Shivika SS – On my birthday!! Shot-1

Hi all ishqies & pkjs…..I’m shraddha- DBO.

A special dedication for the 1 hr ISHQBAAZ.Because it’s the first time, I’m writing on my favorite couple shivika.This idea popped up in my mind after seeing their hate date segment.Hope u guys will surely give ur thoughts & suggestions on this…..

Also dedicating this to deepu, who had asked me to write on shivika….

I’m planning to make this a three shot, dunno if I will make it longer.

Shivay has himself realized the truth of Ragini; that she was a psycho & was never really a good woman,also that she had made the lives of many other men also hell like,one among which was he himself After sensing her failure, she wanted to push shivay
into death who had rejected her.But her aim was distracted by his saviour Anika once again.Both made a miraculous escape.Even though he haven’t found out the entire truth of his possessive mom, yet he came to know about all the planning made by his mom & ragini against Anika……

It was Anika’s birthday; this was her first birthday after her marriage.She reminded herself once again as a lone tear came out from her lovely eyes to assure this fact.She was still in OM, but Shivay was staying in guest room ever since he had announced his engagement with ragini.

She was immensely happy today; not because it was her birthday but for Shivay who escaped from the clutches of that chudail.She rescued him.She didn’t want a Thanks from him but she definitely yearned for love in his eyes.

She was repenting for all 3 months for accepting pinkie’s deal; she cursed herself for 100 times for breaking her Billuji.She is now trapped in a puzzle. She can gain back the love of her life yet again by showing her Billuji the ugly truth of his life; but this would totally destroy him into infinite pieces such that it cannot be rejoined again.She craved for his happiness more than his love b4 3 months.But what was the result? he had lost his ultimate soul.She never thought that her seperation would have affected him this much; in fact more than Anika was affected….

“Anika didi….” a cute voice called her back to reality.She knew it was her Sahil.He came & stood in front of her even b4 she could wipe her tears.
” It’s your janamdin di, & u r crying.When shall we do the party?” he asked excitedly.He knew his di was upset; but he wanted to cheer her up.
” Nahi sahil, iss party varty ki koi zaroorat nahi hai..” she told uninterested.

“kyun bhabhi, kyun nahi??” there came her favorite devar rudra, all set with some beautiful party hats.He came, danced off & wore both AniHil with the hats.

” My khidkitod birthday wishes to you…” Rudy shouted…..

” kyun rudra, I never celebrated my birthday.Only for Sahil I do all these.No need rudra…” She was about to keep back the hats when two hands made her wear it again; Om & Gouri.

” So this will be the first & best celebration for you baujai….ok?” ordered gouri…

” tum pagal ho gouri, I’m not a 5 year old kid to keep these hats & celebrate…just take it off..” anika was least interested.

” ek jhaap de diwar pe satjayebe baujai…. today we will say & you should obey..” there came het next order.

” waise chulbul bhabhi, this is anika bhabhi’s birthday.Not her exam day to scold her like this…” Rudy corrected her.

Om was laughing seeing all these chaos.
” hey O, y r u laughing she is ur wife so u should control her ok??”
” chup raho Rudra & finish these decorations fast…” told Om.

Anika was beginning to enjoy all this; she so loved this family.After all this was her first family she had ever got.She didn’t want to reject their wishes to celebrate it;she didn’t want to disappoint them.

” bhabhi, tum khush ho na?” Om’s deep voice startled her…
“woh….Om….darsal…” she didn’t want to lie to him.

“mujhe pata bhabhi, u aren’t happy.Actually we wanted to surprise you, but then we thought to ask you in this situation…U can tell if u aren’t really interested with this, We will change it all.” Om was sounding guilty.

“aisa kuch nahi Om.What u told is right.I am not happy with this.In fact this is a new feeling for me.I haven’t really cared for this day, because I simply hated my existence in this world in my childhood.After sahil came we both used to enjoy in our own way.
But now I am surprised to see all ur happiness in this day.I never thought I will get people like you who would selflessly love me like this.Then how can I not be happy.I can do anything for you all.In fact this is what a family is for… Being part of each other’s happiness & sorrow…” she was trying hard to not burst open her tears.

“kash bhabhi…kash everything was back to normal in our lives.Then we would have rocked this day…we would have made this a big event….along with shivay….” Om felt guilty for taking that name now because he saw a shocked Anika, ready to cry hard any moment..

Anika’s heart began racing, her breath stopped in the very mention of her Billuji; why???

Because now she thought of him, she was scared now.She wanted that to happen; but also knew it was impossible…Will Billuji come to wish me today????

How was this guys?? Eagerly waiting for each comment from every shivikian & ishqbaazian….

I shall update my Rikara ff also today, stay tuned…

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