Raina shares a good equation with shivaay and tia. One day while playing….
SHIVAAY – No raina. No cheating.
RAINA – But shivaay bhaiya its not my chance.
YUG – see afyer naina its ur chance. That was only decided.
NAINA & REYAAN – Yes!!!!
RAINA – aap ek number ke billo ho!!!!!!
Shivaay gets shocked.

Shivaay and anika are fighting for tv remote.
SHIVAAY – Anika give it to me.
ANIKA – Come and get it if u can…..
She runs. Shivaay chases her. His leg hits the table.
SHIVAAY – Ouch!!! Ah!!!!!
Anika rushes to him.
ANIKA – What happened??? Is it paining????
And he snatches the remote.
ANIKA – Shivaay aap ek number ke billo ho!!!!


RAINA – Bhaiya what happened???
SHIVAAY – Nothing.
They continue playin. At night little raina goes to her mother’s room and sees her asleep. She goes to a drawer and takes out a book.
RAINA – Mil gaya mumma ka diary.
She turns to the first page.
” I am ANIKA SINGH OBEROI. My life was full of struggles and hardships. From my childhood i grew up without a father. My mother toiled alot to bring me up. I grew up into a pretty girl….”
Suddenly raina hears some noise and keeps the book back in her mom’ s room. The next night she again fetches the book and start reading.
” In my college i loved a boy and soon we got married. I was pregnant with raina. My father in law and i were returning after having some work completed. I didn’t tell my husband about my pregnancy as i wanted to syrprise him. While we were returning an accident caused me to lose my father in law. By god’s grace nothing happened to raina. After a few days in hospital i returned home my hubby wasn’t foind anywhere but an shocking incident took place over there. I left that place in silence. I couldn’t do much more. I was helpless. I left that place and moved to bangalore. There i started working and we had a peaceful life but……”
RAINA – Oh no!! Mumma has written only half story. What shall i do??? I need to find out what happened. And who is my father??
She goes and keeps back the diary and sleeps

What happened 8 years ago?
What is there in the incomplete story?
Will raina ever find out that shivaay is her father?

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.SORRY. Sorry for such a late update. U can vent out ur anger on me later but first tell me how was this shot. I told u guys i would post in christmas holiday but as it was brothers marriage I had loads of work to be completed like packong brides things and some unexpected problems arouse. So didn’t have time. After my studies started once again..
….. So once sorry for such a late update????

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