SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 52 (ishqbaaz ff)

Hey! here is the 52nd epi. I know I am late but then my right arm, shoulder and neck region was badly aching and i could not do anything much, even though I am a left hander. And then I had a few personal problems so i could not post. but now my vacation ends, so my posts might be a teensy weensy bit irregular but i will post during my free time.

Epi 52—


Ishana was sitting on the stairs (imagine the same stairs where dadi was sitting on the day of mah aarti in real IB when shivaay comes and assures her of keeping the obros bond forever.), om sees her sitting there at and staring at nothing in particular. He comes and sits beside her.

Om- what are u thinking?
Ishu- nothing…
Om- I thought we are friends and friends share…
Ishu (speaking before he could complete)- I cant believe my taai is getting married soon. It seems as if we were playing with our dolls and toys yesterday only.
Om- even I feel the same. Shivaay always used to say love is not real, it does not happen to people who live in the real world and that relations that are not by birth are deals and nothing more. And now, now he is in madly deeply in love with anika
Ishu- and soon they will be married and my sister will not be living with me but at her husband’s house.

Om- and that house happens to be ur best friend’s, so u can come over and meet her any time u want, and I mean it, any time u want.
Om- why? am i not ur best friend?
Ishu- uuuuuhhhhhhh…..    (thinking)

Om looks at her in disbelief, and looking at his face expression, ishu bursts into fits of laughter.


He says so throwing his hands up in the air.

Om- here i am trying to boost up your mood and you made me a joker, right??
Ishu- hmmm……. i did not mean to make u look like a joker, it is just that ever since our happy family broke, i used to cry alone, talk alone and cheer my mood up alone, there was no one else, mona was too young and i did not want her to suffer my thoughts and feelings while papa was most of the time drunk!
Om- so u got used to get over your low moods by talking to yourself
Ishu- how do u know?

Om- come on ishana! it’s been months since i know u! and more over we both are somewhat the same when it comes to emotions
Ishu- yes, somewhat same. but different when it comes to acceptance om
Om- what do u mean?
Ishu- omkara, my dad too did not give me much importance after mom left us, he too never came to me or mona to understand our problems, our feelings, our emotions. The whole day, he would drink. yes… yes there days when he did not drink because we had to con someone to fulfill chadda’s wishes, but once the work was done he was back to drinks and outside world.

Om- ishana, i know where u are trying to take this conversation, but trust me, Naren uncle is a completely different case, my dad cheated on my mom! He did what not to stop shivaay from touching skies, how heartless he is, he could not even respect my mom, his wife!!
Ishu- i know omkara! i know! but have u ever tried once, to know why? and my dad is not very different from Tej uncle’s case, he too got immersed in the same kind of world once

Om looked at her shocked… he wanted her to tell him it was not true that she too went through the same turmoil of emotions he did… but the past was something different.

Ishu- omkara, my dad too had an affair.
Om (with tears threatening to fall)- no, tell me u r lying

Ishu- I am not! After mom’s death papa started drinking heavily, he was with some woman, may be the same one, but he was with her every night, he would curse maa a lot for leaving us when he would be drunk. but omkara, my love for him did not decrease! yes i felt disgusted about the way he was handling the situation, but i felt helpless during all those years, but then i had an open conversation with him, we fought that day, we shouted at each other that day, we cried with each other that day. And then he realised, yes it was difficult for him to get rid of drinking but he was trying, u too saw it, didn’t u? and now, now he is the same old Naren Mehta who was a happy-go-lucky family man. Omkara, sometimes people keep hiding feelings and emotions and that is when he starts changing, not because he doesn’t have the affection,love and care in him for anyone anymore, but because he is frustrated as he thinks there is no one who would talk to him or understand him. Some are that way, they don’t open up to anyone and Tej uncle is one such person,

Om- ishu please!! stop it right now!! Mr. Oberoi is… is a very…… very……
Ishu- not able to complete? because he is trying to rectify what he did all these years to u… to jhanvi aunty, he wants to become the old tej singh oberoi he was a few years ago…
Om- no! no… i mean… I don’t understand Mr. Oberoi!!! He is so confusing!
Ishana- u know him om, u know him very well, it is just that u don’t want to accept it!!! Omkara i accepted my dad when he was in such a condition, why cant u???!!!

Om looks at ishana with rage in his eyes.

Om- your dad’s condition is different and my dad’s is different!!
Ishu- not completely! but understand omkara! he is your father, he now wants to be with u, with his family with his sons and daughter, but he is not able to do so wholeheartedly and why, that u should ask him. being a son, it was your duty to talk to your dad and make him understand, confront him and fight with him or nicely talk to him share your feelings with him, not shut him out of your life and even decline to call him ‘papa’!!! but now u still have time to get back your father, omkara talk to him, know what is eating him up from inside.

Om keeps staring at ishana, trying to grasp what she said, analyse what she said.

On the other hand, Shivika were lying down on the grass, in each others embrace looking at the stars adorning the dark night sky.

Shivaay- happy second anniversary anika
Anika- same to u too, BILLUJI
Shivaay- uurgghh!! PAANIKA!!

They both laugh a little and then stay silent to bask in the essence of the moment and their embrace.

Precap- tej showers fatherly affection on anika. Om( POV)- the man who did not care for anika, is today showering her with so much love and affection, and I can see it is genuine, true from heart, but how? why? was ishana right? should I talk? should I confront?

Ok I am done with this. But guys my vacation ends, so my post might be a little irregular, but I will post whenever i get time, but pls keep commenting once in at least five or six posts so that I know your POV and expectations.

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