SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 6(ishqbaaz ff)


Hi guys, I am back after a very very long time with the 6th epi of shivika- pyaar ki dastaan. I am very very very very very sorry for the delay. I just could not post it cause of many hurdles or problems. Here are the links of the proms and episodes for those who have missed out:

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recap: shivika moments. Shivaay anika dance to raabta (hindi song). Shivaay notices anika getting emotional seeing their bro sis moments and sees pain on her face. Shivaay becomes aware of anika being hell scared of darkness and confronts anika about the same as he finds something fishy. After breakfast shivika sleep of cuddled with each other on shivaay’s bed as they did not sleep the whole night. Dadi, omru and prinku shocked???

ok now coming to the episode:

omru, prinku and dadi are in dadi’s room.

Prinku- dadi I am not able to understand till now what is happening to shivaay bhaiyya and anika now a days
Dadi- prinku this all a part of the game.
Rudra- game?? What game??? Shivaay bhaiyya and anika didi are playing game without me? How rude and how not possible.?………… but wait what kind of game is this?????
Om- dumbbell oberoi use ur mind at least sometimes.?? dadi is talking of the game called love.
Prinku- but still I have not seen shivaay bhaiyya loose himself like this even in his sleep!!!
Dadi- yes puttar love changes everything. It can make a stone hearted person lovable and a lovable person stone hearted.

Pinky comes

Pinky- maaji there is loves talks going on here without me?? About whose loves r u talking abouts tells me also.
Dadi- just casual talk
Pinky- by the way maaji I also wish that shivaay turns lovable from outside too and fall for the one in a million girl. And you knows I have found that girl and I know shivaay has feelings for hers. ☺☺☺
Dadi omru and prinku look at each other and then at pinky
Pinky- why u all stares me like thats? That girl is here only
Omru- who???????????????
Pinky- anika!!!! Yes I was talking of anika and shivaay. They looks so cutes together. No maaji??
Dadi – yes
Prinku and omru r happy knowing that pinky does not have any grudge against anika.
Rudra- in that case choti ma will be shockapppy to see something.
Om- shockappy ????????????
Rudra- yes shocked and happy shockappy. Just like brad and Angelina brangelina????????
Om- shut up rudra!!!!!!!!!!
Prinku- shocked and happy to see what???
Rudra- choti ma come with me
Rudra takes pinky along with him to shivaay’s room and prinku and om walk behind.

Pinky gets shocked to see shivika sleeping cuddled up with each other but she is happy too.

Pinky- o my mataa!!!!!! Is this my shivaay???????
Om- choti maa talk in low voice else they will get up. It seems they did not sleep whole night.
Piny- I think I will get my bahu sooner than I thought.

It is afternoon, (in shivaay’s room)

Shivaay slowly opens his eyes and tries to stretch but he cant as anika has her hand wrapped around his and his eyes widen looking at anika beside him resting her head on his chest.

Anika too gets up and once she is in her senses, she rewinds and remembers that she had fallen asleep on shivaay and her eyes widen up too. She slowly looks up so her eyes meet shivaay’s and both r very close to each other and r just lost in their world. Bith staring at each other as if there is nothing known as time.

They come back to their senses and both r silent. From inside floods of happiness have come but they just don’t want to show it. Anika goes from there.

As she goes out anika has a smile on her face and so does shivaay.☺☺☺???

It gets dark (as it turns night from day?obviously)

All r busy in their own work. Suddenly the lights go off darkness spreads over mansion. Shivaay calls out – what’s wrong? What has happened?

Servent- sir there is no light in anywhere around
Om- shivaay I guess there is a blackout
Shivaay – so what has happened to the generator?

In a few seconds rudra calls out and says- bhaiyya! Generator is not workin!!

Shivaay- what?? Oh god!!!! Where is anika???? She is so scared of darkness!!! Where is she?

Everyone who have assembled in the hall look around but anika is no where to be seen

Shivaay gets tensed and starts searching for her like mad in oberoi mansion.

He is searching around in a corridor and sees a womanly figure who is shivering with fear. Shivaay whispers anika!. Anika turns and runs to him and hugs him tightly.

Anika (breathing heavily and full of fear)- billuji! Please take me from here I do not want to reminisce that night again I don’t want those scenes in front of me. I don’t want to stay in this darkness. Please stay with me.
Shivaay (relieved to find her and caressing her hair)- sshhhh realax I am with u and I am not going anywhere u do not have to go through any fear. I am here so relax

Anika feel relaxed and comfortable in his arms and she calms down.

Shivaay makes her sit on a sofa like chair nearby in the corridor and sits beside her and she side hugs him and has her grip tight on shivaay’s collar. Shivaay too does not let go of her as of protecting her from anything and everything that harms her.

Precap- shivika and sahil in car. Shivaay and anika in front seat and sahil sleeping on back seat. Shivaay and anika together say ‘wo about today’ and look at each other. As shivaay is looking at anika he does not see in front and suddenly there is horning of truck coming from that side and shivaay suddenly turns the steering wheel and tries to apply breaks.

What happens next???????????? Wait for the next epi

Guys pls tell me if I am boring or anything like that and as for more intense shivika scenes, it will take a few more epis as shivika have not yet accepted their love for each other. Pls comment and tell me should I continue? Are u liking it? Pls I do need some boosting.

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  1. Akshaya

    Wow awesome

  2. Ishqkum

    Nice Dr it is enjoying and I loved it

  3. intresting

  4. Ya you should go ahead
    Its nice to read ur update after a long time
    Keep it up

  5. Priyanka_22

    amazing romantic nd lovely 😀 loved shivika moments.. der cuddle hug nd the shivaay’s care n concern for Anika.. nd pinky’s liking for anika was surprise element..
    scaring precap..
    anywyz update soon n plz try to make it bit lenghtier

  6. Tulasi

    Hey dear….u rocked it……..shivikas moments r soooooooo sweet…tht hug???? waitng for d next sooo eagerlt

  7. Awesome… U just nailed it with shivika… waiting fr next update..Plz go ahead 🙂

  8. SamSun

    Thank u all very much and I will surely try and make it longer. Thank you all again

  9. Shivika

    Wow…… really amaze me a lot…..
    Plz post nxt one asap

  10. Priyali

    Amazing fantabulous kihidki tod episode..

    1. SamSun

      Thank u shivika and priyali.? i will post the next epi soon.?

  11. Pinkyyy

    Awesome update dear???

    1. SamSun

      Thank u pinkyyy.?

      1. SamSun

        I really want all of u to comment even my silent readers because this is the only way through which I will know if the ff can be continued or not so please comment negative or positive. Pls

  12. Nansshivika

    Loved it yaar I am glad pinky too likes her and episode is superb waiting for ta next

    1. SamSun

      Thank u soo much?

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