SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 37 (ishqbaaz ff)

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Epi 37-

At sangli station-

The train has already arrived and the announcement is heard that the train will leave in two minutes. Saumya tries to run as fast as she could keeping pace with the coolie. They reach the platform and saumya bargains with coolie to reduce the pay, in that while, train whistle blows, she quickly gives the money and throws her bags in the train when rudra came near the door of the train, saumya was about to throw her last heavy bag when rudra shouted “stop!!” and saumya froze right there dropping the bag. That is when the cute couple see each other for the first time and have a short eye lock which is broken by the train whistle.

Saumya- hey mister! Can you please help me with this bag?
Rudra- yeah sure

And rudra helped her with the bag and got on to the train but saumya stood there still thinking something.

The train was just starting to leave when rudra noticed her absence, he quickly got down the train and shook her

Rudra- hello??!! What happened? What will your luggage do without u?

Saumya saw the train starting and looked back at rudra

Saumya- I am going on a trek for the first time, I have never done something adventurous and I am nervous don’t know what and how will I do
Rudra- so u too r coming to the trek, it will be fun. If u haven’t done it before do it now u will have lots of fun! I promise come on!

He spread out his hand for her to hold, she looked at him once and held his hand tight. Both ran catching up to the train door and finally got inside. They looked at each other breathlessly.

Saumya (excited)- yupppiieee!! A trek!! I cant believe it!!
Rudra (looking at her as if she is an alien)- even I cant believe it that u r the same girl who was so nervous just few seconds ago!
Saumya- u only told me it will be fun and if I haven’t done it before I should do it now right? so that is what I am doing
Rudra- u r impossible!!
(can u believe it, rudra is saying that line!!!??)

Scene changes to Raichand mansion-

Everyone sit with a thud on the old furniture after dusting up the whole house.

Ranveer- oh god!! My whole body is aching now!
Om- talk about it! I am dusty from head to toe
Ishana- yeah you look scarier than ever!!
Om- I look scary to u?
Ishana- of course u do. Zulfi singh oberoi!!

Shivaay chuckled at it and om was shooting daggers at him.

Aditya- but we r not done for the day, so freshen up and come down we have more work
Naren- adi is right, there is still lots of work.
Mona- nooooooooo!!!!!!!!! You all will kill me with this work!!
Shivaay- mona is so right!
Anika- oh really!! U r saying this? U have not done any dusting, u will be the one who will do more work now
Shivaay- why me?
Anika- we did all the dusting now u do majority of the other work
Shivaay- other work like??
Aditya- like getting the new furniture and other essentials. Basically shopping
Shivaay (after thinking for a while)- ok fine. I would do it, but then this ur house and how am I to choose all alone so I guess anika should accompany me
Anika- why me?
Shivaay- because it is ur house and u were an organizer even though now u r a businesswoman. So u have a good taste of such things.
Mona- well, it is a matter of fact taai!

Shivaay smirks at anika and she understands it and tries not to blush, but how can Ishana miss the tint of blush on her anika taai’s face??

Anika- o… ok fi… fine. I will go… with… him
Aditya- cool then, melody and shivaay would go for essentials such as utensils and stuff like that and I guess nriti and omkara can accompany them for the furniture part.
Ishkara- ok done!!!

They look at each other and then look away.

Prinku- I will have to go back to OM, I have my viva tomorrow so have to prepare.
Ranveer- even I have to get back to duty. Priyanka, I can drop u home… if u like…
Prinku (smiles)- hmm ok

Priveer leave and shivom share an awkward I-don’t-like-it eye lock. (possessive brothers!! ??)

In anika’s room-

Shivika are standing in the balcony and looking out at the view.

Anika- shivaay, there is something I noticed about om
Shivaay- om? What?
anika- om has started getting involved in his phone too much!
Shivaay- well, he has got a new chatting buddy, he does not know her name, address, how she looks… no nothing! He an his anjaani!!
Anika- same with shanu! She and her anjaana!!

They pause for a while and then look at each other shocked with their mouths open.

Anika- one… one minute! What did u say?
Shivaay- om… and his… his anjaani. And u said…
Anika- sha… shanu and her… her anjaana
Shivika- does that mean they are anjaana-anjaani? I mean omkara-ishana?
Shivika- yes!!!!
Shivaay- wait, but it might be coincidence too and that they don’t chat with each other but two other strangers
Anika- hmm. There is a small probability
Shivaay- and I don’t want to mess up things if it turns out to be that way
Anika- we can check their chats!!
Shivaay- good idea
Anika- u get om’s phone, I will get shanu’s phone

So shivaay sneeks behind om and slowly without his notice takes his phone and anika too gets ishana’s phone without her noticing it.

Shivika check the chats and find out that they actually do chat with each other. Shivika were surprised and they were really happy at this discovery.

Anika was about to go somewhere when shivaay held her back

Shivaay- where are u going??
Anika- to tell them!! They need to know
Shivaay- yes, they need to know but not like this or not now. We will tell them today evening
Anika- okay
Shivaay- right now lets go for shopping
Anika- shopping??

Shivaay gives her don’t-u-remember look

Anika-oooohhh right, shopping!!
Shivaay- what a girl I have got!!

Anika gives him a death glare

Shivaay- ok ok. now lets go?

Anika nods in approval and they leave with ishkara for shopping.

Precap- shivika and ishkara go in different directions and different shops. Shivika have fun while shopping, romancing, chatting, laughing and playing tricks and pranks and on the other hand Ishana sits comfortably like a queen and stretches her legs on a recliner and om is looking at her with a u-r-impossible look.

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