shivika ss – SE MIO part 10

Part 10
After spending some time they left back to hotel
Annika: Shivay I never thought u will come to meet me. I thought u r busy. It’s the best surprise I ever got in my life.
Shivay: Annika can i ask u something?
Annika: yes shivay
Shivay: what’s most important to me in this world?
Annika: ye bhi koi puchne wali baat hai kya. Obviously it’s your family
Shivay: and when it comes to family do I compromise?
Annika: never Shivay u always give best to your family.
Shivay: u r correct Annika. Same conditions apply here. U r my family Annika and I always want to give u the best.
Annika: aww Shivay
Rudra: bhabhi
Annika: rudra tum yahan kya kar raha hai? (rudra what r u doing here?)
Rudra: voh bhabhi we came to singpore for our college project.
His eyes met Shivay who was in his casuals. He was pretty shocked. Because he left wearing causals before 10 years.
Rudra: bhaiya app yahan Annika bhabhi ke saath, that too with this kind of dress. I can’t believe my eyes now. But now I understood why Shivay bhaiya was showing too much tadi before us.
Annika: tadi par kyun
Saumya: haan didi rudra sahi kah raha hai. Shivay bhaiya was too hesitant to come to Singapore. We forced him to come with us so that he can attend meeting in place of om bhaiya. But bade bhaiya u r looking good in casuals u should try it often.
Annika slightly blushed at her statement after all it was her husband.

Rudra: bhabhi I think u didn’t understand why Shivay bhaiya came here? Our billu want to meet his billi
Shivay: shut up rudra. Annika it’s nothing like that.
Rudra: bhaiya why r u trying to hide? If u want to meet bhabhi u could have told us. In fact u said bhabhi went to Mauritius.
Annika: Shivay why did u lie to them?
Shivay: voh main voh
Rudra: bhaiya boliye na
Shivay was very much embarrassed. He gave an angry glance to rudra.
Shivay: I think it’s quite late now. We will meet in morning. Now rudra and saumya what u both were doing outside that too at this time?
Rudra: same question is applicable to u bhaiya. What r u doing with bhabhi that too at this time?. We youngsters learn from u elders.
Shivay: so u r learning everything from me. Am I right?
Rudra: yes bhaiya u r my role model
Shivay: then fine so u tell me your semester mark. Let me check how much u followed me in studies.
Rudra: bhaiya aap sahi keh rahe hai. We should not be awake at this time. Come on saumya let’s go. Bhabhi let’s meet in morning. Good night bhaiya and bhabahi
Saying so he dragged saumya along with him.
Annika: so it’s all your plan
Shivay: Annika let’s leave that topic
Annika: why r u showing so much tadi?
He came close towards her and whispered in her ears.

Shivay: tumhe nahi pata anika tadi ke mamle mein Shivay singh oberoi se badkar koi nahi hai.
Annika: aapka na kuch nahi ho sakta. Now it’s very late go and sleep now.
Shivay: yes come on
Aniika: kahan
Shivay: to our room
Annika: Shivay for your kind information we r staying in hotel not in our room.
Shivay: I think u can’t control yourself
Annika: what do u mean?
Shivay: I noticed the way u r staring at me. I know I’m too hot and no girl can resist me.
Annika: cheapde, shivay aisa kuch bhi nahi hai
Shivay: I know everything about u Annika and I am sure u r attracted to me.
Annika: aisa kuch bhi nahi hai
Shivay: then prove it to me.
Annika: but…
Shivay: then let’s sleep in your room
Annika: I can’t Shivay what if someone see us together
Shivay: Annika if u r afraid then leave it. U can never beat me
Annika: I am ready
Shivay: it’s going to be fun

At shivika’s room
Annika went to washroom to get fresh. Shivay started to remove his jacket followed by his shirt. Annika came out of the washroom and found Shivay without his shirt. She turned quickly
Annika: Shivay what r u doing?
Shivay: u only said na u r not affected by me then why r u asking me to cover myself
Annika: but Shivay
Shivay: then accept the fact u r affected by me
Annika: it’s nothing like that u can do whatever u want.
Shivay: ok then
He came near the bed and settled himself on one side. Annika was baffled by this.
Annika: Shivay what r u doing?
Shvay: sleeping Annika
Annika: we can’t sleep on the same bed
Shivay: why u think u will lose the challenge?
Annika: I’m Annika and I will not lose any challenge. U sleep on that corner and I’ll sleep on this corner
Shivay: ok

Both were sleeping on the same bed. Annika soon slept. Shivay was not able to resist himself. Annika was so near to him. Her back was facing him. Some locks of her hair was covering her back. He leaned towards her and removed those locks of hair from her back. He kissed her back. Feeling wetness on her back Annika instantly turned around. He was so close to her. Their faces were inch apart Annika was breathing heavily. She was always affected by his proximity. She wanted to admit it but her ego never let her to do that. He caressed her face and she closed her eyes in response. She kept her hands on his bare chest. He felt some kind of spark flowing through him. He was about to kiss her. Just then he heard someone knocking the door. Annika gained her senses and she pushed Shivay.
Annika: phel gaya raita Shivay hide somewhere what if someone sees u? go fast
Shivay hided himself in a cupboard. Annika went and opened the door.
Arnav: hi Annika did I disturb u?
Shivay’s pov: yeh arnav ke pass aur koi kaam nahi hai kya. He always disturbs my romance.
Annika: no arnav nothing like that
Arnav: actually I left one of my important file in your cupboard. I just came here to take that back.
Annika: in cupboard r u sure? (she panicked)
Arnav: r u okay Annika. U seemed to be bit tensed.
Annika: no no I am fine
Arnav: ok fine the let me take my file

Annika’s pov: what if arnav sees Shivay?
Arnav was about to open to the cupboard. But he stopped in middle.
Arnav: Annika I’ll take the file tomorrow. Can I ask u something?
Annika: haan
Arnav: tomorrow I want u to take somewhere. Will u come with me?
Annika: but
Arnav: please
Annika: okay
Shivay’s pov: FTW now where Annika and arnav are going? I can’t leave them alone.
Arnav: thanks and sorry for disturbing u. good night
Annika: it’s nothing like that arnav u can always meet me whenever u want. Good night.
Hi everyone thanks for your support. I am very happy. Here is the next update. Hope u enjoy it. Ignore grammatical errors. If u want next update soon like and comment because I’M BAD NOT VERY BAD

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