SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 36 (ishqbaaz ff)

Hey guys! I am sorry for the late update but then I had a surprise visit by my family and we all had gone to vaishno devi, we just came back today early morning. This would be a short one as I am with family and do not know what they have planned next. Hope you understand.

Epi 36-

Raichand mansion-

Everyone assembled in the hall. They decided to dust up a corner of the hall and doze off to sleep.

Midnight (Raichand mansion)-

Ishana gets up and finds it difficult to sleep again so she does what she always does when she is bored- chat!! She sends a message and the next moment she hears a message notification (obvio on om’s phone). She looks around to see it was om’s phone, but brushes off her thoughts saying it was just a coincidence. After a minute or two om gets up and picks his phone, he finds a message sent by his anjaani and a smile creeps up on his face. Ishana and om look at each other, pass a smile and get involved in chatting (with each other but they don’t know it!! ???)


Naren- Jhaḍapī mēḷavō (get up fast), Tyāṁ ghaṇuṁ kām chē!! (there is lots of work!!)

Shivom who just got up because of naren’s constant shouting give each other a sleepy confused look to each other.

Om- umm… uncle, what did u just say??
Shivaay- yeah, we… did not… understand a word

Ishana and anika giggle looking at their expressions

Mona- om bhaiyya, shivaay bhaiyya he told us to get up quickly as there is a lot of work to do

All the youngsters get up, freshen themselves and get to work. They remove the white clothes on the furniture and start dusting the hall followed by the kitchen and rooms and corridors.

Anika is dusting the side table in one of the rooms. Out of nowhere she is back hugged, but she did not flinch as she knew who it was. Of course shivaay!!

Anika- shivaay!! What are you doing? Let me do my work!
Shivaay- how did u get to know it was me?
Anika- u can sense me so I can guess it is u by ur mere touch!….. leave me now!! U r not doing any work at least let me do!
Shivaay- why am I not doing any work??!! I… was working… u… u did not see
Anika- yeah right!! If u accept that u did not do any work ur height will not become short

Shivaay turns her so she faces him, anika throws her hands around his neck.

Anika- just say it! U DID NOT DO ANY WORK, because u r allergic to dust (she says the last line softly)

Shivaay looks at her surprised as he never told her before

Shivaay- how do u know about my allergy?
Anika- I know everything! I saw the medicines u take and one of them was the one for your allergy while the others were for your heart.
Shivaay- yeah, I do have weak heart!! But u make it strong, I don’t need those big walls around my heart to protect it when u r there.
Anika- even I don’t need to worry for the outside world when u r there, just like u did not let those cheap 2rs. News about us affect me, the same was u wont allow anything to harm me in future
Shivaay- yup!! The great wall of shivaay will now stand between u and all the evil
Anika- he is already standing in between!

Both smile. They hear a person clearing his throat both of them see in the direction and are relieved to find that it was om.

Om- if u both are done with ur romancing, then can we continue cleaning up?

Anika blushes and shivaay ruffles the back of his head and makes an exit.

On the other hand, rudra is at the station

Rudra- this is not my first trekking, but I still feel this will be special

A person calls everyone saying the train will start in a minute and rudra gets inside.

In another place, a girl, a bit fat but bubbly and cute thinks “finally!! I am doing what I always wanted to. Going for a trek!! My first trek and it will be special”

Another voice from behind says “arre!!! U did not get ready yet?? Ṭrain āpalyālā sōḍēla (train will leave u and go)

The girl turns, yes!!! It is saumya!!!

Saumya- oho aai!! I am leaving in two minutes, the train will reach sangli only after half an hour or so.

Precap- anika- om has started getting involved in his phone too much! Shivaay- well, he has got a new chatting buddy, he does not know her name, address, how she looks… no nothing! He an his anjaani!! Anika- same with shanu! She and her anjaana!! They pause for a while and then look at each other shocked with their mouths open.

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