Hello evrybody. I am once again presenting the version of A KAYU FS. Actually I thought to write it for shivika first but i get nervous when i type something for ishqbaaaz. So always I type it first for kaala teeka and then for ishqbaaaz. Even now I am nervous cause this is few shots, before I wrote os so wasn’t that kind of nervous but now i am actually getting goosebumps to know ur reaction. And this is dedicated to Lalitha di and hriday who requested me to write something for shivika. So here is it…..

Shivaay is standing before a photo….
SHIVAAY – Y did u leave me? Why did u go along with dada. U knew very well I can’t live without u then y why?? And dada why did u take her along I hate u guys. Our life was very happy then y?
Just then tia enters and sees shivaay crying…
TIA – Shivaay stop thinking about the past. Move on with ur life. I can’t see my brother in such a condition.
Shivaay hugs tia and cries…

SHIVAAY – U know very well how much I loved her but see what happened? She left me never to return.
Just then a little girl comes running…
GIRL – Mumma see na reyaan is not giving me the chocolate…
And a boy comes running behind…
BOY – Mumma this is my chocolate.
shivaay wipes his tears and smiles seeing them.
TIA – Naina stop eating to chocolates and reyaan stop fighting with her.

NAINA – I want the chocolate.
REYAAN – No I won’t give.
Shivaay snatches the chocolate from reyaan.
SHIVAAY – Now u both won’t get this chocolate.
NAINA – But mamu this is our chocolate.
REYAAN – Yes mamu this is not fair, give it back. I promise to share it with naina.
SHIVAAY – Pinky promise???
REYAAN – Pinky promise!!!
Shivaay hands over the chocolates. They run out.
TIA – Take care I am leaving….
SHIVAAY – Thanks for ur support.


A call comes to shivaay and he drops the phone.
SHIVAAY – Anika !!!!
Tia rushes to him.
TIA – Shivaay what happened?
SHIVAAY – Anika and dada….. anika and dada…
TIA – What happened tell me..

SHIVAAY – Anika and dada are no more.
Tia falls down. Daksh rushes to her.
DAKSH – Tia sambhal ke!!! U r pregnant!!
She cries holding nandu.
TIA – U heard him kali bhabhi and dadi are no more. Universe has played a very bad game daksh.
She cries.


SHIVAAY – Even now I can’t believe u r dead. It was a happy moment as they announced tia pregnant but along with it came the news of my wife and dada dead. I won’t believe this until I am dead. I am waiting for your return. Please come back….
What happened 8 years ago?
Why isn’t yug believing kali is dead?
Is it his love?

To know more stay tuned to “ A KAYU FS “

So well I think that is finished.. lemme know how is it…..

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  1. Puvi

    Dear it is superb I am happy ki u made tia Shivay sister it’s just awesome and I have little bit confusion dear wht is this Kali and it’s dadi or dada

    1. Saasha123

      Thanq fr commenting. Kali is a small typo mistake… And its dada… I didn’t want dadi to die??

  2. Ishqkum

    Wow nice Dr update next ASAP

    1. Saasha123

      Thank u so much… I’ll try to update ASAP

  3. Eppadi iruka saasaha sisy I hope in this ib u get lot of comments

    1. Saasha123

      Nalla iruken di. Yes i am to hoping…

  4. Saasha123

    Hey guys a small typo… In the questions it is : why isn’t shivaay believing that anika is dead?….. Sorry for that…??

  5. Lalitha

    Its superb dear…. Finally u r writing fr shivika I’m Sooo happy for that….pls update the next shot asap…eagerly waiting

    1. Saasha123

      nenu post cestanu ASAP


  7. Ooo thank you so much saasha this 8s the first time someone dedicated ff to me i am on cloud 9 .
    Thank you so much saasha kèep writing like this .
    Once again thank you so mch

    1. Saasha123

      thank u di. and u keep commenting.

  8. Mrunal

    hey saashu….
    it is superb dear…
    i don’t watch kala teeka but i know the pair…
    i am really very happy that u converted into shivika fs..

    loved it dear…
    interesting start….

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