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Here it goes,

Anika taking cab leaves to a hotel.shivay too follows her.anika running enters hotel.cabir is already arrived there.

Shivay following her: ani listen to me
Anika: cabby let’s go..
Cabir: nik wait!! He was with u?
Shivay:ani u can’t avoid me like this.
He comes in front of her.


Aryan n piyu enter followed by prinku,om rumya.
Cabir: what ta hell is happening here,why all oberoys are after us?
Aryan with serious tone: what ta hell is he doing here(looking at shivay)

Shivay: I need to talk to my wife.
Cabir: fine u guys talk.

Anika: cabby I don’t want to talk to anyone.can we go to room.
Cabir with no option left takes keys from reception.
Anika,Aryan,piyu follow him.Shivay stops anika by holding her hand.

Aryan: look man!! Be it this country or India u can’t force a person to talk with u even if she is ur back off.
Shivay is about to shout at him.
Anika: shivay!!
Shivay calm downs looking at her.he leaves her hand.

They four to go to their room.shivay also arranges rooms for him n his brothers in same hotel.

In room:
Cabir: nik!! U…..
Anika: now don’t get started pls…..

Next morning:
They four come out of hotel.there are 10 sport bikes ready.
Aryan:we just need four bikes man!!
Cabir: I know we will choose 4 in these 10 bikes.
Anika and piyu are also ready in jeans ,glouses.

They four select one one bike n sit on it.

Just then shivomru come there.
Shivomru: what ta wuck (seeing ladies on bikes.)

Shivay: ani…. whats all this?

Anika ignores him n starts her bike,so do three.they three start it and ride in full speed.Aryan to left of piyu,piyu left of anika,anika left of cabir.

Rudra: bhayya! Don’t think much let’s its time for our clg days.
Thy do get on one one bike n follow them.

They four are going in same speed in a row followed by shivom ru few metres away.

Om: where r they going?(in loud voice as they r riding bikes)
Shivay is also confused.
After travelling few km…a big truck is coming from opposite direction.
They four look at each other n nod their heads.they spped up towards truck.

Shivomru are hell shocked.
Shivay: ani…..( shouting)
Om: anika piyu….
Rudra: what r they doing….
They 3 are totally in frightening state.

Shivay: ani……( in a very loud voice)
But anika is not slowing down.but tears r rolling down from her eyes.her whole life is flashing in front of her.

They r just few metres away to truck……

Shivay: ani……..stop……ani…..
They four r about to hit the truck…..
Shivay: ani…….

Cabby turns n looks at shivay,he looks back at nick time when they r about to hit the truck,cabby turns his bike to left with full speed which makes all three bikes turn left.truck just passes besides cabir bike.they four fall on road hitting each other bikes.

They all get injuries but not life taking as they fell on grass.

Anika hand n head get scratches that r bleeding.

Shiv om RU come running.shivay hugs anika tightly.but suddenly he pushes her back.

Shivay: what r…..

Aryan: what the hell u did cabby??
Aryan gets up n drags cabir by collar.

Piyu n anika stops him.

Aryan: guys leave me he always tried to back off.
Cabir: what? r u mad?
Aryan: at first I had doubt but now its confirmed.why did u turned ur bike?? ( holding his collar more close)

Anika: guys stop it plzzz we will talk later.let’s go back to cruise now.
Aryan: no nik…he has to answer.
Anika: I said now….( in a loud voice)

Shivay om rudra r totally confused with act.
Shivay angrily drags anika to him: what were u doing? Anika answer me damn it…..
Aryan pushes shivay back.
Piyu stops a cab,they they four get into it n they leave to cruise.

On road:
Rudra: bhayya what was bhabi doing? I felt like she was trying to kill herself…
Shivay: rudra…she will not do such a thing.
Om: no shivay rudra is right.
Shivay: om!!
Om: shivay !!! Think…she saw sahil death.we know sahil is alive n happy but she doesnt.for her, her love distrusted her.she don’t know u accepted her as ur wife in front of whole world.

Rudra: o! How can be u r so sure that was trying to sui….suicide.
Om: I know rudra!! I was in depression did u forget? I too wanted to kill myself.but i stopped bcoz u guys were there.and I made myself as a drug addict.but for anika,her whole world is destroyed …………oh y god!!! they four always stay in their own world.they don’t talk much to others.they…..
Shivay I think they r here on a…

Shivay: suicide mission.( with a worried face)
Rudra: bhayya we should stop then before they do something else.

They three start to cruise immediately going back to hotel n taking sowmya prinku along.

Here in cruise:
Near lower deck:

Cabir: r u mad arya!! I have the most justified reason to die than u three.
Arya: then y did u failed our plan.
Piyu: always this happens this is almost fourth time we attempted n we failed again.y did u failed it?
Cabir holds Anika: for her.
Anika: what?
Cabir: yes I failed it for u.r u mad? He loves u nik.u have a beautiful life ahead.u don’t need to die.
Anika: stop it
Cabir: no!!! That day i danced with u to see he is just in guilt or love.he was burning in jealous seeing us.what is this if its not love?
Anika cries : I did same mistake 3 years back,I thought he too feels same for me cabby(crying) but he never respected my feelings.he just insulted me to core.
Cabir: nik!!
Anika: no cabby!! I will not do same mistake again.
Saying this she step back n climbs on grills.she looks at three.they three look at each other n they also climb on it.

Shivomru are searching for them,and they come to deck area.

Cabir,anika,Aryan,piyu: 3….
Shivay: ani……(comes running towards them)

Four: 2…..1…..

They jumped into ocean.Shivay is abt to jump but omru stop department look this in cam n they immediately save them with the help of life boat

They all coughing and puking water out on cruise.Shivay though angry on her he goes n tubs her back giving her a serious look.

Manager explains cops that they four know swimming ,they must have doing some prank,and he pays fine to them.

They leave from there.

Aryan: why don’t these people let us die peacefully.

Shivay rages hearing this.he holds anika hand n drags her from there.

Aryan tries to stop but cabir holds him back.

Anika: shivay leave me!!
Shivay leaves her getting her to a empty area.
He looks at her n gives her a tight slap.she falls on floor.he goes near her n holds her face tightly with both hands.

Shivay: don’t u ever dare to end ur life.if u do it then I will tie u up with chains n will lock u in a room.did u get that??

Anika tries to remove his hands crying.

But he holds her face more tightly n pulls her more close.

Shivay: so u don’t agree to me right…what u think ? This is ur life and u will have right on it? No!!! Only I have right on it.

Anika looks at him with tearful angry eyes

Shivay: why don’t u get it ani..? I love you .I love u so much…
Anika looks away.

Shivay: not now .I had been always in love with u that y I hurted u more.if u want to take life then take mine not urs.

Anika still crying.she tries to get up.shivay pulls her back.

Shivay holds her close.she struggles to fee herself.
Shivay: sahil is alive…
Anika eyes get widened.she looks at him.

Shivay looks at her n leaves her.he tries to get up.anika holds him back by holding his collar.

Anika: if this is joke…..then…..
Shivay holds her face with one hand n takes out his phone.n calls sahil.

Sahil: jiju!!! All my exams are khidkithod.I just waiting for ur turn.
Anika holds shivays hand in happiness

Shivay: I will be back by tomorrow sahil.bye
Sahil: bye jiju.

He cuts the call.anika cries happily placing her hand on her mouth.shivay looks at her n hugs her to comfort her emotions.she holds him back n cries for a while.shivay caresses her hair with he himself having tears.

After a while anika becomes unconscious.shivay looks at her n takes her to his room n lays downs her on bed .he sits beside caressing her face.

Precap: all back to Mumbai.

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I want to say one thing,evryone will go through a crucial phase where they feel only death is solution.but its not.u need to be with patience till that phase ends.bcoz after that phase there is a beautiful life waiting ahead for u.when ur birth is not in ur hands ,then death is also not in ur hands.

Keep smiling n enjoy evry phase of ur life.and don’t frget to comment below.

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