SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN (episode 4) (ishqbaaz ff)


thank you everyone for the comments and I am very happy that ur liking it. well I am sorry I could not update the 3rd epi yesterday because of my hectic schedule. so I will be able to update every alternate day. sorry ☹☹. But silent readers pls do comment.
The truth or dare game continues and everyone’s got their turn at least thrice and they are having so much fun. Then at last they decide upon that the next two spins will be the last two spins.

Rudra- wait wait! These will be last two spins right?
Shivika, om, prinku- yes
Rudra – so there will be last two people who will get truth or dare, right?
Shivika, om, prinku- yes
Om- rudra come staright to the point. What o you want to say?
Rudra- haan fine fine ??. All I want to say is that why not the last two persons be given one task that they should do together?
Prinku- that is a good idea!
Om- wow! Rudra has given a good idea for the first time ??
Rudra- I always give quality ideas not like u Mr long hair creature!!??

So, they spin the bottle and it stops pointing towards shivaay and shivaay has got a ‘not me!!!!’ kind of expression.
Rudra- now let us see with whom you will do a task ??
Shivaay (in his mind)- I just hope it is not anika……… but even if it is her why should I get affected………no I am not affected by her cause I do not care……. Right?
Anika (in her mind)- I just hope it is not me, just think me and baggad billa!!! But somehow today he is looking more handsome than usual???…………what? Anika what r u thinking is he hrithik roshan or akshay Kumar that u r admiring him!!!! He is that rude and arrogant shivaay singh oberoi who would eat up anyone by staring at him with his kanji aankhe.

Om- spin it shivaay!

Shivaay comes back to his senses and so does anika. Shivaay spins the bottle and it stops pointing towards……………………………………………………ANIKA!!!!!!!!!
Shivaay- ??????
Anika- ??☺?? (to herself) phail gaya raita.

Rudra om and prinku give each other an expression as if they are going to do something real naughty???.

Prinku- to shivaay bhaiyya and anika will get a task and should complete it.
Om- shivaay, anika first you both decide you want truth or dare, and one more thing if you take truth it will be like a rapid fire as there are two of you.

Shivaay and anika look at each other and think if I take truth then om and rudra are not going to spare any question so it is better I take dare. Shivaay and anika together and say ‘I take dare.’ They look at each other

Shivaay (to himself)- was panika also thinking what I was thinking? Anyway, it is in my favour.
Anika (to herself)- this baggad billa has for once at least taken the right decision. ?
Prinku- ok so it is a dare.
Om- shivaay dare is very simple
Rudra- and cute.
Shivaay – what is the dare?
Rudra – u and anika didi have to dance on a romantic song
Shivaay- ????
Anika- ????

As both of them don’t have any other way out, they dance on the song raabta (kuch to hai tujhse raabta kuch toh hai tujhse raabta tu hamsafar hai phir kya fikar hai…………). They do a salsa (u can imagine right with their perfectly matching clothes? ?)

Once song is over they are standing close to each other just staring into each other’s eyes. Prinku clears her throat to bring them back in the real world from their fantasy world.
Anika blushes and leaves from there and shivaay looks on.

Everyone go to their respective rooms to sleep. Shivaay goes to his room and sees anika sitting with her legs in the pool and lost in thought. He goes near her and is about to call her name out when the lights go off and anika stands up and freaks out. She is breathing heavily and shivaay notices this. Her face clearly shows that she was damn scared. She closes her eyes and unclear black and white faces appear and someone screaming she opens her eyes and is even more scared and shouts. Shivaay who was noticing this was confused. anika turns and fins shivaay there and hugs him tightly shivaay too reciprocates but is still confused.

Shivaay (caressing her hair)- anika what happened it night be just a power cut why r u so scared
Anika (stammering in fright)- just don’t leave me

The lights come on and they break their hug. Anika calms down and is about to leave when shivaay stops her.

Shivaay- today you have to answer me anika. Why r u so afraid of darkness? Why?
Anika- a… anyone would be afraid r…r…right?
Shivaay- not like how u r. there is something u r hiding. U closed ur eyes and when u opened u were even more scared, but scared of what and why? And one more question why was there pain reflecting in face when prinku sang that song and during that whole moment u had the feeling of pain. Why?
Anika (avoiding eye contact and eyes filled with tears)- there is nothing as such.
Shivaay – lie. U r lying.
Anika- ‘yes, I did have the feeling of pain because……

Before she could tell anything else prinku comes in search of anika calling her name.

Prinku – anika! U r here I was searching for u everywhere. What r u doing here so late without sleeping? Shivaay bhaiyya u r also here!
Shivaay – yeah. We were just……
Anika- prinku come let us go and sleep it is very late.
She goes with prinku leaving a confused shivaay.

In shivaay’s room
Shivaay is lying on his bed and thinking about anika. He reminisces her getting scared in the dark and hugging him tightly and her teary eyes when he confronted her.

In prinku’s room
Prinku is sleeping but anika is just lying on the bed and reminisces herself hugging shivaay and shivaay reciprocating the hug and shivaay’s confrontation.
Anika (in her mind)- how did billuji get to know that I was sad while playing truth or dare? How come he started understanding me and my feelings???
Anika then reminisces that she was about to tell shivaay the truth and thinks ‘anika!!! U were about to tell shivaay of ur past and ur feelings?? This past u have not even shared with sahil and u were going to tell shivaay??? What is happening with me? Anika pls control.

Both anika and shivaay are lost in thought and are not able sleep that night.

Precap- all the youngsters (shivika, omru and prinku) are in shivaay’s room and talking and laughing. Shivaay was sitting on the bed with his legs stretched on the bed while anika was sitting beside him, both are very sleepy and their heads bump ???

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