shivika . rumya , ragsan …… we found our love (episode 1)

Hello everyone .. m really overwhelmed with the response .. all my newly got friends are so supportive . plz support me further as well obviously the ‘pataka queen ‘ is anika … all shivika and rumya fns .. ur wait is over …. Lets go further … I don’t wanna waste time with these talks

NEXT DAY … 01.09.17
Ragini was hugging a girl , she was ookind damn beautiful . the mansion was looking just like a bride . ragini , thanked the girl . the girl wished her “ oh , I can atleast do this for b’day girl .”.ragini added “yeah u can meri jaan .”

Then only shivaay came , he had came face to face to ragin . ragini was acting strong , but only she knew that how sensitive she was now . shivaay was finding himself stonehearted , because he was the reason of this situation , or hurting rags but he was not feeling any guilt , strange !! ragini left the place then turns the girl , her hairs falls on shivaay . he closed his eyes in irritation “ what the fuc” he was about to say, when he saw the girl … long black hairs , smoky eyes filled with black kohl . glossy and perfect kissable lips . our pataka queen “anika” . she kept her finger on his lips and whispered close to his ears “ no such bad words !” . shivaay’s was in shock , he was never so close to any girl . ( why do girls only blush or shock ,) .ragini slightly smiled and WHISPERED “ ANIKA KAPOOR ” . she left and joined the other group . ( I hope their first meet was upto ur expectations )

Ragini couldn’t control it anymore so she was running to her room . her eys were showing pearl like tears .. corner of her eyes were black .. spreading her liner , she suddenly strike hard with a man in mid 20’s . obviously cool hero sanky …. “ be careful , he said ..” but luckily he held her before , she could fell from her bare waist , which was exposed in her short top . she felt a current passed through her spine . she was continuously blinking her eyes to stop those peals flowing from her eyes . he said “ u cried again”. He was looking at her with rage ,,, he just pierced his nails in her waist and said “ y r u crying (with gritting his teeth )” . ragini was confused , she made herself presenable and said there’s someone on door .

A Girl in a cute short denim dress was fighting with a boy . he said “ u came , so early , my all piece is gone , hw will I live in this mansion a bit relax fully ( flowing artificial tears .. ) y god y ( looking upwards )” .when 2 ladies in modern heavy sarees came with a aarti thali and hold his ears “ oh nataunki , y are u irriataing my daughter “ “m not irraiatating ur daughter ask her she was arguing “

The end
Q1 . who 2 are fighting ? ( only this much homework )

Sorry for such a short update , but I will post regularly but the updates will be short and sweet .. so tc and don’t frget to like , vote and share ur views .. love u all …

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