Shivika ss- SE MIO part 16

part 16

Anika’s pov

Anika’s senses went numb. she wasn’t able to understand anything. a part of her asked her to embrace him tightly but a part of her reminded the sad truth of his realty. all those harsh words he said to her came back into her memories. she never denied the fact that she loved him but that doesn’t mean that he can always hurt her. she already had enough. when he forced her to marry him, believing daksh words and the doubt, but to the top of it he mocked her for being an orphan. instead of taking stand for her she let her fall down this time too. she always recovered from the pain he gave her but this time it reached such an extent that it broked her completely. she never wanted to hate him but he didn’t give a single chance to not hate him.

shivay’s pov

i met anika after 8 long months. could u believe this? it’s eight long months but seems like 80 years to me. only my heart knew how i survived this. a day with out her is impossible to imagine. actually elders said it right u will only understand importance of something when it’s not with u. i too felt the same. i never understood her when she with me. i always had a mixed feelings for her. but her absence made me realise her importance. every day and night my heart shouts that i love her. at first i was not able to believe my heart because i always listen to my brain. but this time it was different my brain too said the same thing. i was still afraid because i had a thought that she don’t deserve a beast like me. why would she even love me when i only gave her reasons to hate me. my heart and brain refused this reason.

my eyes reminded me all those moments we spended together. i always felt something whenever i see her eyes, it never showed hatred but only love. i think i am thinking too much. i still begged for her forgiveness and about love it’s a long time process. but i will make her fall in love with me. she will never leave me again. i will give her so much happiness that she will forget each and every sadness she faced in her life. she will be the happiest women on this world. afterall i am SSO and i will do anything for my wife’s happiness.

anika gained her senses and pushed him away from her. he stumbled backwards. he was confused by her behavior but later he reminded about their fight. he tried to move towards her. but her voice stopped him in middle.

anika: stop Mr. oberoi, not a step more.

shivay: anika what r u saying? i am your shivay. why r u calling me Mr.oberoi i know u r angry but still i am your shivay.

anika: my shivay died that day when he mocked me for being an orphan. the one who is standing before me is Mr. oberoi to whom only blood lineage matters. Mr.oberoi u must have a lot of work to do i think u r wasting your time on someone whom u consider as roadside trash.

shivay: stop it anika. please don’t kill me with your words. i am already half dead from inside. i am really sorry for everything. i promise u that it will never happen again. u always say right whenever i am angry i speak rubbish and that day too i was angry. i shouldn’t have said that. now please come back to home. everyone miss u a lot

anika: why would u think that i will come back

shivay: because …..

anika: u know what shivay i already had enough now i can’t tolerate anymore humiliation. for god sake please stop this nonsense and move on in your life. u will definitely get a girl of your status and lineage. please don’t come back to me. all the best for your future.

saying so she turned to leave him . but h held her hand and pulled her towards him. their lips were inches apart. he was very close to her. her lips shivered because of the effect he still have on her. he felt happy after seeing the effect he had on her. he whispered in a seductive voice.

shivay: MRS. ASSO don’t forget that i am still SSO and i will definetely get whatever i want either by hook or crook. this is my last chance come back to home and i am ready to accept whatever punishment u give to me. but if u don’t want to do this then soon be ready to witness a new shade of your husband.

Anika’s pov

anika was shocked by his gesture. she definitely felt something different in his voice. it was not her shivay his tone always had a mixture of pride and dominance. but the man standing before her was completely different . his tone is very soft and genuine but yet it have the same SSO style. i was staring at him. he leaned towards me and gave a small peck on my lips. i was beyond shocked. how can he kiss me? this time i will not let this bagad billa to win, she said to herself.

shivay’s pov

i know she must angry after all i kissed her but how can i resist when my wife is here. it’s just a beginning this new version of shivay will defintly suprise her.

she left from the cabin immediately. doctor called her but she didn’t respond to him.

doctor: Mr.oberoi if u don’t have any problem,may i know how r u related to anika. she seems,to be a bit tensed after seeing u.

shivay: well doctor she is my wife

doctor: but shivay how’s that possible. she never told me about your marriage.

shivay: it’s just a misunderstanding between us. she is angry on me but i am sure that i will convince her. i need a favour doctor.

doctor: tell me Mr.oberoi

shivay: i want her house address doctor

doctor: that’s it i will give it u but please keep her happy always

shivay: yes doctor i will always keep her happy. i lost her once in my life i will never let the history repeat again.


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