SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 50 (ishqbaaz ff)


JUNE 19 IS SPECIAL CAUSE IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!! AND I AM HITTING HALF CENTURY!!!!!!!!!! And it is all because of u guys, thank u so so so very much for the love support and encouragement u have given. And this is a small treat from my side, the small little surprise is the plot i have put up in this part so pls do read.

Epi 50—

The sun rises and there is a hustle going on in raichand mansion, peeping in we see that adi, ani and ishu are talking or it looks like they are arguing.

Adi- no! it is final! I will drop u two at the gallery and u will got to the gallery which I will take u to, not some ordinary one.
Ani- but bhai, ishu knows the owner very well and it is not an ordinary gallery
Ishu- yes bhai, and what is the need to drop us? We will go on our own, u r simply wasting time.
Adi- melody, nriti I have decided and it is final!! I am dropping u at the best gallery in mumbai. Now follow me!

Saying so adi left and the sisters had no choice but to follow him. Adi sat in the front with the driver while ishu and ani sat on the back seat.

Ani (whispering to ishu)- see where u trapped me! U told that we will leave together but u would drop me at office and then u would leave to ur destination, but now I have to tag along with u leaving my work!!
Ishu(in a very low voice to herself with a sad pout)- u r trapped??! I am the one who is trapped!! Don’t know where bhaiyya is taking us, my date with zulfi CANCELED!!! Nooooooo, this is not fair!!!! I was looking forward for this and look what happened!!!

On the other hand om who had reached his gallery early and was eagerly looking forward for his and ishu’s meet was now sitting on chair with a gloomy face. He had received ishu’s msg regarding whatever had happened at raichand mansion, he had given up hope of meeting her today.

A white posh car’s screech bought him back to the real world and ishu who was sleeping got up with a jerk and the first thing she noticed was anika’s face brimming with happiness.

Ishu- why are u smiling as if we have reached where WE wanted to go taai?
Ani- because we have reached where WE wanted to go, at least where U wanted to go!! Look! Its om’s gallery!!
Ishu- whaaaattt!!???? (with happiness)

She jumps out of the car like a kid who saw chocolates and candies after a month, while ani and adi follow her.
Om was standing still not able to believe the trick destiny played on them again!

Adi- om, I bought these two here as they told they wanted a few paintinf and sculptures and things like that, pls make sure they get what they want. Will u?
Om- ye… yeah sure! I will do that, u don’t worry at all

Adi gives him a thanking smile and leaves. And as soon as adi leaves, ishu shouts and jumps in happiness while anika nods her head saying “nothing can happen of u!” while om laughs seeing ishu so happy and acting like a kid.

So two hours pass by with the trio going through the gallery and selecting a few items to buy as naren kaka and adi both had asked them to show what they had got for the house. When it was finally done, they sat down at the coffee shop.

Anika- so I guess I should leave u both continue u ur date. Anyways, shanu made me skip almost half of my work day! (she said glaring at ishu)
Om- I guess one day off will not cause any harm anika
Ishu- yes, but two days off does cause harm right? I mean yesterday the whole day she was busy with shivaaaaaaaay at the beeeeeaaaach, so…
Ani- shut up! Not a word more! I mean, don’t u get tired of teasing the whole day??!!
Ishu- noooooooooooooo, I don’t!!

By the time shivaay arrives and is surprised to see anika too there. On questioning them he gets to know about the events that had taken place and he had mentally thanked god for whatever happened as he got a chance to meet his lady love. And since shivika and ishkara were there, it turned out to be a double date. Shivika had managed to convince ishkara to take up the responsibility of interior decoration, designing and creativity of their new office (oberoi-raichand merge). The double date went on till 10:00 in the night, but it was still
short for the four of them.

(guys I have to rush through this part cause I am busy with my b’day celebrations i hope u understand)

After a few months………

The new office which would mark the beginning of the raichand-oberoi merge was built and it was upto ishkara to complete the interiors. Working together had bought them close, they were best of friends but now they had feeling which was more than friendship. They would meet up every day with the reason of work and would spend the whole day together. They would splash colors on the wall making a masterpiece, they would splash colors on each other making each other a unique piece of work.

On the other hand shivika had still not informed the raichands anything except ishana and mona. Actually the topic was forgotten by the two of them even though pinky kept blabbering about it. They had spent a lot of time together. In fact adi had no insecurities now regarding oberois because over time he had seen them, observed them and had concluded that they are a very good family who would not think of hurting them. He shared a good bond with the obros and would regularly catch up with them for boy’s nigh out while ishana, mona, anika and prinku would meet up to have a girls sleep over. All together everything was going smooth as expected.

It was the day of maha-aarti, i.e. it was two years since shivika had met!! Well this time too they celebrated, they not only exchanged gifts this time, but went on a brunch date together and now they were at the temple waiting for the muhurat.

Anika- shivaay will it go good?
Shivaay- I hope anika, I just hope so, because I cant even think of leaving u

And anika rest her head on his chest while he wraps his arms around her. After a few minutes all the oberois and raichands come happily talking with each other and seeing them coming shivika move apart and look at them tensed, while the elders and youngsters give them back a serious look.

Adi (to the youngsters)- guys! Come lets make the arrangements for the announcement
Ani- bhaiyya… wh… what announcement??
Youngsters (together)- that Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi is going to tie the knot with Ms. Anika Raichand!!!!
Shivika- what? Really?? (with a lot of happiness)
Anika- so it is a yes??!!
Adi- of course it is a yes! How can I say no to my melody’s happiness??

And anika hugged her elder brother. Yes! Shivika had told the raichands about their relation and put forward their wish to get married and the family leaving shivika had gone to discuss “matters”.

As usual the maha aarti was done by shivomru along with prinku and once it was done, tej himself went and announced about the alliance.

Precap- om- I don’t understand Mr. Oberoi!!! He is so confusing! Ishana- u know him om, u know him very well, it is just that u don’t want to accept it!!! Om looks at ishana with rage in his eyes.

okay i tried my level best to post it early but i could not do so because of celebrations. and the small little surprise was shivika’s marriage alliance being approved and the starting of their marriage celebrations and rituals, i know it is a very small and stupid one but what else could i give? i have been given triple posts for last two times.

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