Shivika-My Someone (OS)


Hey sweeties!!!! This is Savanshi… a new member in Ishqbazz family… I’m an admirer of Swasan.. but now I thought to introduce myself here too…
So this is my treat for u all as I’m entering ur family….
Hope I’ll get some new frnds here…
Although I already have one cute frnd from this family…
Hope u all have a nyc time reading this OS which is already posted on Swaragini page…


Jane wafa ho ke bekarar…
Barso kiya naine intazar…
Par kbhi tune nhi… ye tak kaha…
Jo Ab kaha….

These are the thoughts that are running in my mind right now.
I literally feel like I’m at cloud nine. My happiness knows no bound today coz finally my hunt has come to an end… or I should rather say a beautiful end. An end that gave me the most precious treasure of my life. I feel like dancing and singing like maniac. But I have to control right now coz many ppl are present here so it won’t put a good impression on them.

So thinking why this heartless creature is soo happy today???
Then let me describe u…
U wanna hear from beginning??
Ohkk… ohkk.. I’ll tell…

I’m same idiot whom u all consider a heartless.. merciless.. arrogant and what not…
But now let me disclose the secret of my madness…
Do U all remember once i said that I’m quite afraid of love relationship and all coz I’m incapable of bearing the pain of betrayal???

So my quest for a trustworthy guy is complete now…
Guessing hw?
Though it wasn’t that easy but yet it was not too tough also…

It was around 9’o’ clock in the morning as I was heading to my classroom when suddenly I bumped into someone… hey!!! Wait don’t expect anything romantic… we just bumped and that caused pain… let it be natural. A sorry was mumbled from both side. Then I headed to my class. I was like alwaz sitting all alone… just me and my books. What a relishing company!!!!
Isn’t it???
I made myself busy in myself. The day went away like this. But I didn’t knew that there was someone who was keenly observing all my actions and antics. Unaware of all this I made my way to hostel.

Next day was something worth remembering coz it was for the first time that I saw him… ahh!!! just a glance coz he asked me to share my seat with him… to which I unwillingly agreed. He introduced himself and I too responded. A few mere words were spoken by me… but he was a blabbering machine. I wondered how can someone speak soo much?
He was a 24×7 All India Radio. Haha!!! Nice Nick name na?
But this was damn true… he can talk non stop till infinity.. (this is what I suppose).
I just ignored some of his shitty questions while answered some. All in one that was a day when I spoke quite more which I usually don’t do.The day went on like that.

Next day I reached my class only to find him seated on my bench. As I neared to my seat I lifted up my brow asking what is he doing there, to which he just patted to his side asking me to sit. I was about to open my mouth to counterpart his action but he just nodded me to sit. I gave up and sat and now asked him the reason of his crime. He just let out a sigh and showed me his book which was all messed up with only question marks??¿¿…
I was like WTH!!!
He then asked me to help him with studies as he had some confusion regarding some topics. I started clearing all his doubts… then I came to know that this FM RADIO is intelligent too. I was impressed. He had a very good learning power. He grasped each and everything easily. At last he was back into his mood. Oh God!!! What bad had I done that U are giving me this punishment????
He continued his blabber which I was now enjoying. Although I maintained a stern look outside but from within I was feeling to laugh out loudly at his funny show. And there he did it… he made such a cute and funny face at one instant that my resistance broke. I was laughing out damn loudly. Huh!!!! I came at hault when I found all the neighbouring eyes staring me. I was embarrassed. I just bowed my head and continued my studies. But again I let out a inaudible cry as he pinched me. Now I gave him a glare asking for a reason of his action. He asked whether I’m fine? He touched my forehead asking,”Are u sick?”
I just gave him a questioning look.
He finally said that he thought that it can’t be me as I was laughing. I just glared him to make him shut his mouth but he was he… how can he shut up his 24 hr service???
He then complemented that I was looking cute while laughing. I just ignored it. We sat there all through the class. During our break he asked me to accompany him to canteen. I said that I can’t but who can say no to him. He continued insisting me and I gave up. Now I was walking up to canteen with him. We sat there; he asked me what would I like to have?
I denied his request which later made me only to regret my decision. He started his melo drama.. he was literally acting like sobbing and was telling every passerby that my friend doesn’t trust me… she thinks that I’ll make her eat poison… U ppl only tell; why will I do such cheap things to my best friend??
I was staring him with a wide open mouth. I glared him which was futile as he didn’t paid any attention to it and continued his drama. I ended up asking him to bring whatever he want. He immediately left from there winking.
Oh Gosh!!!! What did his mother eat during her pregnancy?
“Vada pav” ,he said; as he sat with the food tray.
I gave him a look asking what?
He replied: “My mom ate Vada Pav during pregnancy.”
I was again left open mouthed, to which he just chuckled bringing me back to this world.
I mumbled,”How he knew what I was thinking?”
“I know u very well sweetheart”, came the reply.
I just shrugged my shoulders and looked at the tray.
I was just overjoyed.. he brought my fav ice- cream. OMG!!! I was missing it from many days. I just felt like kissing this boy out of my excitement;after all he fulfilled my most awaited wish.
“Hey dear, u can kiss me later; right now let’s focus on this tempting delicacies”,he retorted again.
” I wasn’t gonna kiss u and stop calling me names”, I muttered.
We looked at each other, our lips curved into a smirk and we together attacked the ice-cream bowl.
After having a good fight for dominancy over ice-cream, we finished it and again left for our classes but I didn’t forgrt to mutter a hearty thanks to him.
He just smiled at it and walked towards class leaving a confused me behind.

Days kept on passing and he paced up with time to irritate me more. But now that didn’t seemed irritating to me anymore. I have literally started enjoying his company.
I was sitting in my class looking at him; who was busy in talking to one of his friend.
Suddenly it struck me.

“Why the hell!!! am I thinking about him?”
“Simply because you have started falling for him”, replied my heart.
“But u can’t let anyone break your walls”, it was my mind this time.
“But how long are you going to engross urself in this fear?”, my heart questioned.
“U know na u won’t b able to bear a betrayal later”, my mind debated.
“Do u think he can betray u?”,my heart retorted.
“Is there any guaranty that he won’t do it?”, my mind protested.
“Ask urself.. I hope u won’t regret giving him a chance coz deep inside u also want the same”,my heart adviced.

“Hey!!! Where r u?”, someone shook me up from my thoughts.
It was him. I stared at him. He waved his hand in front of me making me land back from my imaginations.
I said,”nothing”.
He asked whether I’m fine. I just nodded.He let out his hand and asked me to accompany him. I held his hand and said let’s go. He was looking at me as if he saw a ghost. I shook him asking where are u lost. He just sighed and dragged me to his car.

“Where are we going?”, I asked him. He said he wants to propose his lady love so he wants me to accompany him.
I felt an immense pain. It was just like as if someone took away my most precious possession.
I had to be strong. I agreed coz I knew he won’t let me go without helping him. I silently sat in his car. The whole way he didn’t crack any of his silly jokes and I was really thankful to him for this coz I just didn’t wanted to meet my eyes with him otherwise the barrage that were holding my feelings would break any moment.
I just closed my eyes and arched my body comfortably on the seat.
Suddenly the car came to halt with a jerk.I opened my eyes only to find myself in an unknown place which Off course didn’t resembeled a Shopping complex.

I gave him a confused look but the thing that caught my attention were those shiny black orbs which now shone with some new glow. I was busy analysing what could be the cause of that sudden glow when he jerked me bringing me back to reality.
I was about to open my mouth when he swiftly opened the car’s door and came towards my side. He opened the door for me and lend his hand.
I looked at his hand; then him and again his hand just to understand what was going on.
But u know I’m very bad at guessing it’s even worst than maths. Huh!!! Idiotic me; in these serious situation also my mind is poking up such nuisance.
He took my hand and pulled me out of the car. But since I wasn’t ready for such an action; I landed up banging to his hard masculine chest.

Oh God!!! Why are u making it hard? His cologne drives me crazy. I shook up my head from left to right breathing heavily at such close proximity. We both muttered sorry at the same time.
He took hold of me and lightly dragged me to the centre of place which was flocked with many people. Suddenly we came in focus and I felt many gaze on me. That felt quite embarrassing. I turned to look at him; only to find him sitting on his knees. I was speechless. I was looking at him with a shocked expression.

He chuckled a little and looked straight into my eyes. I was lost; and yes I literally mean it. I was brought back when he cleared his throat.

He started speaking,”Look sweetheart I know U must b thinking that what this FM RADIO is gonna blabber now.. but plz JAAN listen to me this time and I hope after u listen me now then u’ll have ur whole life to speak…

So yaa I’ll start from the beginning; I know I’m a maniac.. 24-hr bak-bak machine… idiot.. irritating.. but the truth is that I’m that only for u MY LOVE…
U know the first day I saw u.. the day when we bumped each other… it was there only I lost my precious treasure to My Precious Treasure!!!!
I lost my heart.. my mind.. my soul… in fact my everything to u..
I myself don’t know why that happened but I’m grateful to GOD that it happened.
All through our sweet journey I kept irritating u bcz I like the smile on ur lips and I love it when it comes coz of me.
I know MILADY that u are very afraid of betrayal and U don’t want anyone to enter ur heart…Opppss!!! It’s mine now…
But u also know na that this handsome… ohkk.. ohkk.. irritating guy..can’t do it in his worst nightmare. So Dear will u for once and lifetime believe this FM-RADIO of ur’s.

Will u like to enjoy all the shows of this PERSONAL FM- RADIO of ur’s?
Will u like to get irritated by this handsome hunk?
Will u like to break all those walls which are now nearly torn apart carving for some love?
Will u give me the pleasure to hold ur hand forever?
Will u like to give me the chance to make ur life colourful by my presence?
Will u like to love me?

I was flabbergasted at his sudden outpour. I was looking at him without blinking my eyes. I was literally shock at the intensity of his love.
How can he love me soo much?

He pouted a lil and urged me to answer. I looked at him.
He said: “Princess my knees are hurting badly”.
Suddenly I heard the crowd shouting and asking me to say yes.
I looked all around merrily and then looked back to my cute baby who was looking damn adorable in this pout look.

Tears made way from my eyes and I shouted
“Yes!!! My baby I would love to…”

He stood up immediately and took me into a bone crushing hug and twirled me. We rejoiced the blissful moment

mongst the whistling and clapping sound of the crowd.
We released the hug although we weren’t willing to do so.
Soon we waved to the crowd shouting Thanks and made our way to car.


I was still not able to believe what just happened. I was thinking; Is it a dream?
He pinched me and answered;”No babe… it is real”.
I just looked at him amused. And within no time I sat on his lap and kissed him hardly.
I started kissing him softly till the time he reciprocates. Finally he was out of this sudden shock and reciprocated back. We sat there in our car’s seat intertwined to each other tasting the ecstasy of love.

Love… immense love that we have for each other. We were drowning into the bentic zone of love;where there were only we. No one else.. just us… our love. We were lost in one another; forgetting the flattering world. This was a moment of utter satisfaction.
A person whom u love and who loves u back with much more intensity; is in ur embrace.. isn’t it a heavenly feeling?

We broke up for a moment and exclaimed… LOVE U BABY!!!

Sorry for the typing errors!!!!

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  1. Shinchan1205

    i read this on swasan n it was awsm…. but I read it here too n again it was just awsm…. these both couples r my fav n u posted on both these sites. lovely.

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u sooo much Shinchan???
      I m glad that u found my work worth to b read twice.. and u know what I’m a big admirer of shinchan… so would u mind it if I bcm ur Himawari???

      1. Shinchan1205

        not at all….I would be really very happy to have a new sister…

      2. Savanshi27

        Yiipeee!!!! Finally I have a bro cum sista here????
        now b ready to tolerate me!!!!

  2. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    Nice, di. I loved it!
    r u on wattpad too?
    if u don’t mind what is ur username?
    mine is starkfromhogwarts

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u soo much dear!!!!
      Yes dear I’m on wattpad to by the name Savansi…
      I’ll soon join u there☺☺☺☺

  3. It was awesome…….
    Loved it……

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u soo much dear!!!!
      I’m blessed???

  4. SamSun

    First of all welcome to the ishqbaaz family and I hope u make very good friends here.
    Coming to the ff, it was so sweet and the moments were very cute. Although imagining shivaay as a 24×7 hrs radio station and anika as a very quite girl is shocking, this was fantastic. In fact I loved the idea cause even anika needs to know how it is to be irritated by someone who talks so much!!??. But honestly I really liked reading this. Hope u come up with something new here.

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u very much dear!!!!
      I’m blessed that u liked my work soo much.. as I said tis os was basically posted for Swasan.. but later I thought to post it here as it would b a new experience to ishqbazians to see a drastic transformation in their fav couple… so this was just a try…
      Last but not d least thank u soo much for d heartily welcome of ur’s…
      really glad to start up my journey here with frnds like u?????

  5. Superb.. I loved it…

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks Ankita!!!

  6. Pooja26

    good to see u here 😉 😉
    savanshi….. my jaan ……
    lovely os !!!!
    really amazing os…..
    i also a big fan of swasan yr…… 😉
    shivika is also adorable couple 😉 😉
    really loved it !!!!!!
    keep writing lyk dis…..
    come with other ff or os soon….
    tc…… 🙂 🙂

    1. Savanshi27

      Really feeling awsm that u admired my work sweetheart????
      I’m soo happy that u enjoyed it thoroughly…
      I’ll b definitely back with my new work???

  7. Nansshivika

    Wow… I opened the page and read one parah ,I was just smiling.then I got some work I was waiting for time to read it on one go.such a beautiful os.its so lovely…..
    All the while smile didn’t left my face.superb..

    1. Savanshi27

      Ohhhoo!!! Dear… I’m glad that u liked my work soo much….
      I m blessed that I made a smile come on ur lips….(u made me remember dairy milk??)
      keep loving????

  8. Nansshivika

    U will get very good friends here.I too got friends for lifetime.??

    1. Savanshi27

      I’m really excited for it….

  9. Salo

    Hey Savanshi!!First of all a hearty welcome to ib family.N now comning to os..Srry but it was not gud

    I have felt in love for two times in my life…once wid Ishqbaaz n other one is new it is wid ur os?????

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks dear for ur wonderful welcome… it’s awsm to b a member of this family…
      u scared d hell out of me…. ???
      but thank God!!! U liked it….
      I’m really grateful for ur admiration????

  10. Akansha

    omg lloved it dude…. i took it as shivika but i totally loved it.. its awesome… u rock dude

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks a tonn… I’m blessed that u liked my work???

  11. its awsm sis….
    well guess what even i luv swasan…
    so same pinch dear….

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks a lottttt dear!!!! I’m damn happy for ur praise dear?????

      1. Savanshi27

        U pinched me too hard dear… this isn’t fair

  12. Puvi

    Awesome dear and welcome to ishqbaaz family so frnds and ff was fabulous dear Shivay 24*7 radio station and Anika silent girl in dream also I can’t imagine like that it was so cute?????

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks a lotttttt… I’m really glad to b a member of ur family… I’m having a nyc tym here with sooo friendly frnds…
      glad that uvliked this unexpected OS..
      I’m seriously very happy?????

  13. Awesome!!
    You’re too good ..

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u soo very much…. I’m damn happy???

  14. sooo sorrry dear….
    u can do the same next tym…. wink wink…..

  15. Ruksy

    Wow amazing.?

  16. This was really heavenly and fabulous…..majestic indeed….. Loved and lived it….. Such an amazing OS….. The confession was marvelous….. Their bond was admirable…. Everything was superb….. And this OS was truly a masterpiece…..

  17. Mrunal

    it’s so amazing…
    i was just imagining shivika like ur story….
    wow… it’ll will be hilarious if this happened in real IB…
    i loved it….

    & welcome to IB family….
    U will definitely get very good friends here…
    i also got a lot of admirable friends here
    as i am writing one ff here.. my IB family supports me a lot..

    i am fond of making new friends… & I’ll be really glad…
    if i got u as my new friend….

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