SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 39 (ishqbaaz ff)

Hey guys! Honestly speaking, I really am not happy with the no. of comments decreasing every post/epi, it is as if this ff is get worse and if that is the case then I will end it in the next epi (the 40th one). So guys pls frankly tell me in this epi if u read this ff or not and if u like or not, pls.

Epi 39-

When Ishkara reached food court, shivika were already seated there chatting, laughing and eating.

Om- hey, looks like someone’s having fun instead of work huh??
Shivaay- its nothing as such.
Ishana- yeah, everyone’s been working except you
Om- excuse me? Me!? I have not been doing work?
Ishana- that is what I said right now
Om- FYI, u were the one who was loitering around instead of working
Ishana- really?? Who was the one taking a nice long massage on that chair?
Om- even u had one ok!
Ishana- yeah but it was only for 20 minutes u had 30 minutes of it!
Om- aah, now I get it, u r jealous right that I got 10 mins more than u?
Ishana- no, why would I be? I was just saying u were the one relaxing around.
Om- I was not! U sat and relaxed at least 10mins on each of the sofas and chairs.
Ishana- so did u, in fact u were the one who was lying down on bed too, I did not do any such things.

Shivaay and anika both were shocked at the revelations that their brother and sister made unknowingly.

Shivaay (shocked)- om! U… u did that! I mean U!! when did u become so childish? I thought u were the mature and intense one among the three of us but looks like there is tough competition for rudra
Om- uhh…umm… no… no it not like what u think, actually it was Ishana who started it

Ishana looks at him with her mouth in a perfect shape of O

Shivaay- so u did what she did?? U were never like this, I mean we have not seen this shade of omkara in years!!
Anika- o bete ki!! Shanu u made him do all of that
Ishana- huh?? Di, I did not do anything. Haan, I did lie down on the recliner but why will I make him do that? Am I some bully or what?
Om- u r no less than one!
Ishana- hey mr. zulfi singh oberoi just shut up ok!!

Shivaay chuckles and om glares Ishana while in return she sticks her tongue out to him

Anika- acha now enough of fighting come sit, we will eat something delicious
Ishana- hmm… I am hungry
Om- thank god there is something for her to eat other than my brain!!!

Ishana and om were sitting on one side of the table whereas shivika were sitting on the other side.

Anika (whispering to shivaay)- cant believe these two chat over such intense things without a snort!
Shivaay (whispering back)- I know, they fight like as if they r children and on the other hand they chat on the phone with so much care, support and understanding.

Shivika giggle over their convo while ishkara fight over sauce sachets and during their fighting the sauce splashes over their neatly pressed clothes and leaving the two pouting and cursing each other. Shivika just nod their heads in disbelief and finally the four head back home.

In the train-

Jiya- ok, so everyone knows the rules right? Each one of us will get a chance and the person who gets a chance has to tell something he/she has never done in his/her life and the rest who have done that have to take a sip of their drink ok?
Everyone- done!

So everyone takes their favorite drinks and most of it are alchohol and such drinks.

Saumya- no thank u, I don’t drink these

Everyone looks at her surprised

Jiya- I told u she wont fit in
Rudra- its ok, saumya u take appy, today we will make u drink appy and make u happy!

Saumya chuckled at this and took the appy from him.

Jeevitesh- ok, I will start. Never have I ever been arrested by the police.

Everyone turn by turn takes a sip from their drinks.

Jiya- mmm… late night party!
A few other girls- we were there too!!
Jay- caught up in a fight with police man
A few other boys- we too!!
Rishi- drunk and drive
Rudra- caught up with a stolen car!!

All then look at saumya and she nod a ‘no’

Jiya- now me, never have I ever proposed someone

Everyone takes a sip except saumya.
And so everyone keeps taking turns blurting out all bold stuff and saumya had not done any of those ever in her life.

Finally it was saumya’s turn

Saumya- umm. Never have I ever… ever umm… cheated in my exams?

Everyone looked at her shocked of course her college mates were less shocked as they knew her. Jiya had a smirk on her face

Jiya- I had expected something of that sort, well u have a lot of never have I evers don’t u?
One of jiya’s friends- all of us have cheated in our exams some time, actually every time. Saumya this is such a boring one yaar! Tell something else!
Saumya-uhh… I… I guess I am tired now, I am going to my birth. Good night guys!

Everyone just continued playing but rudra had not missed saumya’s eyes tearing up before her exit he kept staring at the appy carton which he had given saumya until chubby his best buddy brought him back to the real world with jerk.

Rudra (thinking)- I know saumya must be crying right now because I saw her teary eyes while she was going. But why was she on the verge of crying? What hurt her so much?…………………wait! why am I thinking about it? Rudy, she is a fatso, yeah she is cute really cute but for god sake she is fat!! And she has not done anything fun till now in her life, I mean she has not even cheated once in her exam, did not drink alchohol, does not flirt and does not let anyone flirt, she is always stuck to books. She can never ever fit into the place of even a friend of yours rudra! So just stop thinking about her.

Precap- om who was drinking water spits it out in shock and Ishana who was eating chokes as if she was given a 440 volt jhatka. Both of them look at each other in complete shock and shout “what the wuck!!??”

Honestly speaking, I really am not happy with the no. of comments decreasing every post/epi, it is as if this ff is get worse and if that is the case then I will end it in the next epi (the 40th one). So guys pls frankly tell me in this epi if u read this ff or not and if u like or not, pls.

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  1. Haridhra

    Ohho no di plz don’t do tis to us hmm its really going in a amazing phase .. I’m loving ur ff so much ..

  2. Amazing ishkara loved it pls pls pls continue next post soon

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  4. Somya

    Nice epi

  5. Ashwinee

    Hi SamSun, I have read all the parts of your ff though I have not commented .It’s just amazing. Pls don’t end it yaar. There are so many readers who want to continue your writing. So please don’t disappoint us by stopping your ff.

  6. Arthi

    Do not stop it dr……precap sounds interesting and what made them give what the wuck look…….do post soon……pl……

  7. Awesome di. Post next ASAP.

  8. Nice epic…..ishkara fight was cute….and precap is interesting

  9. Aashi26

    Di pls don’t stop this ff , I’m obsessed with it…..coming to the epi it was very funny…and I just hate that chipkali jiya…regarding the precap I think ishkara finally got to know their anjana/ni ….

  10. Fabulous update. Pls don’t end it

  11. Surbhi Sharma

    Noooooooooooo . Plzz . Don’t end it . Pleeej . It was amazing . Sorry , I was not able to comment last time .
    But , pleeej don’t stop or end it so soon .
    Post soon . ??

  12. Awesome update Samsun….. Plz don’t stop this AMAZING ff dr…. Nd don’t upset becz there r many silent readers also…. Waiting 4 nxt…..

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    Amazing part

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  15. No Sam plz don’t do this.
    It’s superb n it’s going well.

  16. Nithu

    di i tho loved it

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    Loved it so much toyally amazing

  18. Amazing update dear… loved it… ishkara fight was cute.. plz don’t stop this… Waiting for the next episode…

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