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Here it goes,

Shivay in car on a deserted road at night.he connected pen drive to lappy with high tension.he opened file named anika n played it.its kind of video diary he thought.

Anika sitting on a chair n may be the cam was in front of her is the anika past told by anika herself.

After 3 months anika left shivay in past,

“ I don’t know this suggestion given by our psychiatrist will work or not.but if it help u three I will do it.the life I memorise is from then,when I was 5 years old. I was living with kids like me in an orphanage in Mumbai.I don’t know who r my parents,why they left me in that orphanage? I was told by caretakers that someone left in that orphanage when I just came into this world.not only me,evryone over there don’t know abt their parents including u cabby.u n me became friends actually u know , some of caretakers were so good over there n some were merciless that they take out their anger on all of us.they used to beat us all night just to get out their frustration,they used to lock us in dark room without food for 2-3 days.”

Shivay tears roll down listening all this n immense pain is reflecting on her face when she said all that but she didn’t cry.he understood y she always gets frightened in dark n murmurs not to beat her in sleep.he banged his fist on staering.

“and funny part is that cabby u used to take care of me when I got beaten n viceversa.and when we both r beated at same time we become robots for few days.(she said this with laugh )”

Shivay couldn’t watch it more n paused it.he remembered sahil saying that he n anika r not blood related ,she was adopted by his parents.he said that he is fortunate to get her ,he spent his life with anika more than his parents as they died soon.

Shivay: how much u have seen in that small age ani?? (Crying )

He again brought courage to his heart n played it.

“ we got habituated to that world with hope that one day we will get adopted by some good people.when we r 12 ,a couple adopted u.I was so happy but also I was afraid that no one will be there to support me n love me.after 1 year I also got adopted by very good people.they took me home and showered all love which I never thought would exist in this world.I sometime felt that I was dreaming but it was truth.finally I got a home ,very sweet parents. My happiness had no limits.

I started to believe in god again,but may be he don’t like me.when sahil was 1 year old they both died in a car accident. If he wanted to snatch them y did he brought them into my life??? Now sahil is my only world.all we have is home which is in sahil name.but his bua wants to snatch it,she did everything to kick me out n torture sahil.she joining hands with mischievous police woman tortured me in all possible ways.even sahil said many times to leave him n live my can I do that when he is my life??? And this bua…. I am already habituated to all this she makes no difference.

I worked daily n hided some money so that I can buy things on sahil wish.if not, bua was always after my earnings. “

One day I was doing rehearsal with kids in a temple.this is when I first met him.kanji ankhon vala Baghad billa.his face is like as he is symbol of anger.he broke ta que ,I broke his car windscreen.(smiling)”

Shivay smiled at this.

“Then he has to be the brother of prinku ,my friend as if destiny decided.our evry meet was a disaster he always showed tadi of high class ,lineage which made me throw cow dung on him.he called me garbage when I first time went to his home to accompany prinku.he said that I don’t have that much self respect that I didn’t cried.y should I cry in front of him?? Are tears proof of self respect ?? No!!! Then one day he insulted my brother n I throwed water on his face.and he made me land in jail.”

“Then he accused me of giving some chip to video.he said many things that u r for sold,,I will buy u,I will price tag u……….but behind his evry saying he was worried about his brother.don’t know what that chip had n what happened to his brother bcoz of it.but he thought reason is me so he wass after me.he made lawyer run away who was abt to fight sahil custody and at last he bought our home from bua n gave me cheque to state that I am for sale.dont know why he had so grudge on middle class people.

I got job in his home to organise his marriage by his dadi.she is very sweet person ,she even helped me in getting sahil custody n our home.I was doing my job but he, as I said Baghdad billa always tried to show me low. May be I too irritated him a lot at evry moment.then his brothers proved that I am not the one who leaked chip.atleast from then he stopped thinking me as a golddigger.working in his house made me know he is not the way he behaves.he is totally different when it comes to his family especially his sahil is everything to me,his brothers r everything to him.may be this is the reason I started feeling for him.

As his class is high enemies r also many who tried to harm him n his times when I got affected in those plans he cared for me.he said I am family.I used to talk abt him with sahil all the time but never dared to accept that there is a connection btw day in painkiller effect he himself said that he feels something btw us.I was so stupid to take it didn’t take.much time to face the day he decided to marry soon with his fiancee.

As if I am the only one left in the world that cheapdi truth has came in front of me.but y will he believe me?? Mistake is mine to think he will value my words.then someone stalked me,he saved me but he thought that was all my drama n I was obsessed with him.”

Shivay is confused n he rembered his convo with om.

“ then he send me money from tia as bakshish…….. I didn’t believe that.when I asked him he said yes.I was laughing at myself on my circumstances.he left no option to say yes to his friend proposal to me.but I clearly saw jealousy in his eyes.I thought now we both have to travel in 2 different paths.”

“ his marriage day.evry moment passing was piercing my heart.but what happened next is biggest tarzedy of my life.that cheapdi ran away n he forced me to marry him blackmailing me in name of sahil tagging me a character less board.(she laughs saying this with tears)really what should I call myself stupid?? Idiot? Senseless??? The person who thinks I am character less I was assuming that he loves me .”

“ he announced her as his wife after her return.epic na???”

Shivay is in guilt,pain gone through all their jrny once again.

“ then his friend came back.most interesting part of the story he kidnapped me beated me with rod as he was a psycho.then that cheapdi in her process of killing me snatched my sahil from me forever.I wanted to kill her but couldn’t.I left from there.I came here n u found me on road n recognised me cabby.I dont remember much of this past 3 months cabby.what I know u shouted at me to eat ,to talk ,but I did nothing.then u took me to psychiatrist who is treating u.he gave me antidepressing pills like he gave for u.many sessions happened ,may be he himself got depressed n introduced us to two of his patients.u both arya n piyu.he said us share ur pain with each other ur own pain will become small.he suggested us to videorecord our story for remaining three which I did successfully I think”

Shivay took a deep breath.he understood what those pills.he holded his face tight n played second file.

After another 3 months,
Its a record of four.

“cabby: so the stupid gave us suggestion of sharing pain.we did it n we became bffs.
Arya: now the funny part is we can’t handle pain of others as we became more close.
Piyu: now its limit.
Anika: so we decided to end our lives.
Cabby: but we will do it when these three get a name n fame n achieve arya has to release more of his albums,piyu has to write many novels,and nik u have to graduate n should become professional.
Anika: when we decided to die ,we will die with proud.right guys?
They all laughed.”

After 2 years 8 months,
“arya: so now we achieved a lot.time for our suicide mission.”

They all r in a car video recording themselves.cabby accelerated with full speed n banged to truck.

Shivay watching this stopped breathing for a moment.

The car flipped twice,they all r bleeding but no one died.

After 3 years:

Cabir: my parents wanted to celebrate 50th anniversary of this businnes empire.we almost failed in evry suiced attempt may be for this we will die now at end of ta cruise jrny.”

Then shivika meet on cruise,and 10 the day morning they all recorded a video of goodbye to world in rooms before bike suicide ride.

Shivay closed the lappy ,kept it aside,closed both of his eyes with his hands n leaned to car seat to calm himself.

Art gallery:

Piyu n om are looking through window silently.

Piyu to om: u know om I will miss cabby a lot.we all became friends in a very strange situation.

Om: like??

Piyu looks at him for a moment and decides to share with him.

Piyu: I am in depression.

Om is not surprised much,he already thought of it.

Piyu: doc did a lot of efforts to make me fine but no use.then he said to share our pain with his another patients cabby,arya,nik.we all become friends like that.

Om: what made u into this phase?

Piyu: my parents they were always behind money.they never cared for me.what matters for them is money.when I was in my teenage I fell in love with someone.but he trapped day he made me unconscious n when I woke up I was with many other girls like me.those people wanted to send us to was a human trafficking.

Om got shocked with this.

Piyu: I however informed police by taking phone without their notice.we all got saved.when I reached my home,they said I am not their daughter n asked me to uncle helped me to continue my education.but that phase made me so weak.I am afraid to trust a person.I am afraid to get close to a person.

Om looked at her for a moment and laughed aloud.

Piyu: om???

Om: like seriously?? R u the same piyu who saved all those girls with her bravery? R u the same piyu who gone through that much still achieved all this?? 2 days back u teached lesson to that rogue who tried to misbehave with a girl in front of u r saying u r afraid to trust people.u can’t be same piyu.the one I see daily is strongest girl.if life wants to give u pain then fight with life for ur happiness.if u r not succeeded also,I promise I will be with u in that painful path.

Piyu hugs him tight too reciprocates.

Piyu: ofc u will accompany me after all u r boyfriend of pain.(she runs saying this)

Om runs after her chasing.

At Aryan place:

Prinku sees a photo of girl in a rack n asks arya abt her.

Aryan:she is love of my life.

Prinku get shocked hearing this: where is she now.

Aryan: she died in front of my eyes 3 years back in an accident.

Prinku understands his pain: and u r destroying ur life with this alcohol by naming her.if u would have truly loved her ,then u should be respecting her love but u r staining it doing all this.

She leaves saying this.those words are enough for Aryan to understand how wrong he is.


When shivay reached there om ,prinku ,rudra ,sowmya n sahil r allready chit chatting.
His eyes r searching anika.he just wanted to hug her tight.

Rudra: bhayya !! R u searching for bhabi? She is with pappa n chotepappa in study.

Shivay nods.

Sowmya: guys let’s play a game with all family members .

Sahil: it will be fun.

They call out all ladies too n all went to pool area.but there was already a serious discussion going on.they all stopped hearing convo of tej n anika.

Anika: sry badepappa I will not force shivay .

Tej: anika I thought u become practical.what’s wrong with u?? If u organise the event of our new factory we will get more publicity.our production will also increase.

Anika: badapappa ! That factory will cause many to come on roads.that’s y shivay is not part of this.and I am also not getting involved In any of these.2000 lives badepappa ,they will suicide with no option left.

Tej: i dont care.u both got mad.its a profit for us..

Anika: oh!! Profit…..badepappa what will u get with this profit?

Tej: our empire will step high .

Anika: then?

Tej: then …we can internationally set a brand.

Anika: then?

Tej(confused): then….

Anika: let me say then u will become more n more rich then u will become son of a mother who will regret to gave birth to u then u will become husband of a wife who will regret for marrying u. Then u will become father of a son who will feel disgusted to say u as his father.

All r hell shocked.tej became numb.shivay tries to go to her but om stops him holding his hand.

(Clapping) u almost achieved all of these.u know badepappa om always questions ur decisions not because he wants to show u low he does that bcoz he loves u n respects u a lot.he always hopes that u will surprise him one day but no!!! U r a perfect business man how will u get distracted with ur sons love.but don’t wry now just small string needs to break after that om will also stop loving u then u can do whatever u want.congratulations.

She turns to leave.she looks at all family members.she silently goes to her room.

Here tej is recalling all her words again n breaks down on runs but stops at middle.tej looks at om and looks at the factory papers.he tears them into pieces n utters “ sry” (crying)

Om goes to him n hugs him tight.: thanks pappa for proving my belief right!! U r still my super hero.

Tej holds him more close.

All get happy with tears rolling down.

Anika in her room facing back to room entrance.

Shivay: ani!!

Anika(without turning): shivay!! I know u r angry on me .I am sry I shouldn’t have talked to badepappa like that. But I couldn’t control myself.watching om daily like that is really hurting.badepappa loves him a lot ,he is doing all this for om.but he is not getting that om happiness is not this.and I just spoke all those harsh words.I am sorry……( she turns back)

She gets surprised seeing om n tej along with runs n hugs her tight.

Om: thank u so much anika!! I got my pappa back .

Tej comes near her.

Anika: badepappa I….

Tej: thank u beta.thank u so much.and he also hugs her along with om.

Shivay smiles at them happily.anika looks at him smiling back.

Precap: shivay clearing all things to anika about tia n daksh. Surprise ……masti……shock…….

Guys I know its all of past ,emotions.may be I bored u with all this but plzz do comment if u feel I deserve.plzzzzzzzzzz

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