Hii Dumplings,

Okay I know I have been all shelled up in my shell and now that I am out.
So Sinner’s Siren is all ready to go on floors by evening if all goes well..

Infact happy Durga Puja to all my reader and writer friends…


On River Valley’s lawn—the grand old man of the 1920 expedition—she walked over with the government aid Sanaya and shook his hand, asked him to get her a drink, turned back to him and said, “I want you to ravish me.” Sanaya returned. It was as if she had handed him a knife. Within a month he was her lover. In that room over the souk , north of the street of parrots.

He sank on his knees in the mosaic-tiled hall, his face in the curtain of her gown, the salt taste of these fingers in her mouth. They were a strange statue, the two of them, before they began to unlock their hunger. Her fingers scratching against the sand in his thinning hair. Cairo and all her deserts around them.

Was it his desire for her youth, for her thin adept boyishness? Her gardens were the gardens he spoke of when he spoke to her of gardens.

There was that small indentation at her throat we called the Bosphorus. He would dive from her shoulder into the Bosphorus. Rest his eye there. He would kneel while she looked down on his quizzical as if he were a planetary stranger. She of the quizzical look. Her cool hand suddenly against his neck on a Cairo bus. Taking a closed taxi and our quick-hand love between the Throng Bridge and the Strippary Club. Or the sun through her fingernails on the third-floor lobby at the museum when her hand covered his face.

Sanaya Ahan…
So look forward for this character and her characteristics deadly beauty and…

I am not going to reveal that the list is soo long…

Love you Dumplings
Keep waiting

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