SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 38 (ishqbaaz ff)

Hi, am here with the 38th epi. Sorry guys for short ones but 40th one will be long, pakka, pinky promise.

Epi 38-

At the mall-

Shivika leave towards a different shop for household items with anika’s hands wrapped around shivaay’s arm. Ishana found their proximity a bit awkward as according to what anika had told her they were “just friends”.

Ishana- omkara, don’t u find taai and shivaay’s “friendship” a bit more than what it is?
Om(thinking)- looks like anika has not yet informed her about her relationship with shivaay. It will be better if Ishana gets to know about them through anika only and not any third person.
Om- Ishana! We have come here for furniture not shivika
Ishu- shivika??
Om- uffho!! Just come!!

He drags away Ishana with him.

In the train-

Saumya had a lower side birth and rudra had gotten the upper one. Everyone were sitting and chatting or listening to music or watching a movie.

Rudra- hey guys come on! This is not fun, lets all play a game

(I have used some random names and it is completely fine if u don’t remember all the names, there will be just two or three who will play a short cupid role and u will understand who as the story proceeds)

Jeevitesh- good idea. But not the same ol’ truth n dare
Richa- not even antakshari
Sneha- and no dumb charades too
Rudra- ummm… hey! How about ‘never have I ever’?
Jiya- ooooo… that’s my favorite babes
Rudra- really? That has become my favorite too now (flirting)
Saumya (in her mind)- god!! I thought he is a seedha-sadha boy, but he is such a flirt!! He has not left a single chance to flirt that jiya ever since the journey started. And this jiya! She always is behind flirty boys right from school days!!

(so jiya was saumya’s school mate and now college mate, they r not friends)

Rudra- hey saumya! U too will play right?
Saumya- yea…
Jiya- she? Hmph!!… this fatso will play with us??
Saumya- oh shut up jiya!! i will play whatever I want
Jiya- hey! I don’t have any probs but then u will not be able to continue till the end
Rudra- jiya, why do u say so?
Jiya- rudra, I know her since school days, she is such a bore, she has nothing adventurous.
Jeevitesh- that is ok, saumya will play

Back at the mall-

Shivika are sitting on chairs with a variety of utensils placed before them

Anika and shivaay are shopping for utensils.

Anika- no shivaay, not this, not this, not this, none of these!!
Shivaay- then what??
Anika- arre!! We r not buying clothes that you will spread all these in front of me and tell me to choose, we r shopping for utensils!!
Shivaay- what’s the difference??

Anika facepalmed herself

Anika- buddhu singh oberoi! Come with me and learn how u have fun and shop and manage time and money

Anika takes shivaay to the section where utensils were there. She pulls shivaay around wherever she goes.

Anika- ok, I have finally decided we will take the blue themed utensils
Shivaay- u keep themes for buying??
Anika- no and yes. many don’t but I do
Shivaay- yeah, how could I forget, ajab gazab
Anika- did u say something
Shivaay- huh? No, nothing

Anika keeps picking up things and shivaay keeps adoring her. She starts making tunes and beats with the utensils and shivaay joins her too, they laugh, they chat, they play around.

While going through the different sections, anika comes across a variety of ice trays.

Anika- shivaay!! Look at these!!
Shivaay- what is so much in them to be excited about, they are the usual ice cube trays
Anika- urgh! I am not talking about ice “cube” trays but about ice “emoji” trays
Shivaay- emoji?? What are emojis??
Anika ( giving a bewildered look)- you do not know what are emojis??
Shivaay (casually)- no
Anika- rudra is right, u cannot be of young generation, even dadi knows emoji!

Shivaay gives her a whetever look. Anika shows him emojis on her phone and he understands

Shivaay- what is the need to call with such names? Cant they simply call it symbols ot something like that?
Anika- u just leave it! Buddhe (old man) kahike!
Shivaay- hey I am not a buddha (old man)! Ok! I don’t understand such abbreviations!
Anika- seeing my situation I feeling like singing only one song
Shivaay- what? I mean which one?
Anika- main kya karoon raam mujhe buddha mil gaya
haay, haay buddha mil gaya
main gudiya haseen meri morani si chaal hai
sar men safed us ke daada ji sa baal hai
bigadega har kaam, mujhe buddha mil gaya
main kya karoon raam mujhe buddha mil gaya…..

Shivaay manages to shut her mouth finally and gives her death glares.

Shivaay- u got an old man?? Accha, now see, I wont even talk to u, leave alone talk I wont even look at you.
Anika- ooohhh nooo, I was just joking!
Shivaay (sarcastically)- hahaha it was such a good joke, look I am laughing!!
Anika- accha, ok fine, it was a bad joke but why are you taking it seriously? Huh! I thought u were touchy of only ur height and kaali coffe and saira banu, looks like u have another touchy topic—being old!!

Shivaay was enraged but then anika started to laugh her heart out and this sight made forget all his anger in moment and brought up a smile on his face.

Shivaay- done?? Now can we go?

Anika just nods yes still trying to control her laughter.

They see for kitchen and hall accessories and play with them having a gala time.

On the other hand, ishkara were looking for furniture

Ishana (giving out a damn tired sigh)- that’s it! I am soooo tired!
Om (looking at her in a sarcastic way)- doing what?
Ishana- what? Arre! Ask what now! Walking around so many places from one corner of the shop to the other and then to another shops and then corner to corner of that shop too and then to other corners and hidden places of both the shops…
Om- done??! Or have u forgotten to say something else?
Ishana- haan! I forgot, walking to the centre of both the shops!!
Om- oh god!! I will go mad with u
Ishana- u r already mad, how much madder do plan to become??
Om- excuse me??!!!
Ishana- leave all of that. U want the shopping to get over soon right? And I want to relax right?
Om- yeah so?
Ishana- now we will do it in my style, Ishana style
Om- and how is that?
Ishana- wait and watch

She goes from there but then comes back in front of om

Ishana- and learn!

She goes to one of the places where the sofas and recliners were set perfectly like it is set at home. She goes and enquires about a few details from the boy standing there who works in the shop.

Ishana- hmm… lets see how comfy vomfy this is.
Om (in his mind)- comfy vomfy??!! This girl is really mad

Ishana then settles herself on the recliner and rests, she then gets up.

Ishu- yeah yeah, it was ok type, lets see other

Om gives her a u-r-impossible look

They then see a body massager chair and Ishana sits on it and asks the boy to turn it on so she could see how well it works. While Ishana was having a nice body massage, om was just looking at her.

Ishana- what happened mr. zulfi singh oberoi?? Want a massage?

She turns towards the boy

Ishana- can u let that lond hair man see how the other model works? We will take the best of the two

And so om was made to sit on the other one, first he resented but then he started liking it.

So they too shopped in Ishana’s style.

After a long time of shopping shivika and ishkara decided to meet at the food court.

When Ishkara reached food court, shivika were already seated there chatting, laughing and eating.

Precap- tears run down saumy’s cheeks and two finger wipe them gently (yup, it was rudra), they have a cute eye lock.

Guys sorry for short ones but then the 40th one will be long pakka, pinky promise.

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