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Thanks a lot guys u really liked the suspense.thank u so much.sry for being late.I know I will be late so I informed all of u in prologue that I will post in evry 2 don’t be angry on me.plzzzz and read this with peace……and guys anika past ,cabir,Aryan,piyu past n how come they all r friends will be revealed in upcoming parts.

Here it goes,

Shivay takes anika to his room n makes her lay down.he caresses her face.she is still unconscious

Shivay: what have made urself ani??? U were so strong n when I met u here after 3 years I thought u became more strong.but I was wrong ,u became so weak that u ……..if u got succeeded in what u were doing na…then I would have never forgiven myself.3 years I have been in this hope I will meet u and everything will be fine but u………….were going to end ur life….(crying vigourously) I am responsible for all this,I made u helpless to do this.its all my fault. If I never entered in ur life then u wouldnt have done this.but I promise ani the pain I gave u I will make u forget that with my love.I will keep u happy for lifetime.if u try to do this again I will just just ……….

He holds her close in his arms.he then looks at her face.her face has his fingerprints,he realised how forcelly he slapped her.he goes out of room to get ointment.

Anika wakes up and looks around.she holds her head and she reminisces shivay saying “i love you” she reminisces listening to sahil.she cries happily uttering “ sahil!!”

She gets down from bed n goes to her room.Aryan ,cabir ,piyu look at her.she goes n sits on bed crying. Cabir looks at her cheek n gently keeps his finger on her cheek .she looks at him.cabir laughs at her.

Aryan n piyu also notice her face with red marks.

Aryan: what ta hell??? Did he slap u?? How dare he?? And y r u laughing???

Cabir: dude!!! U r seeing just slap?? Its his intense love that he gave her such a tight slap.
Piyu gets ointment n cabir takes it n tries to apply it.anika stops him.

Anika: guys I need to tell u something.

Cabir: I know now u don’t wnt to suicide for shivay.right??

Anika keeps silent.

Cabir: what?? Still u r doubtful on his love?

Anika: I am scared to trust him again. If he breaks it again I can’t handle it.and its not about him,its about sahil.

Cabir,Aryan,piyu: sahil…

Anika: sahil is alive

Their eyes get widened.they don’t know what to say…they r just looking at her.

She breaks down suddenly: sahil was alive there and I am trying to end my life.3 years he was there missing me.I….I… so stupid.

They three hug her.

Cabir: shhhh!! Now just relax OK!! Now we will go back.u have a beautiful life ahead.

She looks at three.she stops at Aryan.

Aryan: OK!! I so want to die,but now as we all decided that if not one then no one.I will.not die neither these two.our life sucks but we will be happy seeing u happy.and u will be still our friend na??

Anika slaps him: stupid!!! If u three try to die na I will kill u all myself.promise?

Aryan,piyu promise her with no option left.she looks at cabir.he looks at her n hugs her tight.
They two join n after moment they break apart.

Aryan: by the way cabir was right….that shivay loves u.u should give him a chance.
Piyu nods.

Anika: shutup!!

Here shivay goes to room n seeing her not there,he panics.he searches her everywhere n comes near their room.

Piyu: let’s jus eat something or else we will die in starvation.
They all laugh.Aryan takes knife to cut apple. He is about to take apple,shivay storms into room.
He looks at Aryan with knife n gives him a tight punch.

Aryan holding his face: what the ***k!!?

Anika comes to shivay and stops him.

Anika: what r u doing?

Shivay: what r u doing? I told u if u do this again I will tie u up.u think I was joking???

He holds her hand tight.

Cabir: man!! Relax he took knife to cut apple not nerves.

Shivay still not believing them.
Anika: shivay !! We r not trying to suicide again.I won’t not after knowing sahil is alive.

She says this looking into his eyes.he finally leaves her hand.

Shivay: come!!

Anika: where?

Shivay: u will stay with me all the time.i will not leave u with these people.

Anika: shivay !! I told u I will not die.and they also won’t.u don’t need to wry.

Shivay: I don’t need?? U dont have any idea what I was going through seeing u near death.u….

He calms himself.

Anika: we all need to leave to airport.u should go n get ready.and I am saying this again I will not die.

Shivay looks at her n starts to leave.he turns back n gives her ointment.anika gets surprised but doesnt shows.

He goes n freshens up fast n comes out with luggage.he looks four ready in lobby n gets relaxed.
Omru come and shivay explains them now everything is fine.but om is still worried for anika n piyu both n also for cabir Aryan.prinku sowmya come there.prinku doesn’t know all these n is smiling looking at Aryan.

Tej: shivay evryone can see anika is moved is she coming with us or not?

Shivay: she will come for sahil.

They all reach airport.all the while in plane shivay is trying to forget the bad happenings n looking forward for new life.he still has to make anika believe in his love which is a very big task.
Anika is just hearing sahils voice in hr mind again n again n those three words shivay said “ I love you” she is not able to understand what he wants ,when there was a connection going on btw them he ignored it and one day he said “the person who can sleep with anyone for money don’t have right to question others”. on what basis he told her that harsh words,she even doesn’t know.he forced her to marry him as if she is a slave n he owns after 3 years he is saying he loves her???

Om is thinking abt ta reason that piyu want to end her life.

Piyu n Aryan r thinking now they have to live a undestined life but still they r happy for their friend.

Prinku is happy that she finally met the person who owns such a beautiful voice she always listens.

Rumya are happy finally they met their anika.

Cabir ,god knows what he is thinking.

They reach India with mixed emotions going on in their minds.

Shivomrumya prinku tejhanvi reach mansion.sahil comes n hugs shivomru.

Sahil: jiju where is my surprise??

Shivay is silent looking at entrance.he is eagerly waiting for anika.tej is thinking she will not come.but there she is at entrance with her long skirt ,top,simple scarf.

Shivay eyes get wet n turns sahil to that side.sahil gets shocked seeing his anika didi.anika is breathing heavily looking at him.she breaks down at entrance itself.shivay goes running n holds her kneeling down.anika stretches her hand for sahil.sahil runs coming out of shock n hugs her tight crying.she was born again seeing him alive.she even didn’t ntice that he was running properly without clutches.

Sahil: didi!! Where were u?? (Crying)

Anika holds him more tight uttering “sry” continuously.
Shivay is look at them emotionally.dadi,pinky,shakti are overwhelmed seeing anika explains everything how they met anika on cruise,how she is new CEO and all.but he hided suicide part.

The people know abt all that is shiv om RU.

Anika breaks apart ,kisses him on forehead and looks at him.

Anika: u grow up a lot sahil!!! See how tall u became.

She suddenly notices clutches missing.she looks at his legs surprised.

Shivay: sahil walks properly now.

Anika looks at shivay n then at sahil.

Sahil: didi I even run ,jump.I can do anything.

Anika hugs him again.

Sahil: didi now u won’t leave me again na?

Anika : never sahil!! I am sry.

Sahil wipes her tears: no didi! I am sry.u left bcoz u thought I am…

Anika stops him n hugs him again.

Anika looks at dadi n goes to her.dadi gives her a light slap crying n hugs her tightly.

All r that much happy they don’t have words to explain.

Sahil takes anika to his room.his room is full of toys ,books,and also sahil n anika pics.they were also pics of shiv om RU with sahil of some occasions.she looks at each n evry photo crying.his bday pics,diwali pics which he celebrated with oberoys.

Sahil makes her sit.he rests her head on her lap.there is just silence in the room.after a while sahil sleeps in her lap.she caresses his hair.after a while she rests him on bed.

She comes to living area.shivay is looking at her emotionally.she comes to him.

Anika: thanks!! Whatever u did for sahil.thank u so much.

Shivay: ani u don’t need to say thanks.he is my family too.

Anika: I don’t know how to pay back ur favours u did on him in these three years.

Shivay: ani….

She goes to dadi: dadi!! U all gave him so much love in these 3 years,now just allow me to take him with me.

All get shocked.


Shivay n anika alone in pool area.

Anika: in past also u never wanted me to be part of ur life now history will repeat .u urslef make me out of ur life.u say u love me na? But I am not same anika.u only ask me to leave this house.

Shivay smiling: it will never happen.

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