SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 53 (ishqbaaz ff)

Recap- Shivika get engaged and Ishana tries to convince om to give tej another chance and understand him.

Epi 53-


The two lovebirds were in each other’s embrace sleeping on the grass looking up into the starlit sky.

Anika- isn’t this beautiful??
Shivaay- adoring the starlit sky in the embrace of my to-be-wife, sharing the the silence which speaks the unsaid? …… it is more than beautiful, more than the most sophisticated words u can use, something which I can’t express in words.
Anika- Are u THE Shivaay Singh Oberoi??!! who has no time for philosophy and romance?!
Shivaay- are you THE anika who has been in a relationship for almost a year now?? (sarcastically)
Anika- I am!! But u r not!

Anika- haan toh?! home to business, business to home. u dont even look beyond it nowadays!
Shivaay- come on anik! u know I was busy with a few projects and…….
Anika- so? even I handle business but at least I call u, the last time YOU CALLED ME was a month ago!! (sitting up right)

Shivaay (he also sits up right)- really?? I did not even know!
Anika ( giving a irritated expression)- I am not joking, I am complaining!
Shivaay- ok ok! Now, see anika I told u, I was busy why would I ignore u?
Anika (plucking out the grass keeping a sad pout)- How am I to know?
Shivaay(smiling looking at her cuteness)- u know what? if u keep this pout on ur lips for even a second more, I will kiss u!

Anika(looking at him with eyes wide open, and throws the grass on him which she was plucking)- cheepde!!!
Shivaay- with u I can become double cheepda, should I? haan? should I?
he keeps decreasing the small distance between them, but anika pushes him and runs from there while shivaay runs behind her.


om was still looking at ishana, his intense gaze fixed on her eyes, and she trying to read his mind through his face. so practically, they were sharing an eye lock. but when ishana pulled herself out from the trance, she decided to kill the silence.

Ishana- omkara, I dont know what u might be thinking of me after this, but all I want to say is give the father-son relation another chance.
Om- Didn’t u hate ur father for being with another woman? for not being with u during the toughest of times? for not sparing a glance at u or at ur sister when u cried, when u needed him? dont u hate ur father for any such thing?

Ishana- no omkara, I don’t and u don’t either. U are angry at him, you are disgusted by his acts but u dont hate him and u know this too dont u? (om looks away not being able to meet her eyes) t I had already lost my family, on the name of family, I only had papa and mona with me, I did not want to lose anyone else. Omkara, even I was angry at my father when he did not support me, but then he too needed support right?he only mistake he did was he did not want to take our support, he wanted to handle everything all by himself. that’s it!
Om- that’s it?! is it so easy, so small? (surprised)

Ishana (standing up)- when u get over this hurdle with ur father, the past will seem very small……… anyways, lets go the rest of the family might be wondering where we are.

she forwards her open palm, waiting to be held by om’s hand, and he looks at her hand and then at ishana. at that moment, the felt a pinch in the heart for a fraction of a second (u know, shivaay’s “dard”). Om slowly got up and moved close towards her face, he gently tucks a few strands of hair behind her ear.

Om (still looking at her)- lets go?
Ishana- huh?!……… yeah! we… we shou… should go.
when they reached just outside the temple, the whole family including shivika were present happily talking and laughing. Anika was standing with tej and shakti, who were wholeheartedly enjoying the conversation with anika, it was when pinky called out for shakti that tej and anika were left alone. But that did not mean there was awkward silence, but there were roars of laughter.

Om was surprised by this view while ishana just joined shivaay and dadi.

Om(POV)- the man who did not care for anika, is today showering her with so much love and affection, and I can see it is genuine, true from heart, but how? why? was ishana right? should I talk? should I confront?…………. no! how can I do that? he has been the stone hearted person in our family for so many years without caring for anyone, and now he has suddenly changed his colours, should I believe it? or will he just break every emotion again like he did before?…………… bur ishana was right, when she can give her father a chance, why can’t I? well, I have taken into consideration everything told by my anjaani, so why not now?……. wait! MY anjaani, no it was just slip of tongue, or should I say slip of thought.  (poor him, he doesn’t know, in love there is always slip of thought ??)

Precap- om- I wanted to speak to u Mr. oberoi, do u have time?           tej- of course I do!       tej-om leave from the hall whereas everyone else looks on confused and nervous.      panditji enters OM along with raichand family to decide dates for shivika marriage.

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