Shivika ss- SE MIO part 17

Part 17

Shivay’s pov

At last I found my heart, my soul, my everything and my reason to live. When she went away from me she took everything away from me and now I am standing in a middle of a desert where my pair of orbs could only notice her mirage. My happiness had no bound when I saw her in front of my eyes after 8 months. But all my happiness and sense of relief vanished that moment when she refused to forgive me. I cannot live with this guilt anymore. She was still angry on me and it’s very difficult to convince her. But this time I will win her heart. I will give her all happiness in this world.

Let me share this good news with everyone

He called om

Om: hello Shivay how r u? How was your appointment with doctor?

Shivay: vo om

Om: is everything okay Shivay your voice seems to upset as well as happy

Shivay: I found her

Om: kaun Shivay

Shivay: Annika

Om: bhabhi

He dropped phone in shock. Rudra who was passing by that side heard this sound and rushed towards his brother.

Rudra: what happened o? r u fine

Om: actually

He heard Shivay’s voice from the phone. He picked the phone and spoke to him

Rudra: bhaiya what happened? Neither u r speaking nor om is responding

Shivay: rudra I found your Annika bhabhi

Rudra: r u serious bhaiya? But how did it happen? Is she coming back to home?

He cried because of happiness. Om snatched the phone from rudra and put it on speaker.

Om: Shivay did both of u talk?

Shivay: haan om we talked and she is very much angry on me. She refused to come with me even after my apologies. She was very stubborn. She was not ready to listen to me.

Om: I know about Annika. To her self-respect means everything. She may not forgive u easily because u broke her heart so much. Right now she must be afraid that u may hurt her once again but u have to prove that it is wrong u have to gain her trust again. It’s not an easy task but do remember shivay that u r SSO and u can do anything. Give her trust and make sure that u have to win in this. It’s your life Shivay if u can’t get something by hook then do it by crook.

Shivay: but u only said na om I should not do cheating

Om: everything is fair in love and war Shivay. All u need is to win the race.

Rudra: Shivay bhaiya. Don’t worry bhabhi loves u a lot she will come to home soon. We all r with u. I want to meet bhabhi can I come to Kolkata?

Shivay: it’s ok rudra. No need to come here. I will soon bring Annika to home. it’s your bhaya’s promise to u.

Rudra: take care bhaiya. Whenever u need us just call me after all the most wanted lady killer is your bro. I can give u superb advice.

Shivay and om (in unison): shut up rudra

Rudra: now it’s time for obro moment

Shivomru: dil bole oberoi

At morning

Shivay visited the address he received from doctor

Shivay’s pov

This is the first time I am visiting a chawl like this. It’s so congested. I don’t know how Annika manages to live here. My driver told me that our car can’t move forward as the way is blocked. I got down from the car. Few people were looking me like as if I was an alien. I think that they r wondering how could a person wear three piece jamun colored suit in this scorching sun. But I should admit the fact that the temp is too hot. I successfully found the address and knocked the door. I was eagerly waiting to see her face. I knocked the door 3-4 times

Annika opened the door. She was really shocked to see me in her home. For a sense of moment I found a sense of relief in her eyes but that didn’t last long soon it was replaced
by anger. Seeing crowd gathering outside her building she silently let me inside.

Shivay: Annika

Annika: what do u want Mr.oberoi?

Shivay: please stop calling me Mr.oberoi

Annika: when we meet some stranger it’s normal to address them normally

Shivay: am I a stranger to u?

Annika: do u still have doubt in that

Shivay: then why did u let me inside

Annika: I don’t want to create a scene before the crowd

Shivay: I will apologise billion times to u please come back. Let’s speak and solve everything

Annika: there is nothing left between us to talk.

Shivay: I’m not going anywhere Annika.

They started to argue with each other. Hearing noises from the living room two figures came outside

Sahil: Annika didi what is happening here?

Shivay: sahil, saying so he ran to him lifted him up and hugged him tightly and caressed his hair.

Shivay: I missed u a lot sahil. How r u now? I am sorry for everything. Let’s go back to home

Voice: u can’t take him away from us Mr. Shivay singh oberoi

Shvay turned to find the owner of the voice. His blue orbs saw a similar face like him that only mismatched his blue eyes. Shivay was stunned to see his humshakal before him.
The one who wanted to take his place before few months. His mind was filled with many questions. How come he is here? Is he trying to harm Annika?

He went towards him and held his collar

Shivay: how dare u try to harm my Annika and sahil? I won’t leave u.

Annika: stop it Mr.oberoi

Shivay: u don’t worry Annika. I am here don’t be afraid I will handle him. Let me call police

Annika: for god sake please stop this. Mahi stays with us.

Hearing those words from her he left mahi’s collar. His angered expression changed into a shocking one.
So guys done with this part. I have good news for u. from today I may update this story once in two days or regularly for next few days as my holiday started. Eagerly waiting for your response. If u want next update very soon then like and comment because I’M BAD NOT VERY BAD.

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