAD.

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