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Next morning:

Shivay is sleeping hugging anika sidewards.he wakes up first n smiles looking at her.then he freshens up.he setting his hair looking at mirror ,smiles at his ani beauty.

But anika again gets some childhood visions which makes her pleasant face to tensed face .shivay notices this in mirror n runs to her.she suddenly wakes up frightened.

Shivay: ani!!!!! What happened ???(worried tone) calm down.

Anika looks around n calms herself holding her face.

Shivay: what happened??

Anika: nothing (and tries to get up)

Shivay stops her: ani!!! In past also u always get frightened in ur sleep.sahil also said it happens almost daily… U say things like don’t leave me there,don’t beat me……about what u talk?? Plzz share with me.

Anika: its nothing.I need to freshen up.

She leaves to washroom. Shivay gets worried.

Anika comes out after sometime looks shivay is not there.she looks around n again gets lost in those photos.a light curve appears on her face.she takes her suitcase,n thinks to arrange them in soon as she opened ,she got surprised with her old dresses present still there.she also notices her bracelite n takes it out.

Shivay comes from behind n holds her hand.anika gets startled with his touch.she turns back.without asking or saying something ,she starts to leave.but shivay pins her to wardrobe shelf gently n comes close to her.

Anika: shiv….(shivay stops placing finger on her lips)

She is loosing herself in his blue eyes.shivay takes bracelite n makes her wear.he then kisses her hand passing shivers to her.

He looks back into her eyes: I need to say something.

Anika: wh….what??

Shivay comes close to her ears n whispers “good mrning ani” he kisses on her ear.

Anika pushes him back n starts to leave from there nervously.shivay smiling stops her n takes her to dressing table. He takes sindoor n fills in her maang.anika is overwhelmed with his gesture but tries to hide it.

Living area:

Shivika also come there.shivay goes to sahil “did u take tablets?” sahil nods yes.

Anika: tablets???

Shivay: surgery happened long back but he need to take some tablets happened when he came out of coma,his body was weak so these daily intake helps him.

Anika gets shocked with word coma and tears roll down from her eyes.

Shivay worriedly goes to her: its just normal medicines,nothing to worry.

Anika: coma??

Shivay realised she didn’t know abt it.but she has to know its her right.

Shivay: with that electric shock sahil slipped into coma.after 6 months he was fine ,then gradually this surgery everything is fine.(placing his hand on her shoulder)

Rudra tries to cheer: arey bhabi !! The moment he started to walk on both legs he created a havoc in house.oh god!!!
Sahil runs after him n throws pillows.anika smiles looking at them.

Khanna comes there: sir!! Media people are storming inside without listening us.there media also entered.

Media reporters go to anika n surround her : Mrs.oberoy where were u these three years??? U didn’t come in front of cam after we got to know u r Mrs.shivay Singh oberoy..where have u been??

Anika is now again hell n shivay make them leave.anika goes to her room quickly.
She is holding her head tightly.shivay comes there .

Anika: what’s all this?

Shivay: ani that day when I took u to hsp I accepted that u r my wife.and badepappa turned cards on his own way.but trust me ani. I realised that i love u n i cant live without u the moment I saw u in pool ….of… blood.its not just guilt that I didn’t trust u on tia.i came to know abt tia with ur video record.but before that I teared those dvorce papers.ur condition was not OK,so I didn’t get chance to explain.and then all that happened with sahil.

Anika is not able to understand anything.she holds her head more tight.she takes her bag n takes out some box of tablets.

Shivay: ani….what r all these tablets that day u were taking some other tablets now these…what are all these??

Anika looks at him: bcoz of that head injury,I am taking this.still it hurts a lot…..(shivay gets worried,she notices that) but its not serious……
Shivay: and those tablets u were trying to take that day?

Anika gets tensed: those….those are also of headache.

Shivay is not convinced but thinks to get her check up done with best doctor.

They came to dining table for breakfast.all get seated n eating happily ,with their shivika together.

Tej,shakti left to office.shivay rudra anika started to leave to their event organisation.shivay don’t want to stop her as she always been slefmade.but just then anika phone rings.

Anika: hello cabby!!!

Aryan,piyu: will u speak atleast now…..(its a conference call)

Piyu: u left early in morning where r u??

Cabir: sry guys I am breaking my promise.

Anika: wait!!! What??? ( she starts panicking) cabby where r u? (Shouting)

Shiv omru also get tensed listening her.

Cabir: at my fav place (standing near valley)

Anika understands n runs with shiv om ru keeping phone on speaker.

Aryan: cabby stop it. U will not die.

Cabir: sry guys I can’t live this fake life.sry….

Anika: we will find a solution don’t do this.( they all rushing to valley in car)

With efforts they tried to engulf him in their convo till they reach,they reached at nick time and pulled cabir from jumping.

Anika gave him a tight slap; what the hell u r doing??

Cabir cries falling on his knees.anika,Aryan,piyu hug him tight.

Cabi: what to do ??? I just….this is unbearable.I am not at fault that I am gay.

Shivomru are shocked.

Cabir: but I can’t even accept bcoz of promise I made to my so called parents.they just wanted a robo to handle their business n were ashamed of my fact.they adopted me when I was kid,gave me a beautiful life.but they also took promise when they were dying tat I will hide this.I just……

Anika: cabir….. Listen to me……will u do one thing for me. Plzzzzzz

Cabir nods crying.

Anika: leave from India to other country.

Aryan,piyu ae shocked.

Anika: yes guys he can’t stay the way he wants bcoz of his promise n this business empire.

Aryan n piyu nods.

Anika: u just leave from here n live ur life the way u want.

Cabir looks at her.she nods at him in assurance.cabir agrees n hugs her joined by Aryan n piyu.

Shiv om ru smile at them.

Precap: anika teasing shivay.shivay taking revenge??.cabir leaving India……..anika taunting tej……….and possible past revelations of four n misunderstandings clearing.

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  12. Nainaa

    Tussi Chaa gayi Nandhupie… Aww!! I am loving this SS and the way you have been portraying each and every scene into a Diamond.. Trust me those scenes are refracting just like a diamond… You rocked with this one and I am so eager to know about Aryan and Piyu’s past after all knowing about Cabir’s past….
    Keep going.. keep rocking..
    Love you loads and loads….

    1. Nansshivika

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  15. Akshaya

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    Coming to episode it is khidkitod. Shivaay baby is romantic . What is there behind her tablets?? Why ARYAN JI came in one scene?? . Precap is awesome re. Why is she taunting tej? Waiting for past revelations especially ARYAN JI’s.
    Love you nandhu pie??❤?

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u u too?? I will reveal Aryan past in 14 part?

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    1. Nansshivika

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    Sry cudnt comment exam busy n i am readin screenshots … i read many ff’s lyk which ever i found interestin dat time …
    ff by nans, sso ki dulhan,pri-nan merger, OS confusion ,obro vs o sis , road to redemption i lovd dm a lot …So sorry guys cudn’t comment …u al r doin an amazin job …N tq so much dey al hv turnd out 2 b a major stressbustr 2 me …
    N a request 2 nandini r any1 readin dis msg …plz forward it 2 da authors if u no any of dm r plz copy paste it on dr pages frm my side …its a pretttyy plzz wala request ? i vl b really thankful 2 u …
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