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So cruise jrny,anika n her friends taking pills( don’t wry those r not drugs),shivay desperateness to talk n spend time with anika.night disc party.anika falling in shivay arms.

Here u go,
Anika looks into his blue eyes.she is loosing herself in his eyes coz his eyes are what made her go crazy abt him in past.she tries to step back from him but he holds her so close.
Anika(plain look): shivay leave me!!!
Shivay leaves her but holds her hand and drags her out while she is resisting.

Here all youngsters are in their own world when piyu beside her holds her n makes her steady.
Om: careful!!( in humble voice)
But piyu doesn’t replies him.she turns away.
Arya comes n offers her drink.
Piyu: I am already on nasha.
Arya: u didn’t drink dude.
Piyu: dard ek aisi nasha hai ek bar Chad jaye toh utharti nahi hai,
Kabhi ye nasha asun deti hain kabhi sukoon!!!!!
Om listening this gets mesmerised with her lines.he was already admired by her beauty now with her lines.
Arya: oh god!!! Use these lines in ur novels.
Om: novels??
Arya n piyu look at him.
Arya: r u what? Spying on us.
Om: sry I was just……(looks at piyu but she is silent)
Arya: whatever !!! She writes novels.”painful jrnys” collection of many stories.
Om: what? U r the author of painful jrnys?? ( surprising)
Piyu looks at him n a very light curve appears on her face but she leaves from there.
Om was confused with her attitude.
Here in open corridor,

Shivay holding her hand drags her to wall gently while she is resisting.
Anika: shivay what’s ur problem?
Now with full force she frees her hand.
Shivay: ani I need to talk to u.
Anika: woah what? Ani? Who?…….listen u can talk even without holding my hand.what do u want to talk?
Shivay: its…I….whatever….. I did…. U……trust. …mean……u…me….
Anika: listen I don’t have time for all this
She tries to leave.
Shivay: where were u in these three years?( in one go)
She turns back.
Anika: how come its related to u?
Shivay: ofc its related u don’t know what I was going through.u know how much I searched for u??? I…
Anika: (smiling saracstically): u searched for me?for what? Oh ya I proved tia n left so that’s y? So u want to say sry to me?
Shivay is not getting this attitude .he is confused,surprised ,shocked.
Shivay: ani. ….I….
Anika: if its sry also I don’t care abt that.just leave it.
She ties to leave.
Shivay: ani…sahil
She gets furious n looks at him.
Anika: don’t u dare take his name!!! Look shivay whatever happened 3 years back I don’t want to listen.
She turns to leave but he pulls her n holds her from back.
He comes close to her ears.
Shivay: I know I hurt ur feelings.I know u r angry on me.I know that u …..
Anika pushes him back n comes close to him,looking straight into his eyes,
She says” get one thing straight into ur head shivay! I was angry on u ,I had feelings on u which u broke into pieces.but now I don’t feel for u n I am not even angry on u bcoz I don’t give a damn abt u.u r here on a invitation so just enjoy ur jrny”
She leaves.
Shivay is totally hurt with these words.he is not able to understand how come his anika is so rude, arrogant to him.
Shivay: u hurted her a lot shivay!! Thats why she became like this.make her understand how much u love her.
With this determination,he goes inside but party already over.all r dispersed.
He starts searching anika with his eyes.

Here cabir,anika,piyu,Aryan are sitting under open sky on floor in a row.
Anika again takes pill.
Cabir: have u lost it? U need to take them when necessary.not like gems or something.
Anika: I am doing that only cabby.
Aryan: u used to take maximum 3 and now from morning its 10 pill u means he affects u.right?
Anika: of course he affects me.don’t u get it?its as simple as that,I loved him n obvious he will affect me.
Cabir: so do u love him now?
Anika: I don’t know n I don’t want to talk abt it. I love him or not doesn’t matters.
Aryan gets up furiously: it matters damn it. bcoz of all this our plan is getting affected.I feel like u r backing off.
Cabir: if so then let it be arya!! Its her life y u forcing her? We 3 will continue with our plan.
Anika slaps him hard.she pulls Aryan to floor.
Anika(in a serious tone):,my love towards him doesn’t mtters now ,the purpose we r here it will happen no matter what…and I am not backing off get that clearly .but if anyone among us are backing off then as decided we all will also back off.if we do then together or noone.did u get that?( in a very serious tone looking at both cabir n Aryan)
Piyu is just watching them calmly.
Arya: OK chill then….and hugs three.
Then they all sleep there only.
First cabby,anika in his arms then piyu over her,arya over piyu.

Shivay who comes in search of anika followed by omru is hell shocked to see anika so closely cuddled into cabir.
His eyes r totally wet.omru holds him.he leaves form there asap.
Omru run behind him.
Shivay: she mved on om.she……I hurted her a lot now there is nothing left btw us.I lost her for forever.
Om n rudra hugs him.
Rudra: bhayya I don’t whats there btw bhabi n that cabir but I know anika bhabi can’t stop loving u.u have to talk to her .

Days pass like this ,cruise is halting at decided countries.all r enjoying their jrny to core.

Shivay is not able to understand her closeness with cabir.he is figuring out whether its just friendship like with Aryan n piya or something else.he is not able to even talk to her coz they all four are together all time.whenever he sees her his mind shows him that she moved on.
He witnessed her discussion abt business with others to his surprise.she became more professional,rude,arrogant,commanding but still that care is there in her.still she carries that spark.his heart is saying ur ani is just wearing mask hiding her original inside.he is now more curious to know where has been anika all three years? What happened with her ?is she n cabir really in love? Her behaviour showing something her eyes r speaking something else.

Here anika has been taking high dose of pills passing day by day.she can clearly feel shivay around her,his eyes daggering her but still she is maintaining her attitude.cabir can clearly see her trauma but keeps mum.

Now its 7thday on halted near port of a time was organised at the halt in a restaurant.

Like always all these four occupied one table ,while shivomru are diagonally sitting them.they can’t hear each other but they are playing with eyes.
Cabir while drinking clearly sees shivay eyes on anika filled with love jealous pain.he smiles nodding his head.
Cabir: baby u know our rules now u have to complete my wish without questioning.
Anika: OK what is it?
Cabir: step moves with me on a romantic tune.
Aryan bursts out into laugh.
Piyu hits aryan head.
Anika: r u serious?(with confused look)
Cabir gets up n gives her hand.anika holds it with no option left.
Cabir: theeki theeki teri ankhiyan
Chuke chuke behkati hain
Dekh dekh na yu mujko
Hosh hosh le jati hain
Dewana dil kahin ko jayena
Humse katha kahin ho jayena

Touch me don’t tuch me
Don’t tuch me soniya… …….

He does sizzling moments with anika.all couple join btw fast music beat plays.shivay comes near them n pulls her n dances with her looking into her eyes.a tear escapes from her eyes.shivay notices this.cabir smiles n pulls anika to him

Cabir: na mein hosh mein
Na tun Josh mein
Behke na kahin dono Josh mein

Seene mein kahin
Shola sa jale
Yaara ishq pe kiska bas chale( indicating abt shivay to anika)

Anika: deewana dil kahin ko jayena
Hum se katha kahin ho jayena( thinking abt shivay)

Cabir: touch me don’t touch me don’t toch me soniye………..

All clap for them.then they four come out of resturant n sit on table in outerarea.anika is silent.while heart is witnessing those burning eyes of shivay just a while before.
Her heart: why r u hurt? Why? Y cant u leave me alone?? When I felt u too feel same for me in past u hurted me insulted me u behaved with me as if I am playtoy to u.i wont repeat this mistake again.

Suddenly she gets shaken with Aryan voice.
Arya: cabby u were doing all that bcoz that shivay was there na? Man what’s ur problem? When she said she has nothing to do with shivay then……
Cabir: exactly when there is nothing y r u getting hyper?
Arya gives irritation look while cabir smiles at anikas painful look.
Opposite to them prinku n sowmya are sitting on another table n chatting.
Aryan looks at prinku ,immediately takes a pill.
Piya: what happened to u?
Aryan: she is reminding me of her.(looking at priyanka)

Prinku while talking looks at him n smiles.aryan give her plain look.some foreign creeps come over there n tease priyanka.sowmya tries to stop but couldn’t.
Aryan goes ragefully n beats them to core.anika piya cabir look at him from few steps away.priyanaka tries to stop but he pushes her.she falls on floor.cabir ,anika runs to her.that creeps run away.cabir makes her sit n give her water ,assures her by patting her shoulder.
This when shiv om ru come n see cabir with prinku.
Shivay(in angry furious tone): Mr.jha we r professionally linked up its doesn’t mean u cross ur limit.
Cabir: listen!! After knowing u r ta same person who……(looks at anika) I have least interest in talking with people like u
Shivay: anika!!! Tell ur boy friend to stay in his limit.
There was not such a scene going due to which he is behaving like this.he just want some answers from anika for which he said that line.he is expecting anika to say “ R u mad shivay !! How can u think like that ?” he is curiously looking at anika for answer.
Cabir understands what he is trying to figure out.
Anika looks at shivay: y ? Is cabby a kid that I will control him.
Saying this she leaves followed by arya n piya with exchanged glaces of prinku n om.
Shivay is confused with her answer.
Cabir looking at him: so u r assuming some love chemistry btw us (laughs) well Mr.oberoy she loved only one person in her life who destroyed her life n u know very well who it is.
Saying this he leaves.
A wide smile appears on shivay face indicating his sigh of relief,his hope,his life.

Precap: shivika kiss.

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