Shivika ss by nans (part 13)

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One week time span.

Cabir decided to leave india to the place where he hanged out alone 9th day on cruise.he felt different there so he want to go n live there forever.he made all his property on shivay n anika name.though anika n shivay rejected him,he was stubborn.tej was on cloud 9 that their empire is reaching skies but still worried that shivay shares are high.cabir made some money transactions to orphanages n NGOs.shivika were very careful that nobody knows reason behind his leaving especially media as cabir don’t want mr.jha n Mrs.jha name get into all this.

These days were all with paper work, with sudden attention of media all around.meanwhile anika also got to know from staff of anil organisation that its in name of her n sahil.she herself noticed shivay change n ofc his immense love.he never left a single chance to woo her.anika also can’t resist her heart but there is one question in her mind y he had a such a cheap opinion on her ?? On which basis?

Bcoz of that she can’t either ingnore his pure love.she decided to talk with him directly after cabir leaving.shivay also wants to know her past and decided to ask her once cabir leaves n she gets free.

Here as anika committed to om,piya visited om gallery that too when he called her taking her no. From anika.eventually piyu is getting quite friendly with om.but om still can notice that there is something she is pulling herself never questions her as he don’t want to make her uncomfortable.her novels,her behaviour, her talks reflects immense pain she gone through in her life once.he even asked anika about it.

But what anika said,” I can say u her past om but I can’t make u understand how much pain she gone through.only she can do me,the moment when she shares with u she will be free of that pain.I am also waiting for that moment”after these words, om is just waiting for piyu pour her heart out not leaving the chance to make her smile all the while.

Our prinku is also quiet smart saying she wants to perform in her clg for a singing competition she started visiting Aryan for his help.

Well when there is pure connection how can love will not bloom btw our couples. Shivika, omiya, priyan, rumya all r in their beautiful fantasy worlds.

The day has finally come.cabir has to board a flight in evening, so he is busy in packing from morning he is on call with anika asking her where she kept his things ,his shirts,some of his books all that.anika is just answering all his questions working along with shivay in their room on some project.after she finishing her call,she looks at shivay laughing silently.

Anika: shivay!! Did I say any joke??

Shivay: nothing its actually I am laughing about u n cabir.

Anika: about??

Shivay: on cruise , everybody is like u both r couple ,u have moved on.

Anika stand up n looks at him with folding hands: oh!!! So what u thought??? (Smirking)

Shivay gets up: I didn’t believed at first but then……

Anika: then??

Shivay: I also thought for once that may be u….

Anika Bursts out into laugh: wow!!! The great shivay Singh oberoy !!! U thought I n cabir are in relation (clapping teasing him)

Shivay: OK !! Stop it!! It happens yaar!! U both r always together ,I don’t know the fact that he is gay and…

Anika: if he is not gay also ,how can u assume friendship as something else?? (Laughing) by the way I n Aryan are so close ……oh wait he is younger to me so u thought there will be nothing like that.right? So someone jealous.

Shivay: I was not jealous OK!!

Anika: really…that day u were saying something.wait what was that…..

Shivay: ani….stop it…..

Anika running here n there: no wait!!! Let me say it….

Shivay chasing her: ani…

Anika: ya got it.”anika!!! Tell ur boyfriend stay in his limits” 😂😂😂😜😜😜😜 Mr.jalkukkadi……

Shivay: OK fine I was jealous now stop it.

Anika: no!! Jalkukkadi….jalkukkadi….(running).

Shivay finally catches her n pins her to wall.

Shivay: stop it!!

Anika nods no n starts shouting: jalkukkadi ……jalkukkadi……Jal…

Shivay pressed his lips on her lips.anika didn’t expected this move n her eyes got widened.he holded her face with both hands n started exploring her mouth passionately.anika too reciprocated sucking his lips holding his collar with both hands tightly.they both r taking out that hidden love from each other souls.they break apart when they needed air.

Shivika are looking at each other lovingly taking fast breaths.shivay pulled her close by waist with one hand n another hand on her face.

Shivay: Mrs.oberoy!! So next time be ready to face me whenever u try to make me jealous.

He peaked her nose cutely n hugged her.for his second surprise,anika reciprocated the hug too.

Evening at airport:

Cabir hugging Aryan,piyu,anika.they four had a emotional moment.

Cabir:don’t get relaxed ,I will irritate u all with video calls daily.

They three laugh.

Cabir hugged omru and then he gone to shivay.he shakes hands with him leaving a pen drive in his hand secretly. He hugged him n whisphered “ don’t tell nik abt this ,go through it.u need to know many things about ur anika..”

Waving his hand to all of them he left to live a beautiful life ahead.
Om, piyu left together for gallery.rudra left to pickup sowmya from shopping.

Anika: shivay let’s go.

Shivay: ani….u go home…I will come after some time.

Anika: ok

She left with Aryan.

Shivay looked at pendrive n drived off to a deserted road.he connected it to his laptop with tension hoping there shouldnt be something really bad happened with anika.

Precap: anika past,piyu revealing her past to om,Aryan to prinku.cabir past also in detail.later anika taunting tej in front of whole family.all barriers removing forever.

Sry for short update guys,got some work …….don’t be angry n skip commenting.plzz comment below plzzzzzz.


  1. Pri_24


    |Registered Member

    Wow finally this part is up and before drifting to sleep I am reading this so( by default I’ll be watching Aryan and Om’s dreams and lobe you a lot for this…😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘)

    Coming to update Cabir and Anika’s bond is superb and I liked it and Anika explaining to Om to wait for Piyu to open up her heart is good one and Prinku quite smart ha…☺☺☺
    And Shivika ahan their romance teasing and Anika’s surprise reciprocal to kiss and hug is lovely and I enjoyed it.

    And I am eager to know secret of pen drive…😉😉😉😉😉

    So update soon my Nandupie…☺☺☺☺

  2. anna

    I was eagerly waiting for ur update, it was superb. Plz update next part soon. So restless to find about anika past

  3. Fama


    |Registered Member

    Wow…I really love this part❤️ Anika teasing Shivaay for been jealous was so amazing
    Why is Anika taunting tej? Curious to know and of course eagerly waiting for Anika’s past as well as Piya’s.
    Do post next part asap.

  4. Adhya

    It’s Mind blowing..Nans !! I loved it..eagerly waiting for next episode. ..plz post soon dear…I couldn’t sleep with out reading ur ff..plz

  5. Akshaya


    |Registered Member

    Amazing and awesome episode nandhu pie. Shivika and unexpected things were perfectly awesome dear. Shivaay’s jealous😂😂 waiting for the foursome’s past . Especially ARYAN JI’s😍. Waiting for the next nandhu😍😘❤💋. Love you

  6. Samm


    |Registered Member

    hahaha! that mr. jalkukde scene was so hilarious! 😀 and the episode was as amazing as ever! obviously i’m waiting for more… 🙂 😀

  7. Nainaa


    |Registered Member

    Wow!! You did a great Jo and all emotions and all the feelings are carved out niche and perfectly. I just loved it and I always love your works as you know😊😍

    Coming to the episode::
    I was awestruck when Anika called him Jalkukkadu and I was like such a cute world to describe our Jalan Singh Oberoi…😂
    You know right I am in love with Aryan and his character is By God a mature and worth to be celebrated with our words..😍
    I have nothing to say it’s more like I am speechless about Shivika’s moments..😍😘

    Be back with another rocking episode to make us awestruck like always…

    #waiting #excited #Nandhupie’sff #part14
    #Cutiepiedying #Nandhupierocking

  8. Neha-17


    |Registered Member

    Hie nans ….I love the way u write …and I recently discovered this site n as I am fan of ishqbaaz I read those ff only …I am following ur story and always u surprise me….Great writer u n Priya . Waiting for the next one. 😀

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