Shivika ss by nans (part 8)

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With passing days shivay was burning seeing anika n cabir but finally cabir tells him the fact.

Cruise again started its jrny.
With love blooming all over……….( its night….)

Aryan was drinking beer in bar on cruise.priyanka comes there searching him.

She goes near him.
Prinku: ary…..I mean Mr.Aryan khanna.hi!!
Aryan gives her plain look.
Prinku: its actually whatever happened today at halt I…I….
Arya: I shouldn’t have pushed u.I was in rage i…….
Prinku: priyanaka !!! U can call me prinku.u don’t need to say anything.I am thankful to u.u saved me form that guys.
Arya takes sip of beer.
Arya: but u should be strong enough to face them.
Priyanaka nods.
Arya looks away n breathes out to calm himself.
Prinku: I like ur songs very much.I just love them.the pain ,the love in ur voice is just unexpressing.
Arya looks at her n steps to leave.he stops n turns back
Arya: priyanaka be strong n take care.
He leaves.priyanka smiles.
He comes outside n tears roll down from his eyes.he takes a pill n starts walking.

Cafeteria on cruise:
Its late night,the place is all empty.
Piyu is sitting near one table and is writing some novel work with her left hand fist on her face supporting with elbow on table.
She is in deep thoughts.

Om passing by comes there.he looks at her n smiling comes near hear.
Om: hi!!
Piyu looks at him gives no response.she again starts writing.
Om: if u don’t mine can I sit here.( no response)silence is taken as yes.
He sits.
Om: I am sry to ask,do u have any problem to talk(in a gentle man tone)
Piyu looks at him n starts to leave.
Om: sry if it hurted u.I will leave don’t get uncomfortable.(he starts to leave)
Piyu: its OK.u can sit.
Om gets surprised to hear her first time.
Om: beautiful!!!
Piyu gives him confused look.
Om: ur voice is beautiful( he sits back)so u r just novelist or u do something else?
Piyu: interior designer( with plain look)
Om: oh that’s really cool!!! I am actually in need of designer for my art I hope u can help me after going back to mumbai….
Piyu: impossible!!!
Om: y?
No response.
Om: kabhi kabhi anjan logon ki chupi bardash nahi hoti hain
Shayad dil ne us se pehle se gehra rishta banaliya hoga!!!!
Piyu looks at him: goodnight.its nyc to meet u!!!
(She leaves giving him a light smile first time ever)
Om faces gets brighten.

In room:
Cabir is drinking alcohol looking into ocean through the glass window.with tears rolling down like a slow flowing river.
Piyu comes inside room n looks at him.she comes near him and leans on his shoulder.he wraps his right hand around her shoulder.she keeps her head on him n engages into deep thoughts looking into deep ocean.

Under open sky:
Rudra sowmya are sleeping on floor looking into stars n moon.while rudra cracking funny jokes n sowmya hitting him playfully.slowly she skips into sleep n cuddles into his arms closely.rudra smiles at her n rubs her cheek with his finger n kisses her forehead.

Lower deck of cruise:
Anika is standing holding the grills looking at ocean waves.she closes her eyes.the sounds she can hear are her cries in her childhood,her nightmares,her helpness to marry Shivay,her helpness not able to gain trust by shivay on her whom she loved to core,sahils death.

She steps on one of grill still closing eyes.

“ani!!!” a voice make her gain sense.she opened her eyes and breathe out relaxing herself.
She turns back to see Shivay.he comes near to her.
Shivay: have u lost it ? What were u doing? Its so unsafe !!! What if something happened??? ( in a worry tone)
Anika: If something happened also,u don’t need to show pity on me.

She starts to leave.shivay pulls her n holds her by waist.anika looks into his eyes.
Shivay: now stop running ani!!! I know I hurted u.I accept it .slap me for it( he takes her left hand with his right hand and slaps himself.)
Anika takes her hand back.but shivay holds her hand again n kisses it.
Anika starts getting nervous.
Anika: stop it!!!!(lookin away)
Shivay: r u afraid that u will loose urself to me?
Anika: u r assuming things shivay!!!(looking away)
Shivay: then prove it.
Anika looks back at him.
Shivay comes closer to her ears: prove it that u don’t get affected by me.
Anika heart heaviness is increasing.
Shivay bends n kisses on her neck just beside her wrapped scarf.his touch passed warm shivers along her in that cold breeze.her hand which is in shivay hold instantly holds it tight.shivay smiles n holds it back more tightly.
He looks into his eyes n comes close to her.she turns and he kisses on her cheek.she closes her eyes.he leaves her left hand n holds her face n turns it to face him.she is still closing her eyes.he comes close again to kiss.their lips are about to touch,

“Hello guys”voice startles them.
They break apart to see Aryan few steps away leaning to wall n drinking beer.shivay gives him a irritating look.
Anika fastly goes near aryan n holds his hand n drags him inside.
Shivay reminiscing his afect on her smiles.

Here Aryan: u know I really enjoyed ur hot chemistry in that cold breeze.
Anika looks at him leaves his hand ,takes near by things and starts throwing on him.he runs laughing.they finally reach room n look at two lost bodies.they too join them.eventually they four slept.

8th day: Its 11 am
Still these four r sleeping.after sometime one by one wake up.
Cabir informs manager: that no one should disturb them whole day.they stayed whole day inside room.only they know what they r doing.

Our shivay is so desperate to meet anika but gets to know from manager she will be in room whole day.

9th day:
Cruise is halted at final destination.for 2 days they can roam around city or they can stay on day they have flight to reach India for return jrny.

Four pack their luggaages and made arrangements for luggage to reach directly airport.they just carrying single bag each with necessities for 2 days to roam around.
Cabir informs that they will come directly to airport n gives him pen drive saying its of some deal.he warns him to open it reaching Mumbai.
He leaves.
They four come out of cruise.shivom rumya prinku are also next to them.tejanvi prefer stay back on cruise for one day.

Cabir: so guys where do u want to go?( to three)
Our heroes are listening them.
Piyu: I need to go to a library to read some collection in this city.
Aryan: I want to go to studio.
Cabir: I want to roam.
Anika: I too want to roam but alone.
Cabir: let’s do one thing we all go in our ways alone but we will meet tonight at the place we decided.u all have GPRS right? So bye….
He leaves in one direction.
Anika takes another direction.obvio shivay follows her.
Piyu n Aryan also go in their directions.
Rudra: o I think we should follow them n should chat with them to get to know abt anika bhabi.we need to know what happened in these three years.
Om nods n goes after piyu.
Rudra: kamal hai !! He instantly went after her.something is fishy.
Then rumya ,prinku follow Aryan.prinku is on cloud 9.
Rudra: oh hello Aryan!!!
Aryan turns n gives him a irritated look.
Rudra: I need to ask u something.
Aryan: what?
Rudra: how come u n bhabi became friends.
Aryan: u can ask her.
And starts walking.
Rudra to sowmya: he is so rude!!!
Prinku: bhayya its not like that.
And she calls out Aryan.
Prinku: Aryan if u don’t mine can we join u?
Aryan looks at her for a moment and nods.
They three follow him.they all go to studio.rudra doesn’t like his rude nature but still like his singing skills.he too claps for him in the studio where they went n Aryan sang.

Here om is following piyu all day silently enjoying the magic happening btw them.piyu is unaware of him.

Shivay too following his ladylove,witnessing her drinking express,witnessing her helping a handicapped guy,witnessing her become sad,witnessing her feeling the nature around her.

Its almost 8pm:

Anika finally goes to nearby river and stands looking at it.she pops out some pills and is abt to take them.
Shivay: what r those pills?
Anika gets startled n all pills get scattered on floor.
She looks at shivay: none of ur business.r u following me?
Shivay: ofc I will follow u for lifetime.(coming forward)
Anika: stop all this nonsense shivay!!
He comes close to her n holds her close by both hands on her waist.
Anika: shivay!! Leave me!!
Shivay: y bcoz I affect u?
Anika: no!!
Shivay: then y r u drinking expressso?
Anika: y only u have rights on it?
Shivay: fair enough!! Y did tear escaped from ur eyes when I danced with u?
Anika is silent.
Shivay: y u didn’t stopped me kissing you?
Anika is silent again loosing herself in his arms.but she suddenly pushes him.
Shivay: so I don’t affect u right? ( he steps back saying this n jumps into river)
Anika: shivay!!! R u mad come out!!(frightened)
She sees him not swimming but making himself drowning.
Anika gets really scared n jumps into the river.but she starts drowning due to force of river.shivay holds her and gets her out.
Anika starts coughing vigorously holding her heart area.shivay rubs her back.he removes her scarf so that she can breath.after a while she gets normal.
She angrily looks at shivay n gives him a tight slap.
Shivay: ani!! I….
She again slaps him.
He pulls her n holds her bone tight.
Shivay: listen to me!!!
Anika: what should I listen? What were u doing? U just…..
Shivay stops her by pressing his lips against her.anika gets freezed for a moment and then tries to resist but shivay grip is so tight ,he starts sucking her lower lip.
Suddenly anika pushes him with all force.
Shivay(in loud voice): if I don’t affect u ,y r u still wearing mangalsutra of my name?
Anika looks at her neck having mangalsutra.( which is hidden all the time with scarf)
Shivay: what u thought? I will suicide? I know u will jump to save me.I know it.
Anika cries n runs taking her bag.she immediately gets into a cab.shivay too takes another cab n follows her.

Precap: plan revelation.shivay getting to know this.shivay slapping anika n confessing his love.

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    I loved the his episode…😍😘😍😘
    I know right it’s quite a Shivikalicious episode and I just loved their moments💗
    I am excited for the next episode…
    You have made a perfect use if all things in your ff just keep going like this…
    Love you Nandhupie💗😍

  4. Bhavana

    ohh god……this ss is making me crazy………i still cant stop blushing……..the shivika moments were awesome……waiting 4 the precap……plz update soon…….

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    awesome update. I m waiting impatiently for ur next update. pls post next part soon. I just loved it. loved shivika scenes… loved the bond between the four…

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    Superb update Nandupie , ShivIka’s moments are mindblowing and their kiss uff koi to rok lo and we can share Romantic pie name actually you deserves it more then me and PriYan and OmIya’s slowly but steady bonding is superb and RuMya are super cute and Shivay’s confidence is wow and I am surprised with twist that Anika is hiding mangalsutra beneath scarf and this one is amazing twist and his line “I know you will jump to save me” I liked that to much ( I know nothing much special in that but I loved it)

    An I am blushing all the while I am reading this update…. Plz post next part soon as I am excited to read it.. and lobe you lot my Nandupie…😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • Nansshivika



      Thank u chocopie😍😍 I too liked that dialogue u will jump for kind of express his trust n her love.romance toh tujse hi inspired u too my chocopie😘😘😘💜💜

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    This was an awesome update. What’s marvellous is that you made all 4 couples interaction so interesting. And ShivIka interaction was smoking😉Loved all of it. Waiting for the next update.

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