Shivika ss by nans (part 5)

Hi evryone
Thanks a lot for ur means a lot to me.
Pls go through this๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

The story what happened from first is shivay anika fights , anika coming as organiser slowly misunderstandings cleared,they started feeling for each other,though anika heart know its love she donโ€™t want to admit it as shivay is going to marry tia.but tia is cheater anika explained him.shivay distrusted her.she even overheard him saying to om tat anika is obessed with him,all that attack stalking is her drama,she said yes to daksh,tia gave her money saying shivay told to give(u remember right?) Then tia ran away shivay married her forcefully saying she can sleep with anyone for money,he taunted n tortured her with words,daksh kidnapped her ,she got hit in head,she saw sahil died in front of her eyes which happened bcoz of her connection with oberoys mainly shivay (is what she thinks),she gave shock treatment to tia to confess and left city not knowing where she is going, her life has no meaning after sahil death.

I hope now u all are clarified with anika state of she is in trauma thinking sahil is dead.she doesnโ€™t knw all daksh plan which made shivay say those words.she just know daksh was obsessed with her n kidnapped her n later died.she donโ€™t know her marriage with shivay is known to world.she thinks the marriage which is known to oberoy family is ended when she signed on divorce papers.

Guys so this is new phase starting.I wanted to explain anika trauma before that so I did.though there were many forces against shivika all ta time,he souldnt have give her so much pain(what I feel)

So u all saw shivay finally realised his love for her,how always insulted her,he came to know abt tia also and all villains are out,he searched anika whole day along with omru but no use.

Here goes new phase,

After 3 years…………(anika n shivay are still separated)

Sun rises peacefully giving new hopes.
Oberoy mansion:
Shivay room:
The room is same,but the walls are full with photos of shivika (captured by our naughty rudra in past)
Wall behind ta bed is painted beautifully which shows shivay anika in centre arm in arm with sahil in middle,rudra on anika side keeping hand on her shoulder n om on shivay side keeping his elbow on shivay shoulder.its a painting bcozhey r still waiting that moment to happen n they capture that moment.
Three people are shown sleeping on bed cuddling into each other arms.shivay and om.sahil in between them with his legs over shivay on his left and pulling om hair with his right hand.
(Sahil came out of coma after six he has grown up ofc still kid,his legs are totally fine,shivay is now 29 years old,om 28 years ,rudra 26 ,his clg life is over)

Three are in deep sleep with shivay n om hands on sahil.all r having smile on their faces.
Rudra enters room and looks at them.
Rudra: ruining my sleep the three are sleeping peacefully.wait I will show u.
He goes n brings bucket of water and throws on them.
Shiv sah om(startled): what ta wuck!!!!!!
Rudra: without me u guys are having obro sleep?
Om: man!!! U r married go n enjoy romantic sleep with soumya.(wiping his face with sleepy head)
Rudra: romantic sleep? With sumo?? I wish I never said my marriage truth to u guys going emotional(making a puppy face)
He comes n falls on them n tries to sleep again.
Sahil: rudra bhayya !!! First thing u snatched my soumya from me and now u r snatching my sleep too.
Rudra get ups: ur soumya??? She is my wife.
Shiv om: someone possessive!!!!!
Rudra: oh please!!! She even donโ€™t letโ€™s me sleep.
Om: rudra its 7 am in much u will sleep?
Shivay: she woke u up coz today our company presentation is there at sharp 9.
Rudra( scared): bhayya plss u only give that presentation plzz bhayya.u know na if we get this contract then this company will get a very good giving presentation will spoil ta whole thing.
Shivay: I trained u whole day and now u r again back to same mode?
Sahil: jiju!!! Y fear when sahil is here…. I also listened all details .I will give ta presentation na….(giving a kiddish smart look)
Shiv om hit his head.
Shivay: acha then tell me our new company name .
Sahil thinks for a while.
Sahil: what u guys? So immature….I am just 10 years old and u all r discussing abt company with me.I need to get ready for school.
(He runs to wash room)
Rudra laughs.
Shivay: sahil wait!!! I have to get ready first.
(No use he already locked wash room door)
Shivay: sahil na total is on his and anika name and he canโ€™t memorise that even.
He looks at rudra.
Shivay:rudra!! U will rock today coz its for ur bhabi….go n freshen up.
Rudra gets up and stands like as if he is doing some war: get ready โ€œANIL organisationโ€ I am coming.
(Anil organisation is started by shivay in name of anika and sahil.its a event organisation company. Its was started on a very big base as u all know oberoys brand name.but still as it is new they need some high projects to make ta company reach skies.)

All get freshen up and getting ready in their in his,rudra in his n sowmya room,sahil in his room.
(Rudra revealed his marriage truth to shivay n om and later shivay explained n convinced evryone.rudra n soumya are again married.rudra n saumya are ofc in love but never expressed their love in words.they do fight ,they do romance but their relation is taking steps up slowly.they r still those bffs while rudra tries to use his charm on other girlzz and soumya bcomes typical wife.and om as I said ranveer chapter ends in my ff later that om shares everything with his brothers.shivay was first angry but then melts obviously.prinku is doing mba.while sowmya completed her studies along with rudra one year back and now takes care of house by doing RJ job.)

Shivay in his room:

He is in towel and is selecting dress for presentation.
Shivay:ani….(tats what he calls anika with love looking at her pics)I think this one is best ani for ta presentation. Ek dam dinchak na????
He wears that and goes to sahil.
He sets sahil tie and ties shoe laces and comes to dining area with him.
All assemble and start eating.
Tej: shivay !! With this contract this company will get good profits.
Om: Mr.oberoy he started this in hope of meeting anika some day not for profits.
Tej: oh please om!! Donโ€™t know whether she is alive or not.
Shivay stops eating.he looks at sahil who became upset.
Dadi: tej!!!
Tej: I am saying truth ma.we have been searching her 3 years.when she left she was totally weak with her head injury. Morever for her sahil is dead.its obvio tat she might have committed suici….
Shivay:badepapa!!! (Smiling with confident face) ani will never commit suicide.she is alive.I know that.
He gets up to leave (first to drop sahil and next to office with rudra for presentation)
Tej: shivay!! After this presentation u both join us in tat new factory meeting.
Shivay: sry badepappa!! With that factory establishment many will become homeless.I already said I wonโ€™t be part it.
He leaves with rudra n sahil.
Om smiles at them.
Tej gets irritated n leaves with shakti.
Later jhanvi ,pinky, dadi,sowmya pray to god.obviously for return of anika.

After dropping sahil,shivay drives to office.on the way an accident occurred already and no one is willing to help that old lady.Shivay lifts her and takes her to HSP.

Here in office clients are waiting for Shivay n rudra In conference room.
Receptionist to a lady: hi !! How can I help u.
Lady: I am miss Chand!! New CEO here may be.u might have known.
Receptionist: oh ya u r from jha group of indutries.
Manager comes: hello miss.chand!! Mr.jha and our MD has many merged dealings.thatโ€™s y he suggested u when our boss informed him of this company.
Miss.chand: where is ur boss?
Manager: we r waiting for him.there is Imp presentation n clients are waiting for him.
Now ta clients are really fed up and start to leave.miss.chand stops them n gives her instant presentation.they like it and r ready for contract.

Later shivay comes with rudra hurriedly.
Manager: no worries sir,our new CEO handled it.she did a fantastic job.
Shivay: time god!! Where is she?
Manager: sir u know na Mr.jha invited all top industrialists for a cruise jrny on ta occasion of their 50th company anniversary.she is also invited and she said she has some work related to she left.clients are waiting for u to sign papers.u can meet her in cruise tomorrow.
Shivay: sure
He leaves and signs ta contract.
( jha group of industries is also top like is handled over by only heir Mr.cabir jha after his parents died 5 years back.he arranged cruise jrny around foreign countries for 10 days.oberoys also invited )

In night:

Shivay holding the bracelite(he found it in pool 3 years back) smiling.
Shivay: ani r u not tired playing hide n seek with me.u said tat day u want someone who loves u madly ,whose world rotates around u,whose day starts n ends with ur thought.see now I am totally mad in love with u.just come in front of me.I will never make u go far.what u thought I will forget u if I canโ€™t fnd u? See I am finding my ani in myself.

He smiles n starts eating carrot halwa.omruhil enter and they to start eating it and enjoy their obro moment.(now sahil is sahil Singh oberoy)
Shivay: champ!!! I miss u for 10 days.
Sahil: I wish I can come with all of u but I have annual exams.
Shivay: donโ€™t wry we will plan many tours when ur didi returns.take care of dadi for next 10 days.

Then they all chat ,play,pillow fight and skip into sleep.later sowmya comes n drags rudra to her room while shivom encouraging her with sahil cute immature jealousy face .

Next mrng:
Tej jhanvi shivay om rudra sowmya priyanka get ready for jrny with all luggages.dadi shakti pinky sahil are staying back.
With all hugging emotional byes they all start and reach port.(donโ€™t ask me abt particulars guys I donโ€™t know much abt cruise jrnys.morever my IQ is nill)

They all get on ta cruise.( u can imagine tha cruise from dil dhadkne dho) all guests are welcomed by Mr.cabir jha(age 29) and ta guests are hosted to their rooms by his he comes to oberoys.
He formally wishes all of them.Shivay excuses himself to side feeling strange.he just looks here n there to get ta answer for his feeling.
Rudra: hello Mr.cabir!!! by the way where is miss.chand we need to thank her for ta contract,we didnโ€™t get to meet her.we r so glad to have her as our CEO.thanks to u.
Mr.jha: tats totally fine.
He calls his manager to inform nik to come here.

Here shivay is looking into the water and is few steps away from them.
She comes there with plain classy midi lower skirt,sleeveless roundnecked top with weightless scarf wrapped around her neck to front.her hair is thick n straight and is totally to one side.of course she is our anika.
She is talking with someone on phone looking at floor.
Oberoys see her and hell shocked ,surprised .
Here shivay heart is beating fast.he turns back.his eyes becomes wide n wet seeing his love.

Here anika cuts ta call n feels heaviness of her heart.she is still looking down n taking steps forward.she is followed by a guy drinking beer and a girl with cool altitude.

She comes n stands besides cabir still figuring out strange feeling looking down.
Cabir jha: nik !!! U didnt get to meet ur new boss? Here u go meet Mr.oberoy.
Anika eyes get widened and slowly looks up.her eyes meet shivays.her heart is pumping blood so hard that its becoming so heavy second by second.she gets freezes.
Cabir notices her eyes n expression.
He holds her keeping hand around her shoulder and calls reaction.
He looks back at ta guy n girl.they three share galnces with worried look.
Cabir then suddenly shouts at one of ta waiter back over there: hey you!!! Canโ€™t u srve ta guests ??? ( in a very loud voice)
Anika gets shaken.she looks back (reminsices her marriage Shivay harsh words sahil death) closes her eyes tightly and breathes out calmly and turns back.

Cabir: so Mr.oberoy she is ur CEO nik!! I mean miss.anika chand!!!

Anika smiling with cool attitude: hello Mr.oberoy nice to meet u again.
Shivay is just looking at her with wet eyes.
Cabir: wait !! What? Again? They said they couldnโ€™t get to meet
Anika: the way cabby u didnโ€™t mention its oberoys that own anil organisation….
Cabir: no reason nik!!! Donโ€™t know just skipped from my brain.but how do u know them?( with worried questioning look)
The guy n girl standing back also waiting for her answer.
Anika: well cabby!!( keeping hand on his shoulder) let me introduce Mr.oberoy personally to u.
Oberoys are shocked with her fluent English.
Anika: meet Mr.Shivay Singh oberoy my ex husband.
The guy who just gulped ta beer spits it out hearing this.the girl jaws are wide opened.
Oberoys are hell shocked with this answer from anika.shivay just looking into her eyes.
Cabir: oops so he is?
Anika: yup actually I shouldnโ€™t say that cabby .this marriage is known to no technically he is not my ex husband.

Shivay steps forward and hugs her tight.anika gets freezed again.but she pushes him back slowly.
Anika: woah woah!! When did u started doing all this drama with professionally related people??

Cabir manager comes and calls her โ€œmadam!!โ€
Anika turns back( in low commanding voice): how many times I told u donโ€™t disturb in middle!!
Manager: sry madam its about ur four room arrangements.
Anika: letโ€™s go!!
Cabir: baby!! Orchid flowers in my room.
Anika: I know cabby.
Now oberoys eyes canโ€™t widen more listening baby!!
After anika leaves.
Cabir: see you around Mr.oberoy!! Enjoy the travel(with a disgusting look)
And he leaves with that girl n guy in direction anika went.

Screen freezes on shivay face.

Guys tats if for today. And donโ€™t wry cabir is not anika bf or something.and reading this episode u might have understood how Shivay changed in three years.he is now so caring humble loving jovial.
And anika u will get to know her in next episodes.
Cabir ,tat guy ,tat girl are also crucial roles from next.I will give their intro in next part at starting.
And now no villians in my ss from now.

Plzz comment if u like this new phase starting plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    Akkuuu…masth undi…telsa…loved it….
    Shivaye situation ki oka pata..gurtu ochindi…
    Kaise bataye ki tujh ko chahe…
    Anika ki…
    Nammadu nammadu SSO ni nammadu..
    Haha…lol unde kada….kani madth undi alkuuu..loved it….

  2. Bhavana


    • Nansshivika



      Thank u dear.ha nox is 30+ I know but I can’t digest shivay as 33 and he will start romancing anika๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ
      So I made him 26 and after leap 29๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Pri_24


    |Registered Member

    oh my mata Shivay is so changed an I was in awestruck reading his character and Sahil I am happy that he is back and Rudra ko bed pe nai dekha to I was shocked but glad to know hr is married man now and company’s name Anika’s entry her attitude And Cabir Jha’s character is awesome and I love it wait it to ShivIka to reunite and waiting for next part eagerly and cruise plan is superb… ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    Anika is star of update… And you are superstar who write this love you my Nandupie…๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  4. Pohor

    I cried bit.Really u have golden word in yor mind.I thank u infinite for the lajawab ff.Zyada mat tadpa dono ko.

  5. Anna

    Oh, my god, this was fabulous, mind blowing, amazing… u hv amazing story telling skills. I hv fallen in love with ur ff. Plz update next part soon.

  6. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    Loved it. Loved the Uber cool Anika. This will be reverse of earlier when Anika was soft and Shivaay tough. Can’t wait .


    awesome update. I just loved it. I m waiting impatiently for ur next update. pls post next part soon. u just nailed it…

  8. Akansha


    |Registered Member

    This new shivaay n anika are so diff n amazing.. Love it.. Waiting fr d truth to come out n ofc the next episode.. U rock nans

  9. Saira Barkat

    Amazing, di (I hope I can call you ‘di’??)
    What a twist..!!! Bada maza aa raha hai is track ko padhne me. I am getting out of words to praise you. In Anika’s words.. ‘ek dum dhinchak’ hai aapke episodes.

  10. Sanaya

    Aww…. Emotional but nice… I cant believe is this our shivaye?? But i love this shivaye and anika… Eagerly waiting for truth to come out….. I feel so gud when tia is not their….. Love the episode….

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