Shivika SS – On my birthday!! Shot-2

Hi all ishqies & pkjs…..I’m shraddha- DBO.Hope u buddies remember my story.?

First of all big apology for an extremely late update , couldn’t manage time at all?

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For the first shot,

Sad that astha di , missed Shivay bhaiyya in last shot.Dont worry he’ll come back soon to his anika.?

Hope u would like this chappy.Sorry for typo errors.?

Shot – 2

Here I’m sitting in prinku’s room; after a not-so-big-celebration organises by my family, yes MY FAMILY!!But pinky anty was never a part of all this, instead she spent time today by cursing me & blaming me for her son’s destroyed life.

Yes, she is cent percent true;me, solely I’m the cause of his destroyed life now
If I hadn’t chose to leave him like that, all broken & shattered….he would’ve never transformed like this.Its like my old Billuji have gone away to a big distance …..far away , far far away…

There was a big celebration in the hall of OM,with cake cutting, games & lot more of partying.I know all my dear ones have did all this yo basically cheer me up.All of them covered me up with so many gifts.Even shakthi uncle, jhanvi anty & dadi too.But don’t they realise, how could I be happy when the greatest gift of my life is not near me???But I didn’t want to disappoint them, so I beautifully tried to wear the mask of happiness which ,I hope, did succeed.

Shivay left the OM in early morning & haven’t come back till now.Om told that he tried calling him for party ,but the phone was switch off.NAKHRE!!!might have thrown away the phone.The mere thought of this brought a small smile to my face.But somehow I felt pain in my cheek, pain in my smile.I sighed, I could never smile whole heartedly without seeing my shivay smiling.

After ragini’s exit ,I never went back to our room…his room.I don’t know, he wasn’t facing me; I know it was difficult for him.Because he had opposed me in many occasions when I tried to expose ragini.The same like that for Tia.But now the case was different.In tia’s case, we were not totally into each other; he literally didn’t trust me at times.But by the time Ragini had come, we had become each other’s pillar & then had miserably collapsed down.He knew I would never be wrong.But our disastrous seperation for 3 months, forced him to believe that I’m a cheater.

I didn’t have dinner, I lied to all.Or else Om & gouri might come with food to feed me like babies, along with Rudra& Bhavya like they came last day.I dont know, am I hungry? But, the truth is that I’m waiting for him.Does he know it’s my Happy Birthday?? Oh no, it’s simply Birthday, as he always corrected me..See, I smiled again, but this time my cheeks & heart is also paining.I never knew a smile could hurt like this.

I tried calling him, but it’s still switched off.Where is he? it’s almost 11 pm.My heart started beating fast…is he troubled? Did that cheapdi Nagini try to harm him?I don’t know why his life is always filled with chudails…First Tia, then Ragini.

But ragini is a mistake made by me.Had I not gone away from him…..Ouch, even that memory of him throwing me away is aching my heart.I could feel my cheeks cold due to dried tears.I slowly stood up from bed & started to move.I thought of asking Om to call him.But…it’s too late, how shall I tell him?Did he already come back? Because I had slept in between, did I miss his arrival?

As I began moving forward, I saw Rudra running to me.
“bhabhi….” he seemed to be scared.
“kya hua rudra, kuch toh gadbad hai?”
“bhabhi, wo bhaiyya…”

My heart was being torn, I could feel my whole body shivering.He was looking so pale….Oh…
“kya…. Shivay ko…kuch hua?”
My voice was so feeble, I felt like fainting.Did something happen….no…I shouldn’t think like that…
“wo…wo bhabhi..mein kaise bathaun?”
“kuch to bata Rudra…if not how will I know??”
“Tum aao na mere Saath…” he was scared…..this was killing me…

I thought I was flying, because I couldn’t feel my legs touching on the floor.I just banged open the door with a loud noise… eyes were searching for him….but …..what I saw was!!!!!…..

Hope you liked it, waiting for every comment, & please forgive me if I don’t reply.Next update will be after 4 days, sorry?

take care….

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    Nice update

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    No more suspense i am dieing out of suspense ???? please post next part soon??????? and this part was awesome

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    Thnq dear for updating..suspnse is awesome nd i just love it..Lots of for u also

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    Shraddhaaaaaaaa you cheater you left at a cliffhanger????
    Angry on you. Will not talk to you. KATTI…. huh
    I started reading this with so much urge to know Shivay’s reaction and you did this to me. I won’t talk to you.
    If you won’t post soon the next part then will not talk to you ever. You can’t do this to your readers right????
    But i am still angry. And do post soon or else I will start crying. Please.
    (and dear i was not really serious while writing the above words please don’t take them otherwise…… just fake anger you understand na??)
    AND YEAH I AM STILL ANGRY ON YOU. HATE YOU because you know I Love You

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    Impatiently waiting to see Bhaiyya alright. I mean update the next part soon.

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