Shivika ss by nans (part 6)

Hi evryone
Thanks a lot for accepting new anika n new shivay.I am so glad u liked it.

So after seperation of 3 years I showed how shivay become loving caring finding his anika in him.sahil is part of his family,his life.they join cruise jrny on jha invitation.there they witness anika as miss.anika chand who became CEO of anil organisation not knowing its of shivays.

Intro of cabir jha,that guy(drinking beer),the girl:

Cabir jha: so as I said he is MD of jha group of industries.after his parents death 5 years back he is handling ta business.very arrogant rude ,hyper cares abt no one except nik(anika),guy and girl.
( I am assuming ayaz Ahmed as Mr.jha)

Aryan khanna: yes that guy.he is alcoholic.famous playback singer.he has intense beautiful voice.cares no one except three.rageful,aggressive.
( I am assuming shantanu maheshwari )

Piya Kansara: she is self made,independent .well established interior designer.her passion is writing stories with immense pain.she is novelist not in ta focus of cameras.she is carefree ,cool,calm n composed too.she don’t feels to talk to anyone other than these three.
(I am assuming palak jain.u can go with vrushika mehta or sana or any else who u feel best pair up with kunal I.e,om)

Nik: our anika now as anika chand.three call her as qualified and she was CEO of jha present CEO of anil organisation of oberoys.

Cabby ,arya,piyu,nik are friends with a very different bond.I know u all want to know anika childhood past and also story of past 3 years.I will reveal it as decided in next parts.

After introducing shivay as her ex husband to three ,she leaves to arrange rooms leaving shiv om RU and others dumbstruck.cabby ,piyu,arya follows her.

There is a door which leads to centre hall with 2 rooms on left and 2 rooms on right.
Cabir to manager: don’t disturb us no matter what!!!
And he goes inside ta door.they three enter anika room.
She is walking to n fro holding her head tightly.she is witnessing those painful flashes of her life till now.
Piyu goes n tries to stop her.
Arya: dude!! Don’t tell me u r backing off from our plan.
Anika looks at him takes a vase near by and throws on him.he bends ,it falls n breaks.
Piyu n cabby to arya: just shut ur mouth.
Cabby takes some pill slip and gives to anika with water.anika fatsly takes 3 from ta slip and swallows them immediately.tears start rolling down from her face.they three look at her n then each other.they too take one one tablet.

Anika sits on bed holding knees.cabir is laying down beside her right by elbow support,piyu on left is leaning on anika knees.arya sitting on floor drinks beer.

In reception area:
All oberoys are sitting silently on sofas looking at shivay.shivay still looking in shock ,then finally curve appears on his face.he gets up n smiles widely.omru go and hug him.
Shivay: finally I saw ani is back(he laughs with tears)
Rudra: now everything will be fine na
Om: ofc.
Sowmya: but bhayya didn’t u feel that… that didi has moved on?
Shivay: I know she still loves me sowmya.I know.I saw same intense in her eyes .that love ,anger is still there.
Rudra: why is cabir calling her baby?
Tej: how come she is CEO.she didn’t knew English atleast n now .is she really the one who gave presentation?
Shivay: I don’t have any answers but I know she loves me.I have to talk to her,apologise her,express my love,I have to make her agree,and sahil…..I have to tell her abt him.(he is luaghing )
He holds his face with happiness again hugs omru.

Manager comes there: Mr.oberoy !! Let me show u ur stay.
Shivay: before that I want to meet anika.
Manager: now? Sry Mr.oberoy u can’t.
Shivay( in smooth way): look !! Its really imp tell me where she is I will talk to her.
Manager: I am really sry but I can’t that cabir sir told not to disturb them.if I take u there then I will get fired.
Shivay: OK fine atleast let me speak to Mr.jha
Manager looks down.
Om comes and keeps hand on Shivay.
Rudra to manager: by the way what do u know abt anika bha…I mean miss.anika chand?
Manager: sry?
Rudra: how long she was working in jha industries?
Manager: I joined 8 months back sir.she was already CEO of one of companies under jha group.madam n sir are professsionally n personally close related.
Shivay: personally?
Manager : yes Mr.oberoy!! Madam stays with sir in his mansion.they never announced officially but all staff knows they r couple.
Shivay(irritated angry tone): when they didn’t anounce how can u assume?
Om: Shivay relax!!!
Manager: sry Mr.oberoy but we all think like that coz…
Rudra: coz?….don’t wry u can say we will not talk abt it.
Manager: well!! Anyone can clearly see love n care btw them.morever cabir sir easily gets angry on staff only madam can calm him.they won’t listen to anyone other than themselves.

Shivay listening this is like hell angry.his angry mode which was totally off these three years is like abt to on.
Om noticing this: OK show us rooms.
They all relax their with mixed emotions.
Om: shivay we should inform evryone abt anika.
Shivay: I know om.but not now.we will make them meet anika directly taking her back to home.they can’t handle ten days duration to meet her specially sahil.
They all agree to this.
Shivay keeping his stuff in room immediately comes out and starts searching anika here n there.he wanted to hug her for lifetime,cry out his heart ,kiss her to heaven.

In anika room:
Cabir ,anika,piyu,arya are sleeping side by side.anika wakes up first, looks at them.she gets down.she leans over ta wall.
Anika: y shivay?? For u I am a cheap girl. Then y did u hug me ? Ur eyes wet seeing me?? Is this just bcoz I left ta video of tia confession ? Its just bcoz ur gulit? Why? Why u have meet me after three years that to now when we all r on ta cruise on some purpose( looking at sleeping friends)
After some time cabir wakes up.
Cabir(yawning): good morning(looking at anika)
She comes and throws pillow on his face.
Anika: seriously cabby .its noon.u arranged this trip and u are sleeping here.that too when its first day on cruise.
Cabir: who cares baby?
He looks at piyu n arya and throws pillows on them.they wake up.
Anika: I slept coz I took 3 pills.u guys took only one na?
Arya: dude ! U r talking as if u took sleeping pills .common!!!
They four look at each other and burst out into laugh.
Anika: OK . freshen up and come soon.I will be at dining area.
She leaves.

Aryan: I think our plan is on track still.I am happy.
Cabir,piyu give him dead glare.

Here shivay is standing looking at water.he gets phone call.
Shivay (smiling): hey champ!!!
Sahil: what’s ts jijuy exam was done 1 hr back n u didn’t call me to enquire.
Shivay: oh ur exam…how was it?
Sahil: like always.
Shivay: khidki thod na?
Sahil: yup. By ta way how is cruise?
Shivay stays calm.
Sahil: hello jiju….
Shivay: I am getting a big surprise for you.
Sahil: acha what r u bringing?
Shivay: its go n eat.after tat prepare for next exam.
Sahil: fine!!
Shivay: sahil….
Sahil: ha?
Shivay: miss u a lot champ.
Sahil: me too.
Shivay cuts ta call smiling.suddenly his heart beat rises.he turns back.wide smile appears on his face.his anika is there talking with manager.due to wind blowing her skirt ,her scarf and hair are flowing like a wave.

He is lost in her beauty.his heart is saying to drag her n crush her in his tight hug.but he was freezed at her beauty.

Anika to manager: so u send invitations for eve party right?
Manager: yes madam!!
Anika: and for elders I don’t want any complaints during their meeting.handle it well.
Manager: sure madam( and he leaves)
She sees him leaving n turns her face back.she notices shivay over there.
Shivay all ta while smiling at her,but anika giving him a plain look.
Shivay steps forward to her.anika can feel her rising pulse.this is when all oberoys come there from shivays right side.
Shivika look at them.rudra comes n hugs anika.
Rudra: bhabi…..I….
Anika: rudra stop it pls.don’t call me ta way good to see u after 3 years.u changed a lot.formal look n all ha? Nice…
Om comes n hugs her.anika smiles at om.
Anika then notices sowmya with sindoor in maang.
She looks surprisingly at her.
Om notices this: anika sowmya n rudra r married.
Anika smiles a bit: wow congrats!! Anyways its lunch time so see you over there.
She leaves without giving any chance to them to stop her.

Dining area: oberoys are sitting occupying one big table. Remaining guests also occupied their places at their tables.there is centre four chaired table empty.shivay is looking here n there for anika but she is nowhere.
Anika enters using her phone.she goes n sits at central table on one chair.shivay is sitting at her right back and is facing her back.
Shivay tries to go n talk with her.but cabir comes n sits next to her with piyu n arya in front of them.
Prinku smiles looking at Aryan(as I said Aryan is famous singer, prinku always listens to his songs .there was a time when she hears his songs to relax herself now she hears them as his voice touches her heart.)

All order food n start eating.anika is also eating ,talking laughing.shivay is just staring her slowly taking food bites.omru are smiling looking at him.

Cabir: try this its awesome
He feeds anika.
Anika: hmmmm(eating) not bad.
Shivay bangs his fist on table seeing this.
Cabir: baby ur chin,he wipes sauce with tissue.
Shivay is fuming more.
After sometime,anika calls waiter to order cofee.
Anika: get me one expresso!!!( realising what she just did…….)
She says “ oh shit” to herself in low tone closing her eyes.waiter left to bring that.shivay who heard this is flying in sky.cabir ,piyu,Aryan looks at anika and giggle.( they know its anikas ex husband fav cofee who is none other than shivay present in front of them)

Aryan: dude….
Anika: shut up!!!
Aryan does like zipping his mouth.

After lunch they all disperse.shivay tries to go to her but she is all ta time with three.later they all go to mall present in cruise .Shivay too follows them.
Anika: guys I don’t have mood to do this.
Cabir: babe don’t tell me u will wear this midi skirt tonight.
Anika: cabby….
They three pull her and make her statue and select a black tight western outfit.
Then they drag her to ta room.

Shivay in corridor: damn they r not letting me talk to her.but why is he all ta time calling her baby? No shivay u saw na anika ordered espresso.she still loves u.just go n make her agree .yes!!!!

In evening,
All elders are assembled along big round that they can talk chat develop bond personally professionally.

Youngsters are invited for disc party.
Shivay is looking for anika.anika comes with cabir in tat black outfit upto neck above n upto knees below at front side.she has deep cut on back and dress is upto foot backside with frills.

Shivay is awestruck with his ani looking hot n ta same time fuming seeing cabir beside her.

Anika goes n sits on a stool.
Arya starts dancing singing “pappu can’t dance saala”
Piyu ,cabby too joins him all other youngsters also join.shiv just looking at anika.anika very well know this but not meeting his eyes even once.she is silently drinking orange juice.shivay tries to go to her.

Arya pulls her to dance she to does few steps.they all dancing all guys are twirling beautiful girls.anika finally falls into shivay arms.

Anika looks into his deep blue eyes.

Screen freezes.

Shivay to anika(in angry tone): tell ur boyfriend to stay in his limit.

So guys that’s it.tomorrow he will get to know cabir is not her bf.plzzz do comment.I don’t know some of u didn’t cmmented on last I guess u didn’t liked it.but if u like this plzz do comment plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Today ib episode is hit.I know its kind of illogical all that video recording even recording of wardrobe that too in all angles.but still whole family got to know ta truth so I am so happy.but am not liking ranveer n prinku chemistry they don’t hathat spark btw them.

Again I am saying plzz comment just a word or emoji.tu has no option of views.I can’t know u read that or not so comment plzzz


  1. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    Very interesting episode. This new avatar of Anika is so different. The pill popping bit had me scared- is someone drugging her? Loved Shivaay and Saahil conversation on the phone. Waiting for Shivaay and Anika getting to talk to each other.


    awesome update. I just loved it. I know ull not unite shivika soon.. but I wish to see their love scenes…. pls post next part soon. I m waiting impatiently for ur next update.

  3. Pri_24


    |Registered Member

    Wow I am on cloud nine right now and reason my name is there as Om’s lead and Shantanu’s friend hqye I am flying high and high and high and thanks for letting us assume gal and thanks a lot for this Nandupie lobe you a lot ke bhi bahut bahut upar…😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    And coming to episode liked it a lot and Cabir, Aryan, Anika and Piya’s bind is amazing I loves it a lot.

    And Shivay ahan Shivay’s shade is here in update jealous, angry, caring, emotional In loved it too.

    and Anika and her attitude o my mata kar Di Jane to Oberois ki.

    Rudra as usual excited and cool and Om calm and composed ams Saumya is cool and Prinku and Aryan ki love story bhi start hone wali hai soon… Ahan all in all hit, blockbuster update. Update next part soon… I am waiting and excited too…☺☺☺☺☺☺😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • Nansshivika



      😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 hugs n kisses 😘😘😘😘😘😘💜💜💜💖💖💖💖

  4. Barbieannie


    |Registered Member

    I loved ur ff u rocked as always.. First in nans one now in ss … I read ur one comment on tulasi’s lst update that u r on wattpad yr cn u give me name of ur id? I want to add u ❤
    Kep rocking

  5. Tulasi


    |Registered Member

    Awesummm asusual dear…… u ricked it…. waitng for anika to know abt sahil…. full on suspense mein hain…. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ shivaay i luvd him to d core… his shanth carng attitude….😍😍😍

  6. Priyali


    |Registered Member

    Awesome,Khidki tod, darwaza tod!! Amazing!! Waiting for revelation of cabir’s identity and Anika’s past!😊😊😊💗💗💗

  7. Sahana

    Nandu superb..😍😘 u r making me addicted to ur ff..n evn i am writing an os… just 2 or 3 parts..😊 i had holiday on tuesday.. so i wrote an os😄😅
    But i love ur ff dea🤗

  8. Lijince


    |Registered Member

    Wow…..Anika in a completely new look….from desi to videsi….loved it totally….fresh approach Nansshivika….keep it up!! I hope some hot chemistry happens between Shivika!!

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