Shivika ss by nans (part 4)


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I thought u all will not like my emotional portrayal but u all liked it,thank u so much guys for appreciating it.thanks a lot.

So anika is hospitalised.shivay realised that anika is just not a part in his life but she is his life like omru.tej anounced anika as wife of shivay.after 1 week anika is discharged.

In car(while driving):
Anika is in passenger seat while shivay driving.omru on back seat.within 10 minutes anika slips into sleep.she is given high dose of painkillers n drugs.
Rudra(in low tone): bhabi get well soon na I am so bored without listening ur voice.
Shivay(in low tone): rudra shhhhhh! She is sleeping.
Rudra and om look at her.
Rudra: OK! Bhayya it’s ben quite a while seeing my laughing ,full on masti vaali anika bhabi.
Shivay gets signs rudra.
Rudra: I mean to say u married her without proposing na this what happens. So now just propose her in unique way and bring our old anika bhabi back.
Shivay smiles.
Suddenly anika starts murmuring in sleep: don’t lock me here..pls…….leave me…….leave me……
Shivay stops ta car worried.
Om: shivay I think she is getting falshes of daksh.
But shivay remembers tat night when already anika murmered once n looks at her painfully.
Shivay: anika calm down!!!
Anika(still in sleep): don’t lock me (crying)
Shivay couldn’t see her like this he holds anikas right hand with his left hand.
Shivay: anika relax…..
She slowly calm downs.shivays starts ta car and they reach mansion.
Shivay comes out and opens her door and gently lifts her out.rudra makes her head lean on shivay chest.anika too gets comfort (in sleep) in his arms and holds his collar with her left hand.shivay looks ather lovingly.omru smile at them.

They stand at entrance.dadi looks at pinky.pinky comes at does arti.shivay takes anika to his room n lays her gently on bed comforting her head with pillow and drapes blanket.he sits beside her and adjusts her hairs falling on her face smiling.
Suddenly a loud voice is heard “ shivay baby…..shivay baby…”
Shivay understands its tia.he closes room door and comes to living area.
All family members are standing with tia n her mom fuming at centre.
Shivay asks soumya to go n be with anika.soumya goes.
Tia: (crying): what’s al this ? U made fun of my love.u n ur family gave all this insult in return of my true love.
Shivay: tia I know things shouldn’t hve done in this way.but it happened.. So…
Tia: what so??? Look shivay baby how can u accept tat roadside girl as ur wife?
Shivay(with anger): tia stop it!!! Don’t say anything abt anika.I know badepappa made tat anouncemnt in front of media to save our reputation. even if he wouldn’t hve done that then also truth will not change tat anika is my wife.she is Mrs.anika shivay Singh oberoy.
Tia: then what abt me? Tell me Shivay baby
Shivay: tia plz stop calling that.
Rudra to om: time god finally bhayya got sense.
Om chuckles.
Tia mom: bcoz of u my daughter got kidnapped and u blamed us in front media,u destroyed our who will marry tia?
Tej: stop it media will forget this in few days as soon as they get new gossip.

Here in room: bcoz of noises anika wakes up.
Anika: what’s happening sowmya?
Sowmya: nothing didi u take rest.
Anika: no sowmya why evryone shouting? Take me down.
Sowmya had no option left brings her down.
Shivay looking her on staircase: sowmya y did u bring her here?
Rudra goes and helps sowmya and brings anika down.
Sowmya: didi wanted to come so…
Tia: baby I know ur relation with this girl is all bcoz of ur family reputation.but we can make things fine.just her sign is needed as u already signed on divorce papers.(shivay signed them on ta day daksh returned )
Rudra to om: arghhhhhh!!!! When will this lady baba will get out of our lives.I swear o I will not spare her if she comes btw bhayya n bhabi.
Shivay: look tia u r not getting me.those papers na…..
Anika comes forward and takes papers from tia hand.
Shivay: anika listen to me.
Anika: thanks atleast u made papers come so fast.I want myself to get free from this burden full relation.
She signs papers and gives it to tia.
Shivay looks on shocked so do evryone.
Dadi: billu!! Tell her atleast now.
Shivay: anika…I…
Anika faints.shivay holds her and takes her to room again.
He comes back.
Tia: I am so happy shivay baby we can marry now.
Shivay: tia just shutup don’t u get it I love anika damn it.I will not marry u and this papers…..
( he takes from her and tears into pieces)
Tia mom: what did u do? What about my daughter?
Tia: u and ur family insulted me a lot shivay baby.
Shivay feels guilty(still he don’t know her truth na)
Tia mom: now u have to settle her until then she will stay here.
She goes and hugs her and whispers (tia u spoiled everything now u have to make everything fine or else I will kill u by my own hands)
She leaves.
Shivay: fine tia u can stay in guest room.I will find a perfect guy for u to marry and will make u settle down happily.
He leaves to his room.evryone disperse.
Tia: anika u did this .now u have to pay for it.
Shivay goes n sits beside anika with wet eyes: y did u signed them? I was stupid so I signed those papers but y did u? Just wake up once .I will make everything fine.
After sometime he goes to kitchen to make soup as it’s her medicine time.
He is preparing soup.meanwhile tia comes to anika and removes her bracelite and throws in pool.she connects a wire and drops it in pool.
Tia: anika!!! If shivay baby tries to take out then he will die,and I will blame u and make u go jail and destroy u.if by chance u urself try to take it then u will die n I will trap shivay again.

In kitchen:
Shivay is making soup when om brings sahil in his arms.rumya too comes.
Shivay: sahil here?
Soumya: bhayya his field trip got over and there is 2 days time for his joining of boarding school so I brought him here as per dadi saying
Shivay: hmm
Sahil: where is my didi?
Soumya: sahil I told u na her health is not fine.she is talking rest
Sahil: tats y I want to meet her(he gets down forcefully)
He slips immediately omru hold him.
Shivay: what happened?
Sowmya goes n brings his sticks.sahil takes them and takes sowmya along with him to anika.
Shivay is hell shocked seeing him paralysed and is feeling guilty to core
Om: shivay?
Shivay: sahil ….those sticks?
Rudra: soumya told that he has this problem from birth.
Shivay listening this angrily bangs his fist on kitchen shelf floor.
Om(tensed): shivay?
Shivay: I said many things when I met him twice.I thought he is indecent seeing him sitting in sofa all ta time.I ..I….
Omru understands ta matter.they pat him.
Rudra: don’t wry bhayya he is sweet like anika bhabi he will forgive u.
Shivay nods.

He takes soup to anika room and wakes her up.meanwhile sahil after visiting anika goes and sits near pool.
Anika here wakes up by shivay calling.
Shivay: its ur medicine time .have this soup.
Anika sits up slowly n looks around holding her head.
Anika: why evryone bring me in ur room?
Shivay abt to say something but stops.he takes spoonful of soup near her.
Anika: my legs got injured shivay not my hands.don’t wry I will not complain abt u in front of dadi,I can eat myself and takes bowl.
She starts eating but suddenly notices her bracelite missing.
Anika: where is my bracelite?

Here sahil thinks to play with water and puts hand inside.
(Electric shock)
Sahil: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anika: its sahil voice!!! Is he here?
Shivay : ha
And he runs outside.
Anika too follows him slipping n balancing herself.

Here tia seeing sahil inside pool takes out ta wire and leaves from there.
Shivika get shocked seeing sahil unconscious inside pool.omrumya come running.shivay jumps and brings him out.
Anika falls down: sahil !!?? Sahil!!!!!!? (Tears start rolling down)
Shivay: sahil!!!!(and makes him puke water out)
But he is not responding.
Anika holds shivay collar angrily.
Anika: what did u do?? What did u do?????? Sahil!!!!!!
Om comes and cheques sahil pulse.there is very low pulse.
Om: shivay!!!!
Shivay takes sahil in arms and runs out.anika too follows him with help of sowmya.they take him to hsp.
Doc cheques his heartbeat.
He comes out.
Doc: sry Mr.oberoy he is no more.
Anika: what nonsense!!!! R u really doc? He is totally fine stop ur nonsense.
Shivay tries to hold her.she pushes him back.
Doc: sry but its fact.(and he leaves inside to write report)
Anika falls on floor.her tears which were running like river stops suddenly.she gets freezed.she suddenly stand up and walks back.
Shivay: anika!!
Anika: don’t come near me.don’t!!!!
She goes from there.shivay crying tries to go her back.but doc calls him.
Doc: Mr.oberoy he has pulse!!!
Shivay omru sowmya gets happy.
Doc: but sry he slipped into coma.
They again get startled listening this.they all go inside and caresses sahil crying.
Doc: Mr.oberoy he got electric shock that’s y all this happened.
Shivay: what????

Here anika walks on road like a dead body.( reminiscing all moments with sahil)walking walking she reaches mansion.she comes inside slipping falling all ta time.she comes to pool .
Anika: water depth is not that much low,how will sahil die no no!!! He is alive my sahil will not die.
She comes out running n falling.she suddenly stops hearing tia voice.
Tia to robin: dushyant y did u come here?? Go!!?
Robin: y r u staying here when shivay marriage truth is out.come with me tia we will live happily as a married couple.what will u do staying here ?
Tia: stop irritating me dushyant.I thought to kill anika to take revenge but her brother died bcoz of electric anika will get more close to shivay.
Anika hearing this becomes rageful.she takes ta wase on ta way and comes inside and hits dushyant head hard.he falls unconscious.
Tia gets shocked:anika!?? What did u do?
Anika now hits tia head.she falls down but still consciously weak.anika throws ta wase breathing heavily.
Anika: u killed my brother na!!!!
She looks around and looks back at tia.

Here in HSP,
Evryone are searching anika .but she is no where.
Shivay gets tensed.
Om: shivay may be she is in home.
He calls and gets to know from security she is in home.
They all start back to mansion keeping sowmya in HSP.
All ta while they r confused abt electric shock.
Here in mansion:
Anika ties both of them to chairs.(robin unconscious)she starts rudra camera and keeps it in front of tia.she gets a wire,plugs it and cuts it n sits in front of tia.
Tia(scared) : what r u doing?
Anika: now u will say only truth ,did u hear me u will speak only truth abt all u did from day1 ,start!!!!
Tia: r u mad?
Anika give sher shock.
Tia: aaaaaaaaaaaa????!!!!!!
Anika: didn’t u hear me? Only truth
Tia: anika!!(crying)
Anika again gives her shock.
Tia: aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
Tia: pls leave me
anika gives shock.
Tia: aaaaaaa!!!!
Anika: last chance tia speak truth related evry plan game u played.or else I won’t stop this time.
She brings wire near her.
Tia: pls don’t I will say.
She says how she did love marriage with dushyant sesecretlynd their family was not happy as he is useless.their business became bankrupt so they made plan to trap oberoys.
She stops n looks at anika scared.
Anika again gives her shock.
Tia: I told truth.
Anika: I said evry single plan.
Tia : OK…pls…(crying) she confesses evry plan they made and how robin used to visit her how she manipulated shivay when anika accused her,how she ran away from marriage ,how she did kidnap drama,how she tried to kill her by electric shock.
Anika: u killed my brother
She again gives her shock.but stops at last.she throws ta wire and leaves from there.

She comes out like a statue and leaves ta mansion and starts walking on roads.

Here shiv om RU enter mansion.the very next second tej ,shakti return from office after getting informed about sahil,dadi pinky jhanvi prinku also returned from temple(they went to do pooja in name of Shivay n anika)
Om explains coma state of sahil.all r crying.
Shivay starts searching anika everywhere.worker informs that she saw anika coming inside and dont know where she is.
Now only guest room left.they all go inside.they get huge shock seeing tia n robin tied up.
Shivay steps stops him n shows wire fallen there.he goes n plugs out.
Tia(weakly): shivay baby!!! See what anika did….
Shivay already depressed worried abt anika n sahil comes forward n tries to remove ropes.rudra sees ta camera and stops shivay.
Rudra: bhayya see this.
Rudra sees video recording on and stops it and plays what recorded.they all get shocked with tia true face.shivay eyes become red and he gives tight slap to tia that she falls on ground along with chair.
He immediately runs out and starts searching anika in all anika already reached railway station walking and gets into a train not even knowing its destiny.the train departs.
Meanwhile tej made kapoors arrest with ta proof (ofc deleting that running away from marriage part)omru also started searching anika along with security.
Its night, they searched evry lone place evry corner but she is no where.her phone her things all r in mansion only.
Shivay is totally lost and stands on road crying.a truck passing is abt to hit, but omru come n drag him.they both hug shivay.

Precap: new phase,new shivay,new anika,their meet ,new story with same intense love-obsession,surprises(if u like…)

Today is more abt tia guys as I wanted to end her role.don’t get angry for sahil I will make him fine in 2 or 3 parts.plzzz comment if u like this electric shocks…….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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