Raina was an eight year old girl knowing her mothers past but only half. She k ew it is her responsibility to find out fully. After the be t two nights she again sneaked into her mothers room.
RAINA – I am pretty sure ma would have completed the story by now.

She takes out the diary and reads…
“We lived a peaceful life but due to some financial crisis I had to shift back to Mumbai. The place which I hate the most. How could I forget? I didn’t want to risk Raina’s life but I had to move back as I had no other option left. How could I forget what happened here? Surely I hate this place due to that horrifying scene. I knew what happened was wrong but couldn’t call out to someone for justice. I spent most of my nights crying. How could I forget what happened to my sister…..”

RAINA – Oh no!!!! Another half story… And mumma has a sister she never told me.
Raina goes to the kitchen.
RAINA – Mrs. Anika if u want to save ur life get me a sister.
Anika smiles but gets saddened when she hears the word SISTER.
ANIKA – oi little dramebaaz from when did u wish to have a sister.
RAINA – simple after seeing naina and reyaan’s bond. I don’t need a brother cause he’ll irritate me.

ANIKA – and from where shall I get u a sister.
RAINA – From anywhere. I accept every baby.
Anika runs to catch raina. They both play and tickle each other and have a hearty laugh.

In shivaay’s room. He takes an album And goes through it. He smiles.
SHIVAAY – see how cute u look into this pic with cake on ur nose.


Shivaay brings a cake. As the clock strike 12 he shouts HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Anika wakes up with a startle.
ANIKA – Shivaay are u mad?? Who shoutz like this at this time. And u even ruined my peaceful sleep.
SHIVAAY – First of all I bring u a cake and I am awake till 12 at night and u r finding faults.
He frowns.
ANIKA – Toh mere pati parmeshwar got angry sorry.
Shivaay turns his face.
ANIKA – Sorry n baba. Forgive me

SHIVAY- OK as my heart is big I forgive u.
They cut the cake together. Shivaay takes little cream in his hand and applies on anika’s nose.
She makes a funny face. He clicks her pic. They laugh.

SHIVAAY- Kash I could celebrate ur b’day every year.
In anika’s room.
ANIKA – Nash u could be with me in all my b’days shivaay. I miss u.

What happened to anika’s sister?
Why isn’t anika coming in front of shivaay?
Will raina succeed in knowing her mother’s past?

Hey guys. How r u?? I am seriously happy as I won second prize in mono-acting. Though I don’t know it. And I wish each and every friend of mine a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS PONGOL.

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