shivika . rumya , ragsan …… we found our love (episode 4)

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ragini was roaming in her busy thoughts in living room when she strike with a muscular chest ,he instantly carched her .seeing the face ragini said ” leave me shivaay ” shivaay was out of senses he was lost in his own world not in rags but he as thinking of what destiny had palyed .. her ex gf is going to marry her 1 yr younger brother brother . ragini was having tears in her eyes .. just then a man came and pulled them apart .. he pointed his finger towards shivaay and said ” stay away from my girl ” . ragini was silent .he hold her arm and took her to his room , he showered rgs with multiple questions .. and rags shouted ” stop it sanskar ” .. he banged his hand on nearest wall and emptied his frustration .. rags p her hand on his shoulder and manage to speak ” sanky that was a coincidence … i WAS in a relationship with him … I WAS now my present and future are u ” she cupped his face wit her hands …she further continued ” i am not in love with u ,,but i promise i will never cheat u ( she was at verge of crying ) ,, we have a long journey to spend … lets just forget ur’s and mine past and give this a try .. ” she said this in choking voice … he back off and get a glass of water .. her kissed her forehead and murmur ” i trust u , take ur time ” and left the room …


all the family was there ….

A morning without flirting is not health … for our naughty anika .. she removed her footwear and tingled her feet with shivay’s . he widened his eyes in shock and looked towards her … then at ground.. anika was busy with her food .. but this pataka queen was all set on her mission . she slightly lifted her hand towards sanky’s and pushed his fork .. all this happened in seconds .. sanky bend down to get his fork .. here anika hold shivvay’s hand and caressed his foot .. shivaay was gulping and giving pleasing loks to anika whereas she as looking everywhere accept him .. sanky bent and took his fork when his sight fixed on shivika .. he gave a disgusting look to shivaay and ate his foog with a angry and devilish smirk ..


A Girl in her hottest attire was sleeping on bed basically she was reclined .. she had earplugs and was watching a vedio .. she whispered ” i love u man ” .. then our naughty hero enters the room without knocking and gave a naughty sile .. he pulled the blanket and adjusted hiself along with her …. and sai ” so now tell me whom u love ” .soumya hestitate ,, she stamered to anwer and said ” i .. i i dont love anyone ,” .. i love virat kohli … ” … se added ” what u think ” rudra thoughts ” till when u will hide … when will u confess” ……. he covered him from head to toe AND SAID ” good nght ” when soumya came out of her ream land and saiid “what … got to ur room rudra … plz jao … leave my room ” when she gets that he is not ready to go ,, she also slept …. rudra turned and kissed her forehead and left to his room …”

the end

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