Shivika ss- SE MIO part 19


Shivay asked kanna ji to get information about Mahi and anika. He was furious on Mahi. He still doubted that he may harm Anika. He never wanted to lose her. He promised him so that he will bring anika back to home. It’s not easy to convince her but still he will try his level best to win back her heart. It’s now a challenge between Mr and Mrs SSO.


Anika rememberd the day she met Mahi.

Before 6 months

She was coming back from her office. She was really frustrated at that night. She was not able to concentrate on her driving. That’s when she noticed a figure running towards her vehicle. She stopped in middle but she was not able to control herself from hitting the figure. Her Breathe stopped in middle. She was afraid but more than that she felt guilty for hitting someone. She immediately rushed to that figure and looked out for the face. She almost made a gasp after looking at his face. It was exactly like Shivay. But looking at his clothes and the familiar touch which she always recognise whenever he touch her indicated that he may be that imposter. She immediately admitted him to the hospital. Once he gained consciousness he was not curious but felt angry on that person who saved him from the accident.

When the doctor told him that Anika saved his life he was not able to believe himself. he thought in his mind why she saved him. Brushing away all his thoughts.

Mahi: question kumari why did u save me?

Annika: ha who is question kumari? My name is anika.

Mahi realised what he told to her and mentally slapped himself for addressing her in that way.

Mahi: woh main just leave that and tell me why did u save me?

Anika: listen I only hitted u so it’s my responsibility to save u. I am sorry for that.

Mahi: now I am fine so u and your husband will hand over me to police. Am I right?

Anika: where does Shivay came in between? I am responsible for your condition so I admitted u in hospital. Why would I hand over u to police? After all u saved Shivay from those goons. I know very well know that u r not a cheapde. It’s only because of situation u may have did something like that. U r not a bad person mahi. Life must have been unfair with u. But u r not weak and vulnerable. U have to face all the challenges with happy face. Life gives everyone a chance and reason to live. It’s our duty to find the reason and live for it. You may have many complaints but look at me I too feel the same at the beginning. I thought no one is there for me. Being an orphan it’s very difficult to face the world all alone. That’s when sahil’s parents adopted me. I thought God gave me all the happiness again in my life. But it was not true. He snatched them away from me. I was all alone again but then I realised that Sahil was with me. He should not be alone. He may not be my real brother but he is more than a brother to me. He is my life now.

Mahi: u don’t need to worry Anika after all u belong to Oberoi mansion. U r one of the biggest billionaire now. Your life is settled then why u r worried? U r not like me who don’t have anyone to call as my family. In my whole life I only heard people calling me illegitimate. I don’t have any reason to live.

Anika laughed at his statement. Mahi was confused

Mahi: why r u laughing?

Anika: u misunderstood the situation. I am no more a Oberoi bahu.

Mahi: what r u saying?

Anika: I am not in Oberoi mansion anymore. I am an orphan and I don’t belong to a place where only blood lineage matters to everyone.

Mahi: I am sorry Anika.

Anika: it’s okay.

Mahi: well u have a reason to live but what about me?

Annika: it’s in your hand. Instead of cursing the fate and your destiny start looking for a reason to live.

Hearing those words he gained trust and got a reason to live. From then onwards they all lived together. He quitted drinking alcohol and started to work. He changed into a very good man. He supported Anika and Sahil. Anika too shared everything with him. They became best friends. Whenever Anika felt sad about thinking Shivay he lightened her mood. She asked him about his past many times but he refused to say to her. So she left that topic.

At present

Mahi: where r u lost?

Anika: nothing

Mahi: chalo let’s go somewhere and eat

Anika: I am​ not in a mood Mahi. U and Sahil go.

Mahi laughed at her

Anika: why r u laughing?

Mahi: someone said to me that they are strong. But it looks like it’s just a dialogue. I never knew that it very weak.

Sahil: u r right bhai. Annika didi is very weak

He too laughed at her.

Anika: now both of u stop acting. I am not weak or afraid of anyone. Let’s go out.

Mahi: that’s like my anika


Shivay: did u get all the information about them?

Khanna: yes sir. Both of them are living together for past 6 months. Anika mam admitted Mahi in hospital after saving him from an accident. Both of them owns management company. They work together and their business is running successfully.

He also told other information regarding them to his boss.

Shivay: that’s good Khanna now let me show what I can do?

At restaurant

Mahi, Sahil and Anika all are eating and enjoying happily. Anyone witnessing that will tell that they make a perfect family. But a pair of eyes witnessed them with rage.

Shivay’s pov

Enjoy as much as u can because from tomorrow u will only be with me. He laughed and looked at her happily.


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