SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 5(ishqbaaz ff)

hey guys thanks for ur support and here is epi 5.☺

Shivaay and anika spend the whole night thinking about each other and did not sleep.
Next morning, it is 5:00 in the morning.
Shivaay’s room
Shivaay (to himself)- I guess I will go for a walk out. Maybe this might just help me take my mind of anika.
Shivaay goes to the garden and sees anika roaming around. Shivaay feels a wave of happiness and calmness flow through him and his lips just form a slight curve.
He comes to anika and as anika sees shivaay she gets startled and starts to go from there when something held her hand. It was shivaay, he was holding anika’s hand to stop her from going.
Shivaay- u cannot run from me or my questions. U will have to answer them at some point of time to someone, so why not now to me?
Anika turns to face shivaay, she stares him for a few seconds and says ‘u will not understand’ and turns to leave again but shivaay pulls anika and she falls on shivaay (not making him fall but just falls on him and shivaay holds her). They have a deep eye lock.
Before they could break their eye lock, dadi comes there
Dadi- billu, anika!!

They break their eye lock and leave each other

Dadi- what r u both doing here that too so early in the morning? Didn’t you sleep?
Anika and shivaay (together)- no dadi
They look at each other. Then anika to cover up says ‘no dadi we did sleep but somehow got up’
Dadi- ok. You both go have ur bath and get ready, go.

They nod their head and leave. Dadi smiles after they leave and thinks to herself ‘I just hope they keep coming close to each other and realise their feelings for each other’

Hours pass by and at around 10:00 in the morning, shivaay is in the kitchen with anika.

Shivaay is preparing breakfast and anika is preparing some fruit juice for everyone.
Shivaay gets a call and gets busy and soon as he finishes with his call, he turns to find that his dish is about to get burnt when and so he rushes to put the stove off and so does anika. Shivaay’s hand is on Anika’s and they r looking at each other. Then they look at each other’s hand and give a slight smile as if they saw something on each other’s hand that pleases them. Omru enter and are confused to see shivika looking at each other’s hand and smiling.

Rudra- bhaiyya why are u smiling like this?
Shivaay- ummm…… no I am not smiling.

Omru get suspicious.

Later, omru and prinku come to shivaay’s room with anika behind them. Shivaay has his back turned towards them and his anika meter goes on and so he says ‘come in anika u don’t have to knock on the door’. Everyone r shocked and anika looks somewhere else as if she does not know anything about shivaay feeling her presence.

Anika (at last)-billuji not only me but omru and prinku are also here

Shivaay turns and has the kind of expression his face as if he did not say anything

Rudra- bhaiyya we all were there and u saw only anika didi
Om- not ‘saw’ rudra ‘felt’. Shivaay FELT anika’s presence.
Prinku rudra- oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!!!
Shivaay – prinku! They are mad that they r taunting me this way and now u r joining them?
Prinku (making an innocent face)- shivaay bhaiyya actually I was with truth only and this is true right that u felt only anikas presence.
Anika- enough enough. Now rudra tell me why u brought me here?
Rudra- didi today is Sunday right?
Anika- yes
Rudra- and Sunday is funday right?
Anika – yes
Rudra – and on funday we have lots of fun right?
Anika- yes
Om – rudra come to the point
Rudra- ok ok! We r here to have some fun to chit-chat and ‘FEEL’(taunting shivaay)
Shivaay- shut up rudra!!!

All of them make themselves comfortable on shivaay’ bed and they are sitting in a so called circle. shivaay is sitting on the bed with his legs stretched and anika is sitting beside shivaay.

Prinku notices anika’s pendant

Prinku- anika ur pendant is so beautiful but u were wearing this yesterday too. Is it special?
Rudra- and bhaiyya this is a new watch is so awesome. Who gave it to u?

Anika and shivaay look at each other and travel back to yesterday.

*Flashback* (before leaving oberoi mansion after anika changes her dress)
Shivaay (talking on phone to pinky)-yeah. I am just coming ma.
He keeps the call and turns to anika who is also looking at him
Shivaay – let’s go.
Anika nods her head
Shivaay and anika both think ‘how should I tell her/him’
Then both together say ‘I have something for u’
Both look at each other confused
Shivaay- u have something for me?
Anika- and u have something for me, but why?
Shivaay- because one year ago on this day……
Anika- we both met???
Shivaay – u remember too?
Anika- u also remember so how can I forget??
Shivaay- so what do u have for me?
Anika- no first u
Shivaay- first u
Anika- umm ok.
She takes out a small box from her bag and gives it shivaay. Shivaay opens it and finds a cool looking watch and anika makes him wear it.
Anika- now u show me what u have for me
Shivaay- first turn
Anika- why?
Shivaay – just do as I say
Anika- ok
Anika turns and shivaay makes her wear a pendant with sparkly white stones on it. Anika loves it.??
*Flashback ends*

Anika and shivaay have a wide smile on their face and omru and prinu are confused looking at them smile at each other.
Om- shivaay , anika will anyone of u speak or u both will just smile

Shivaay and anika come back to their senses
Anika – what phaltu kind of topic is this? Change the topic

They all talk and have fun. Omru and prinku r having a discussion on some topic and anika and shivaay get very sleepy (as they did not sleep the whole night). They r half way asleep when they bump their heads.???

They wake up with shock and try to stay awake but alas they sleep off. Anika is sleeping on shivaay’s shoulders and shivaay is resting his head on hers.

Om notices this gets shocked?? he shows the same to rudra and Priyanka and they too r shocked and cup their mouths??.

Priyanka tries to wake up anika but fails and anika in sleep says ‘sahil do not disturb me I did not sleep whole night so go away’ and tangles her hand with shivaay’s. om tries to wake up shivaay but he too fails as shivaay in sleep says ‘rudra pls go from here I did not sleep the whole night let me sleep’.??

Omru and Priyanka come out and together say ‘yeh ho kya raha hai❓❓❓❓’
Dadi- pyaar
Omru and Priyanka look at her and dadi says ‘I saw everything, billu and anika are sleeping let them sleep they did not sleep the whole night’
Rudra- anika didi and shivaay bhaiyya both did not sleep were they together????
Prinku- but anika was sleeping in my room
Om- they were together but not in reality in thoughts.
Dadi- but don’t let pinky see this I do not know how she will react
Omru- ok

Screen freezes on shivika sleeping nicely cuddled with each other.

Precap- there is a power cut in Mumbai. There are no lights in oberoi mansion. Rudra says ‘bhaiyya generator is not working’. Shivaay- ‘oh god! Where is anika? She is so afraid of darkness and there is only darkness here’ he looks for like mad in the mansion.

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  1. Ishqkum

    Wow lovely shivika rocking

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    it was awsum superb romantic amazing nd wt not
    loved it..
    nd shivika moments was ek dam jakkas 😀
    the way dey xchangd their first meet anniversary gifts was really cute
    n awesome precap
    excited fo next part
    update soon samsun

  3. Nansshivika

    It is so good lovely post next asap

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  4. Nice ep

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    it was very good and the only thing i am hunry about always is shivika scenes and u gave them good but u kow ki told i m always hungry and so what i want is more intensified scenes…..

  10. Priyanka.N

    Lovely…..awesome ff nd awesome update…current track is little boring in serial….so i read everyone’s ff nd feel happy…i feel really dam happy aftr reading ur ff than watching serial nw a days

  11. Nice epi

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    lovely epi samm…. also, i have uploaded the next part of my ff so its publishing… do drop a comment there..

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      Thanks guys, I happy very happy that u r liking the ff. Tany, I will surely put in intensified scenes of shivika next time. I will drop a comment on ur ff too priyali ?

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    That’s an awesome episode Dear….???
    I felt a bit relief as this episode is full of positiveness???. Shivika’s scenes are amazing.???
    And both of them smiling at a time is fab???
    As a whole the episode is superb…???

  14. Tulasi

    Awwww…suprrrr……shivika r realllyyy cutestttttt….lovely….amaznggg….fab….fantastic….luvd it to d core…i was in a dream land of shivika….

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    Wow what a episode nyc…romantic i was wble to sense and feel everything…..

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