SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN (Summary) (ishqbaaz ff) up to episode 25

Upto epi 25-

Hey guys!!!! I am back after a very very long break. I am soooooo happy that some of you still remember me and also messaged me, I am sorry I replied late as I had no connection to internet. I know its been over a month and I had told that I would be free only after march and now it is mid april, but honestly it was not all my fault. My dad got transferred so we had to shift. All the moving packing and shifting and setting up the new house took more than two weeks and then there was the wifi which was not yet set up so no internet and I could not post. I am very sorry and here is the summary of the story till epi 25 (it was the last epi I posted)

link for all the episodes—- Click here for all episodes

The story started with a one year leap so to clear out confusions here is the plot—
It has been one year since shivika met, they are not married. Saumya has not made her entry so the oberois have not met her but she is love angel and rudra is a very big fan of her and keeps talking and sharing things with her. Ishana is opposite omkara (I feel ishkara have a stronger and better bond than gauri and om) but she has not made her RENTRY yet. Anika has a dark past. Everything is fine in oberoi family except om and tej relation. Tej and jhanvi are happy and are together mending their relationship. Tej treats anika as his daughter. So it is a happy jolly family with currently no problems.

(((((aniomru had exposed the kapoors on sangeet day of shitia including swethlana so they r out, also daksh showed his true face to everyone on the same day and confessed that the one night stand was a misunderstanding and kidnaped anika but shivaay saved her, anika forgave shivaay after lots of sorry’s and pleas and came back to OM as the organizer of all parties, festivals, functions and every small need of the oberoi family)))))

In the first epi we see it is the birth anniversary of late Prithviraj Singh Oberoi (shivomru’s dada) and dadi is making her video diary as she does every year. Tej and jhanvi are shown caring for each other (trying to mend their relation), Shakti and pinky are shown giving time and importance to each other, prinku has become confident and strong over the year, rudra is the same cool dude but now more connected to love angel (saumya has not met the oberois), omkara is also the same intense artist with his beautiful shayaris (not the new dbo wala omkara), shivaay is still the rude arrogant businessman for the world but he has fallen in love with anika but is not accepting it. Anika is also the same old chirpy full of fun with her own hindi dictionary but she too has not accepted the fact that she is in love with shivaay singh oberoi.

The family along with anika reaches the temple for maha aarthi. But before maha aarthi, outside the temple anika is talking to sahil on phone who was coming with omru for the maha aarthi when a few goons come and try to force themselves on anika but shivaay reaches at the nick of time and saves anika. Seeing anika’s blouse torn, shivaay takes anika back to OM so she can change. He chooses a white sari with beautiful studs and designs which matches his three piece white kurta for anika to wear. The maha aarthi is performed by shivaay, omkara, rudra and Priyanka. After the maha aarthi oberoi family convince anika and sahil to stay back for the weekend.

At night all the youngster (shivika, omrupri) play truth or dare while the elders and sahil are asleep. Shivika are given the dare to dance on a song. They do a couple dance on raabta (agent vinod song). Later at night when the light go out in the pool area where anika was present and she freaks out, but shivaay calms her down. Anika’s reaction triggers a doubt about her past in shivaay. The whole night neither shivaay nor anika could sleep as they were in deep thoughts about each other.

The next morning, omrupri tease shivaay as they get to know about him feeling anika’s presence. Then, shivika slip into the flashback of an incident that took place the previous day (maha aarthi day), when shivaay gifted anika a pendant and anika gifted shivaay a brand new watch cause they had met on the same day a year ago. The youngsters chat and chat but shivika fall asleep cuddling into each other as they had not slept the whole day. Omrupri show this sight to pinky who was happy to get anika as her daughter in law.
There is a blackout and the generator in OM stops working, shivaay worries for anika and finds her in a corridor in a vulnerable state, he hugs her and calms down while she says that she does not like darkness as anything can happen in darkness and it has happened. After this incident shivaay becomes more curious to find out anika’s past and take her out of this fear.

Later shivaay goes to drop anika and sahil at their house. On the way shivika have an eyelock due to which shivaay does not concentrate on the road and does not see a truck heading their way, when he sees the truck shivaay tries to control the car but is unable to and they dash into a tree. Sahil is not hurt much and so he calls OM, shivika lie unconscious. Shivika are rushed to the hospital where the doctor informs oberoi family that shivaay is safe and fine but anika is in danger and might die if she doesn’t gain consciousness in a few hours. Media raise questions on anika and shivaay’s relation and anika’s character when they get the accident news which enrages tej as he considers anika as his daughter. Shivaay gains consciousness and asks for anika but the oberoi family tries to hide anika’s condition. Shivaay tells them that he would have been severely injured if it was not for anika. He tells them that when they found out that the seat belt was not going to protect them, anika held shivaay back so that he doesn’t bang in front but because of this anika was pushed forward was badly injured. Omru then take shivaay to anika’s ward where she was still unconscious. Shivaay caresses anika’s forehead when anika gains consciousness everyone are happy.

Omrupri plan to make shivika confess their feelings and rudra takes the help of love angel. Love angel talks to shivaay about love and relationship which is also heard by anika on radio. After listening to this anika write a letter to shivaay expressing her confusions asks if they could be friends to which shivaay happily agrees. The days pass by with Shivika spending time with each other and always terming it as “friendship” whenever asked but they had accepted that they were in love with each other but did not confess.

Dadi plans with other oberoi members so that shivaay confesses in front of anika. The next day pinky tells anika to see a boy named Raghav for marriage alliance and jhanvi and dadi give her a speech about relations, love and how and why she cant sit single her whole life and has to think about her and sahil’s future, after which anika agrees to see the boy which disappoints shivaay. In the evening Raghav and his family arrive and like anika when asked about her decision anika looks at shivaay who was looking down at the floor and says ‘I have no problem for this alliance’ which shatters shivaay. He cries in his room, omrupri enter and console him and confronts him for not expressing his feelings to which shivaay replies that this will not be accepted by pinky and tej and media would spoil anika’s name. he also says that anika does not love him back as she agreed for the alliance.

In another room Raghav confronts anika and she too says that she loves shivaay but cant confess as his principles are blood, family and lineage and moreover oberoi family would not accept her as their daughter in law. Pinky, tej and jhanvi clear shivaay’s misunderstanding and ask him to confess. Anika tells Raghav that she got carried away by emotions and said yes but in reality she does not want to marry, Raghav understands and they become friends. Anika goes to the backyard when shivaay comes and confesses his love and emotions and so does anika.

Shivika have their cute little moments. Oberois organize a family party and invite mallika and sid. Love angel gives rudra the idea to give a gift to shivika with all their moments. So omrupri make a video with all the shivika moments and bg music (a few moments from ib and few I have written with my imagination). Shivika were surprised and they loved it as it was their journey from the day they had met to the present day.

Later on as the party continues the youngsters were having fun, dancing chatting and teasing while the elders were talking of business families and how they have changed over the years. Tej, jhanvi, pinky, Shakti and dadi talk of Rajesh Raichand. They say that Raichands were as rich, powerful and famous as oberois 14 years ago, but one day rajesh raichand killed his own family. The converstion was heard by the youngsters. Anika couldn’t take it anymore and shouted “stop!!!! Stop this. You all are wrong. Everyone” and breaks down in shivaay’s arms who was shocked, surprised, scared, concerned and what not.

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