Shivika ss- SE MIO part 20

Part 20

At anika’s office

She was shouting very angrily. Mahi tried to calm her down but she was not in a mood to listen.

Anika: how can they cancel our loan? We gave all details they required infact we can even pay double interest rate

Mahi: relax Anika let me speak with the manager.

Anika: I already spoke to him. He is not responding properly. I don’t why this happens to me now.

Mahi: they should tell a valid reason for cancelling our loan.

Annika’s phone ringed.

Anika: hello

Staff: mam owner of our partner company is waiting to meet u.

Mahi: Anika u meet him. I will handle this matter. Please don’t take stress.

Annika went to her cabin..

Anika: I’m sorry Mr. Sinha for making you wait.

She forwarded his hand to wish him. That’s when she noticed shivay before her.

Anika: Mr.oberoi aap yahan

Shivay: hello Anika. It’s nice to meet u. Don’t worry for making me wait. It’s my pleasure to wait for u.

Anika: what r u doing here? And where is mr.sinha.

Shivay: just relax anika. I’m the new owner of Sinha industries. To be precise both of our companies is under partnership.

Anika: I can’t believe this. Wait a minute. Did u cancel my loan? Tell me Mr.oberoi.

Shivay: I didn’t do any thing Anika. It’s just that u r not able to fulfill the conditions.

Anika; what do you mean by that?

Shivay: according to the rules and regulations to get a loan both the partners of the company should sign together. Being your new partner I have to sign loan papers.

Anika: how dare you Mr.oberoi? U don’t know how much it’s important for me.

Shivay: I very well knew Anika. U need treatment for mahi’s treatment.

Anika: after knowing this how can u cancel my loan?

Shivay: I didn’t cancel your loan Anika. All u need is my sign.

Anika: tell​ me straight. Don’t beat around the bush.

Shivay: it’s very simple Anika just come back with me to oberoi mansion and I will pass your loan.

Anika: that will never happen. I will arrange money through other sources.

Shivay: u just can’t Anika. His operation is within 4 days. All your properties are freezed now. U definitely can’t arrange money within this short notice.

Anika thinked for a minute. He was right. She cannot arrange so much money in few days. This operation is very crucial for mahi.

Anika: I’ll accept your deal but only on one condition.

Shivay: tell me Anika. I am ready to do anything for you.

Anika: after operation mahi will stay with us. Is that okay for u?

Shivay didn’t expect this from her. But he know she is very stubborn so he agreed.

Shivay: mahi will stay with us.

Anika didn’t expect this from him she thought he will not accept.

Anika: thank you Mr.oberoi.

Shivay: I have one more condition

Anika: what’s that?

Shivay: u should call me only shivay but not mr.oberoi.

Anika: hmm okay from now I will call you shivay.

Shivay: you will get your loan amount by evening.

After mahi’s treatment they went back to oberoi mansion.

Shivay started to impress Anika. He took her out for dates, dinner and many more. They also found that mahi was shivay’s long lost brother. Their relationship mended. They confessed their feelings for each other and Anika forgave him after a lot of tests. They became parents for 2 children after 2 years of married life.


Hi everyone thanks a lot for your support. Your each and every comment meant a lot to me. It gave me energy to write more. I am completing this ss because of my future commitments. I don’t want to leave this story in middle. Once again thank you for your comment and support. I think I was bad but not very bad with you. Take care and bye ???

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