SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 7 (ishqbaaz ff)


Hey guys I am back with the seventh epi. pls do comment I do need ur support otherwise I might have to stop it pls comment even if u want to point out flaws pls do so that I can improve too.
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Recap- pinky has no grudge on anika and wants anika as her bahu (daughter in law) and is waiting for shivika to realise their feeling for each other. Blackout in Mumbai so no lights in oberoi mansion and generator also does not work, shivaay worries for anika and goes in search of her in the mansion. He is relieved to find her but worried and sad to see her shivering with fear. He tries to console her.

So, let us start with the epi

Anika side hugs shivaay (they r sitting on a sofa in the corridor) shivaay tries to console her and calm her down by assuring her that he is there with her.

Shivaay- anika pls calm down u don’t have to be so scared of darkness it is nothing
Anika (in a scared tone)- anything can happen in this darkness and it has happened, I just don’t want it in front of my eyes again I don’t want to be here take me from here pls.
Shivaay (now confused and concerned)- where will u go? This is the condition in every houe here there is a blackout in Mumbai and not only here.
Anika calms down in shivaay’s arms
Shivaay- U don’t have to be scared cause I am with u no problem can come near u.
Anika looks up to him and he is like what did I just say???

But before he could explain anything.

Anika- thank u. (tears rolled down her cheeks)

Shivaay sees this and wipes her tears. They look into each other’s eyes. Anika can find the concern shivaay has for her and her inner voice tells her ‘see how much concerned he is for u…………. and his hug has the warmth in which a girl like me also can melt…………. Why? Why do I feel secure when he is around? How did I just calm down so quickly because of hm?’ these questions were haunting anika and she was trying find the answer in shivaay’s eyes but all his eyes could reflect for her was concern which made her even more confused.

They r lost in each other and have forgotten the whole world.

The lights come on due to which they come back to their senses and realise that they were in a compromising position and moved back (left each other)

Shivaay- I guess we should go down to the hall

Anika nods they start walking. Shivaay sees that anika is still lost somewhere and thinks ‘anika is surely hiding something, something that might have occurred in her past because of which she is so scared of darkness…………………… wait why am I thinking so much for anika?………………………..but I really have to find out her past and bring her out of this trauma……………………………………but why me? Shivaay singh oberoi cares only about business and his family not for outsiders…………………………….but she is not an outsider she is family……………..ok this is final shivaay singh oberoi will surely find the reason for her fearand will finish it off too. That’s it.’

Shivika come to the hall and everyone gives a sigh of relief as anika was found.

Dadi- anika are you fine?
Anika- yes dadi
Pinky- u dont look so. I think u need rest.
Anika- no pinky aunty. Me and sahil have to leave tomorrow is Monday and sahil has school so it is better if we leave now.
Jhanvi- but how will u go alone and sahil was feeling very sleepy so slept off.
Om – it is ok I will drop anika and sahil.
Shivaay (instanty)- why will u go I am there na!

Everyone look at shivaay with a confused look.

Shivaay(making up for what he said)- I mean I will drop u don’t take worry and I have gone many times so I know the way around better u might get lost.
Om- yeah u r right I might get lost and when u r there why will anyone else drop ANIKA, right?☺☺???

Shivaay makes sahil sleep in the backseat and sits with anika in the front.

They drive off

But soon come to a stop,

Anika- kya baat hai billuji aapke breaks to hamesha fail hote hai par aapke gaadi ke breaks to chaka chak fit hai.????(sorry guys this dialogue had to be written in hindi otherwise the fun language of anika would not have been seen)
Shivaay – now what is chaka chak?????????
Anika- are u don’t know chaka chak. It means good or excellent condition.
Shivaay- I don’t get this! Where do u get so many words from????
Anika-??????……………………………my talent??
Shivaay yeah right!!!???
shivaay- oh god! This way is blocked!!!! How will we reach ur home now?
anika- I know another way. We can go from there
shivaay- we don’t have any way out so fine
they go on to another route and after sometime they r on a road where there r no other cars.

Anika turns on the fm

Fm- welcome back to 93.7 FM and this is ur radhika here, today is such a good day and it will be a good night. Why not share it with ur beloved, that beloved with whom u can feel secured, in whose arms u feel the warmth that can calm u down, for whom u care so much, whom u cannot see in pain or fear.

Anika and shivaay relate to what was being told on FM and reminisce their moments.

Shivika (together)- wo about today….

They look at each other and r again lost in each other. Shivaay is not ooking in front but is lost in anika. There is honking of truck and shivaa comes back to senses and sees truck heading their way and gets scared and in a jerk turns the steering wheel, they get past the truck but shivaay still trying to control the car applies breaks but he is late the car hits a tree in front and the car is badly injured. The glass is broken (the front one as well as the windows)

Sahil gets up and he has not got that much hurt but just a scratch on him arm, he is shocked seeing the condition of the car and even more shocked looking at anika and shivaay’s condition, they r badly hurt and unconscious, shivaay is badly pricked with glass pieces on him arms and his head is resting on the steering wheel, anika also has a few glass pieces on her arms and her head is badly injured and is bleeding very badly.

Sahl get scared and screams ‘ anika didi!!! Sso !!!’

He takes the phone whose surface is broken but is still working he calls oberoi mansion and hospital.

Everyone get shocked and get tensed, omru reach the accident spot and so does ambulance and take them to hospital. Dadi, prinku, piny, Shakti, tej, jhanvi, omru reach hospital and are tensed and scared that they might lose shivika.

They console each other and on the other hand doctors’ r doing their job.

Screen freezes on shivika being treated.

Precap- doctor says ‘shivaay singh oberoi is out of danger but ms. Anika is still in danger, her head was badly injured so we cant say anything as certain about her for at least next 12 hrs’ everyone get scared and are tensed om consoles dadi.

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