SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 35 (ishqbaaz ff)

hey!! here is the 35th epi, I know I am late and I am sorry.

Epi 35-

Ranveer (whispering to prinku)- u r coming right?
Prinku (blushing and whispering)- ummmm… yes!

So the youngsters except rudra and naren Mehta (Ishana-mona’s dad) leave for Raichand mansion and the rest leave for oberoi mansion.

Shivaay, anika, om, Ishana in one car
Mona, ranveer, prinku, adi and naren in another car

In shivika and ishkara car, ishkara are sitting on the back seat while shivika are seated in the front. Ishkara keep stealing glances at each other. Finally, feeling bored as no one is talking Ishana takes out her mobile and messages her anjaana, at that instant om gets a message notification and Ishana looks at om and share a short eye lock. Om breaks it and gets involved in talking to his anjaani. (they r in the same car but still conversing through messages ???)

Shivaay through the rear-view mirror notices om happily chatting and nods his head with a smile thinking about his brother’s new found interest. anika too notices Ishana happily chatting on her phone and she also tries controlling her laughter seeing her sister so preoccupied.

Anika and shivaay look at each other and through expressions ask why the other person are laughing. Both of deny laughing. Anika looks towards the window so that shivaay doesn’t see her face and shivaay concentrates on the front. After a few minutes, shivaay slowly slips his hand on top of anika’s still keeping his eye sight in the front. Anika shivers a little and shoves his hand off.

Anika (whispering voice so that ishkara don’t hear)- what r u trying to do? Did u forget what happened last time?
Shivaay(in an equally low voice)- I remember that is why I am just holding ur hand not looking at u.

Shivaay offers his hand and anika blushes and slides her hand onto his. The hold becomes strong and both smile (actually shivaay smile but anika blushes ??)
Ishana is still texting but then looks up to find shivika holding hands and she looks at them with suspicion but then her anjaana’s message gets hold of her attention.

In the other car, priveer are in the front and mona, adi and naren are at the back. Mona slept on adi’s shoulder while adi and naren both fall asleep and it is just priveer.

Ranveer- so? Happy?
Prinku- hmm……… ranveer?
Ranveer (looks at her for a few seconds with a ‘what happened to u’ wala look)- when did u get back to calling me ranveer??
Prinku (blushes a little)- RV, thank u
RV- for?
Prinku- for forgiving me and om bhaiyya for radhika’s (RV’s sis) accident, for helping me cope up with my social anxiety disorder, for helping us prove those chadda’s guilty, for everything.
RV- u don’t have to thank me because about radhika’s accident, u and om are not at fault. About helping u prove chadda’s guilty, I too had my enmity with them and Ishana is my best friend. And about helping u come out of SAD (social anxiety disorder), sad is bad and I cant see my prinku with SAD.
Prinku (looks at him amused at his last line)- u… your prinku?
RV (realizing what he said and trying to cover up)- I… I just mean… mean…

They look at each other for a few seconds and they looks away. Prinku blushes and ranveer is a bit embarrassed but is smilling.

They reach the Raichand mansion

All of them get out of the respective cars. The Raichands (here I mean mona, naren and ishu too when I mention Raichands) look at the mansion with happiness overflowing in their eyes.

Adi steps forward to open the locked door, but his hands were trembling. Ishu and ani come on either side and place their hands on their brother’s shoulder, adi looks at them and finally opens the lock. The door budges open but it is all dark inside, all the furniture is covered with the white clothes which also have dust on them. The hall was as big as the oberoi hall. Adi steps in holding ishana’s mona’s hand tight, naren too enters with om. Anika instead of going front steps back in fear when shivaay hold her hand.

Shivaay- I told u right? Don’t let the fear take over ur happiness. Right now, ur fear of darkness is killing the happiness of coming here after 14 long years.

Anika looks at him and gets a tighter grip on his hand and steps in. ranveer goes to check on the electricity and see if something could be done for light and prinku goes with him for help.

Adi keeps looking around and goes inside the mansion adoring his house. Mona sticks with naren as he too moves around the hall, feeling the things around. Ishana walks in another direction and om decides to follow her. In the past one month, both of them started talking with each other and behaving friendly with each other but they still felt the attraction between them.

Anika enters her room in Raichand mansion and shivaay is holding her hand tight. She reminisces many moments spent with her family. Shivaay back hugs her and she lets her weight on him, closes her eyes and silently cries.

Anika- u know shivaay? There are so many memories in this house, we have a special bond with this house. I used to live here ever since I was born. When I was happy I would come here to my room, when I was angry I would come here, when I was sad I would come here.

Just then RV shouts that the lights can be put on. Shivaay quickly puts on the lights and he could see the room. It was not a fairy princess room or any lavish one even though it belonged to the eldest daughter of the Raichands. There was the middle sized bed in the middle with a mosquito net put around it in a princess style, it did not look like a mosquito net as it was beautifully decorated with designs and shivaay easily guessed it was his lady love’s creativity. The walls did not have any wall wrappers, but had bulletin boards with many pictures on it.

Anika went to one of them and started admiring them. Shivaay too went there to have a look. There was one pic, where a boy of about 4 or 5 years of age with a baby girl sitting beside him and both of them were laughing, there was another one where two girls and a boy in school uniform with two other little kids were waving bye/hi, another which was the nuclear family pic of anika and Aditya, and so on were many other pictures. There were birthday pictures and festival pictures and pictures where the kids were playing or where the whole Raichand and Mehta family were rejoicing and many more.

On the other hand, Ishana strolled off to the garden area with omkara in tow. It was a big garden, though it was ugly now, anyone could see and tell it used to be beautiful once. There were pots hanging which were now broken (most of them), there were dead flowering plants everywhere around, the trees however still had life in them, there were 3-4 bird baths, almost in the middle of the garden was a big white garden table with white chairs around it which of course were now rusted. Even though it was beautiful once, it was ugly now and if it was anyone else, they would have left the place in a moment. But here were two nature lovers who would find beauty in anything and emotions even in the darkest and dullest of the places.

While Ishana recalled all her moments spent in that area with all the laughter, teasing, crying, running and eating, om was soaked in the beauty he could see, the beauty of the family which once inhabited this house, the beauty of the garden he was in, the beauty nature and last but never the least, the beauty of the lady in front of him.

Precap-it is morning time, All the youngsters start dusting up the area and removing the clothes off the furniture, renovate the rooms with new paint, new furniture and new decoration. On the other hand, rudra is at the station and he thinks “this is not my first trekking, but I still feel this will be special” in another place, a girl, a bit fat but bubbly and cute thinks “finally!! I am doing what I always wanted to. Going for a trek!! My first trek and it will be special”

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