Hi guys I have wrote this story before as os many said it was too short so I thought to make it as an ss and I am continuing that story


Anika(a) ya ur bride thats the prblm that we shud nt met before marriage

S- this not fare how can i cant see this beautiful bride of mine

A- she blush and say u r also luking handsome

And then both are called for mandap and marriage is completed


Pundit announces them as husband and before the sentence completed alarm rings which broke her beautiful dream

Anika- offo this alarm should also ring now only don’t know when did my this dream come true and I get married to my BB

She again goes into her dreamland with her BB and she come out to her senses when she listen her mom is shouting from the other side of the door and knocking the door to make her awake from her sleep

Anika mom: ani wake up beta today is your exam u have to attend it other wise your dream wont come true

Anika widens her eyes when her mom mention about the exam and she immediately looks at the calender for date and then she sees in her mobile which shows reminder of exam and she immediately goes to freshen up and shouts at her mom that she had not make her awake early she freshen up quickly and get ready to go for exam and come out by preparing for exam with a book in her hand

Anika mom: ani come do breakfast then u can leave

Anika: how can u say that mom first u make awake late mom now u r saying to do breakfast I am gonna miss the exam surely if I had breakfast I am leaving I will have some thing on the way

Anika mom( bring a box and hand over it to anika and say I know u will do like this way only so I have already packed ur breakfast have it on the way and one more thing its ur fault to wake up late not mine bcoz u r in ur BB’s dreamland (wink) not me ok now go

Anika(blush when her mom says ur BB an say): mom how can u get to know every thing

Anika mom: I know every thing now go other wise ur dream will be dream only

Anika hug her mom and take her blessings and go for her exam

She directly goes to car and sit at back and the driver take her to her destination after which can fulfill her dreams

She have her breakfast which her mother packed and revise the books in the car till the car reach its destination

As the car stops she hurriedly goes in and check her class and she sit in the place which is provided to her according to her admit card and soon the bell rings and all wait for question paper to arrive and all are praying to god to get the paper easy but our anika she is different from all and she is thinking some other thing only that is after this exam she will see her BB after long 5 years and from now she can always be with him

Soon examiner arrives in the class and all are provided with their question papers and white sheets and the exam gets started she

She completes her exam and return the papers to examiner and she return to her home and see her mom is praying in front of god she go to her mom and hug her from back and says don’t worry mom god will always be with along with ur blessings so no need of worrying my exam has gone superb

Her mom turn to her and ask: really

Anika: yes mom I am damn sure I am gonna pass this exam

Anika mom: that’s gr8 ani I am so happy U will reach ur goal soon

Anika: surely mom and hug her

Precap: shivay entry and anika’s goal is to be revealed

here is the next part…

Hope u guys like it …

Please guys comment n let me know u guys like it r not…

should I continue this or I should stop it…

Sorry if I disappoint u guys…

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      thanks for comment dear it really means a lot
      glad u liked it
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