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Thank u so much guys for ur u all know,leenesh n kunal are hospitalised.hope they get well soon.without them ib is incomplete na!!.so I think this week will be full of shivika to manage omru missing tracks.I am enjoying a lot watching ib.

Here the 11 part goes,

Anika: just allow me take sahil with me!!

All r shocked.shivay holds her hand n takes her to pool area.

As soon as she steps there many flashes get into her mind,their morning date arranged by omru ,their pool party moments.she is lost looking into water.

Shivay can clearly see that.he comes in front of her.

Shivay: ani ….I know many things happened….but let’s just start a new beginning of our life.plzz give a chance to this relation.

Anika: which relation u r talking.the one which is caged in this mansion?

Shivay: ani…its not like that.

Anika: for god sake stop calling me ani.

Shivay smiles n comes closer.anika steps backwards.

Shivay: if there is no relation,then y u still get affected by my matter how much u try the fact will not change that I love you.

Anika: say one thing shivay,how can u have 2 different opinions on same girl.the girl whom u think can sleep with anyone u love her??

Shivay pulls her close: anika I accept I shouldn’t hve said that.but the circumstances….

Anika: circumstances shivay?? U married me thinking I am a character less girl.and now u want me to give chance to that relation??

Shivay: yes!!

She looks away with pain.

Sahil comes there searching anika waking up from his raw sleep.

Sahil: didi!!?

Shivika look at him.

Sahil comes to them: didi!! Evryone are sad there y??

Shivay: sahil ur didi wants to take u with her.

Sahil: what do u mean jiju?

Anika: jiju? (She looks at shivay.he smirks)

Sahil: didi,we will not go anywhere we will stay here with jiju om n rudra bhayya.

Anika: this is not our home.we should go.

Sahil: didi when u r wife of jiju,then this is our home only na

Shivay: exactly….

Anika gives him a angry look.

Anika: sahil…

Sahil: no didi…u have to agree for me……

Anika: sahil……

Sahil: no no no….I won’t listen anything now……..agree….agree….

Anika: sahil…..listen…to me..

Sahil: no no no…….aaaaaaaaaa

Anika: OK fine.

Shivay gets happy.sahil hugs her.

Sahil: I will tell this good news to evryone.

He runs from there.

Shivay: so finally Mrs.oberoy stays with her husband.

Anika: don’t fly high.this stay is for few days.

Shivay: I will make u stay with me forever with my love.

Anika: in past also u never wanted me to be part of ur life now history will repeat.u will urself make me out of ur life.u say u love me na?? But I am not same anika.u will get irritated with my presence again n u will urself say me to leave this house.

Shivay: it will never past also,I used to get mesmerised with ur acts.and this new anika chand,I am loving her more.

He leans towards her,anika comes back. She pushes him n runs to living area.

Shivay does his signature step smiling.

Living area:

All happily hug anika.she just smiles at them hugging back.

Rudra dances with sahil.

Pinky: maaji! Let’s do one thing (shivay just comes there) we will do their marriage again with all rituals.

All nod in approval.

Anika: no!!! Aunty pls I am staying Here only for sahil.

Pinky: I know after all what happened its not easy for u to forgive shivay,but u do respect this marriage, that’s y u r wearing this(she holds her mangalsutra from scarf)

Anika looks at her with teary eyes.

Pinky: the day when u forgive him completely,we will do ur marriage again.but u will call me mom!!

Anika: what?…I…

Pinky: no more talks.u will call me mom n shaktiji dad.

Jhanvi: and call me badema n tej badepappa.

Anika looks at them n nods.

Pinky hugs her caressing her hair.

Rudra: bhabi where is ur luggage?

Cabir: here.

All look at cabir,Aryan,piyu.

The come inside.

Anika: they r my friends aunty…I mean mom.

Aryan: we know u will finally stay we brought ur luggage here.

Piyu: happy married life with ur shivay.

Anika: huh? R u guys mad or what?

They three laugh.cabir turns her lips into smile wth hs finger.

Cabir: now stay like this always nik!!

They introduce themselves to sahil n hug him.then cabir hugs anika.

Anika: u r behaving as if its a good bye.and by the way that pen drive …
Cabir: don’t wry I took it back from manager.

(That pen drive has all details n documents of transferring them to that they r not suiciding he only has to run them)

They three start to leave saying bye.prinku smiles at Aryan,Aryan also gives her a light smile.

Om coming front of piya: piya!! Its actually now u r in Mumbai so,will u work with my new gallery designing?

Anika ,cabir,Aryan: definetly.

Piya: what?

Anika: piyu u r a interior designer.its ur work om she will do it.(smirking)

Aryan,cabir giggle.piyu silently leaves from there followed by arya,cabby.

Shivay,rudra: what’s happening om?

Om: huh? Nothing anika come sit we will talk.its been 3 years.

Rudra: ha bhabi how come u r to this new n ye jha ur friend?

Anika: cabir is my childhood friend.

Shivay: childhood?

Anika: y can’t i have childhood friends? He is my friend.that day when I left Mumbai,I reached Delhi.I met cabir again.he helped to do my graduation from open university n PGDM course for 1 year.then I joined his company as trainee.

Rudra: ohhh!!

Shivay is feeling proud of his anika.she achieved so much in three years.but he is confused y she decided to do all that and cabir,piyu n aryan. They were also successful persons then why the want to die?

Later they all had dinner.

Shivay noticed anika eating very little much.she just ate half roti.he is afraid to think did she eat like this in these three years?? How pale she became?

After dinner,pinky enquired with servant whether he kept anika luggage in Shivay room.

Anika: mom!! What?? Why will I stay in his room.

Pinky: bcoz u r his wife.
And she leaves saying this.

Sahil: om bhayya from now we have to sleep in ur room.let’s go.

They all also leave.

Anika looks at shivay smiling.he gets a call n leaves from there.anika goes to pool area walking here n there.

Shivay comes there: so u r scared to share room with me?

Anika: seriously?

Shivay: then what r u doing here?

Anika: my head is aching.just leave me alone.
Shivay: if u don’t sleep well ,this will happen na.let’s go.

Anika : I have legs I will come when I want to sleep.

Shivay lifts her n takes her to room.

Anika: shivay leave me.

He leaves her.

Anika: what’s this…..

She suddenly realises something different in shivays room.she turns around n gets a huge surprise.all those photos of them, and that painting of shivika ,omru sahil behind the bed.

She gets freezed seeing that.shivay comes close from back n whispers “ om made that.its beautiful na?? Don’t wry it will happen soon for real”.

Anika goes to the wall which had all pics captured by khanna n rudra secretly.her eyes become wet.

Shivay hugs her from back.n keeps his head on her shoulder.his beard cheek is touching her cheek.

Shivay: what u thought?? U will take ur memories also with u? See I captured all of them in our room.

Anika gets to senses n pushes him back.she is just confused with his love.she tries to leave from there.shivay lifts her again n takes her to bed from left side.he makes her lay down while she is resisting,he himself lays down besides her.anika turns right to leave.bit shivay turns n hugs her close.

Shivay: just sleep,its been a long day.u need some rest.

Anika tries to free herself.but shivay is hugging her close tight.with no option left,she stops doing that.she calms herself but her heart is not relaxing.its beating so fast with his body touch.his warm breath is passing through her face.shivay hands which r on her hands can clearly sense her fast pulse.he is just enjoying the phase smiling.

Anika with this internal struggle skipped into sleep.shivay looking at her loosened his grip,draped the blanket.he kissed her cheek passionately n slept side hugging her.


Anika getting to know that whole world knows about her drama,cabir drama.

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