Shivika ss- SE MIO part 18

Part 18

Shivay: what r u saying Anika? How come he stay with u?

Anika: u can’t question me Mr.oberoi. u already lost that right. It’s my life and I can live with any one. So please stop questioning and leave from here.

Shivay: I won’t leave from here unless you answer me and come back with me to Oberoi mansion.

Anika: stop day dreaming Mr.oberoi. I will never come back to you.

Shivay: but Anika please

Mahi: why r u disturbing her? She said na she don’t want to come to you so please stop disturbing her.

Shivaay : you can’t stop me what right do you have. she is my wife so stop interfering in my life. We know how to solve our issues so please stay back and do your work.

Anika: please Mr.oberoi stop this and leave from here. I already had enough now I can’t tolerate any more please I beg you just leave from here.

Shivay: why you want me to leave anika. Am I not important to you? don’t you remember whatever we shared between us. all those beautiful moments which we both have cherished in our hearts. why can’t you just understand I miss you and I really need you and I am sorry for whatever I have done. all those words I said to you that day was not from my heart I was angry at that time and I was not able to stop myself from hurting you. please forgive me let’s start a new life. your blood lineage never matter to me all I want is you please give me a chance I will set everything alright it’s my promise to u.

Anika: I must say shivay you are speaking very well but I am not that old anika who will trust you anymore. you broke my heart now you can’t mend it. it will be very good if you just leave from here and move on in your life I think you are wasting your time on me. so just stop all this and start a new life. you are billionaire Shivay you can get hundred girls. but to me all that matter is my self respect. all i expected from you was not Money or attention I always wanted some respect. But u can’t even give that to me. Please don’t make it difficult for me.

Mahi: please stop disturbing her Shivay. Its not the right time to talk. Let’s solve this later.

Shivay: stop it mister I already told you not to interfere. It’s between me and my wife. Stop irritating me and let me speak with her.

Anika: Mahi please ask him to get out. I don’t want to see his face again in my life.

Saying so she went away from the living room and closed her bedroom door. He was very angry. But he controled himself. He don’t want to be Harsh on her again.

Mahi went from there and knocked anika’s bedroom door.

Mahi: Anika please come out.

Anika: I don’t want to see him again. Please ask him to go.

Mahi: did you listen to her to words please go from here.

Shivay: who are you to say this to me?

Mahi: I am her…..

Sahil: Mr.SSO you know about didi right. She is very stubborn. So please go now. You already broke her too much. So please give her some time to understand the situation. She will be fine soon. Once she is fine and calm. I will make you to speak with her. Pinky promise.

Shivay: I don’t trust anyone Sahil especially not him. But you are my little brother and I trust you more than anything in this world. I am sorry for breaking your sisters heart. I didn’t do it intentionally. I hope you will forgive me. I can’t live without her Sahil so please take care of her.

Sahil: don’t worry SSO. I will take care of her.

Shivay: and u Mahi remember one thing. She is mine only mine. Don’t u dare try to harm her. If u do so then u have to face the wrath of SSO which will burn u into ashes. Did u get it?

Mahi: I’m not afraid of u Shivay Singh Oberoi. Anika is everything to me. It’s my duty to take care of her. U don’t have any need to remind me about my responsibility.

Shivay: what do u mean she is everything to u? Don’t forget that she is my wife. She is only mine.

Mahi: maybe u r right Mr.oberoi but all that was before your fight. Now she hate u. Instead of fighting with me use your brain to win back anika’s heart.

Shivay left from there angrily. Mahi went to anika’s room and banged it.

Mahi: he left Anika. Now open the door.

Anika opened the door. She let him inside​. He looked at her face. It was swollen. Her eyes was red.

Mahi: if u love him this much then why don’t u go with him. He loves u a lot. Give him a chance Anika. U r hurting yourself as well as him. Just forgive him.

Anika: how can u say this Mahi? Don’t you remember all those words he said to me. He felt humiliated because of me. To him only blood lineage matters. All he wanted was a trophy wife who possess everything. To him marriage is a deal. But look at me I don’t have anything that he wants but still I loved him. That was the biggest mistake I did in my life. Even now I think that he is saying all these because of sympathy. I hate him more than I love him. What if he break my heart again I may not be able to live again.

Mahi: u r worrying unnecessarily Anika. I saw love in those blue eyes. He loves u a lot. He was threatening me to take care of u. Right now he is crazy for u. He is crazy in your love. He may do anything to win your heart back.

Annika: it’s not very easy Mahi. He very well knew about me. Let me see what he can do? If he is Shivay Singh Oberoi then I am too Anika.


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